MobileNotifier Beta 5 (Ecstatic Eggo) Download: New Features & Fixes

Peter Hajas the developer of the iOS notifications jailbreak replacement has recently released the new MobileNotifier beta 5 aka Ecstatic Eggo, which is ready for download. It now includes new features such as SMS quick reply, bug fixes and an enhanced dashboard amongst other things.

The new MobileNotifier Beta5 “Ecstatic Eggo” is now available via Cydia and comes full of new features and fixes, some of the features include the new ‘MobileReply’ where users can reply to text messages while within other applications, Full message text, there is a new AlertDashboard and a redesigned minimalist alert display. You can dismiss alerts straight from the popup and even recall the most recent alert with the cool Activator action.

The new fixes that have been implanted includes the lockscreen that no longer displays if you have it set to “off”, Various small bugfixes and that the application is much faster now since the update.

MobileNotifier is already fantastic and many users will tell you this, but the new MobileNotifier beta 5 aka Ecstatic Eggo is much superior, this makes it the best notifications replacement for iOS according to iDB. The option to enter the quick reply to incoming SMS messages and all without going into the Messages app is brilliant.

Below this article you can watch the YouTube video from Peter Hajas about the new MobileNotifier Beta 5, if you wish to download the new free MobileNotifier Beta 5 please visit Peter’s repo at phajas.xen.prgmr.com/repo

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