Parents Use Texts, Emails and Facebook to Keep Eye on Kids

In this technological age parents still want to keep an eye on what their children are up to, and although most keep in contact via a mobile phone, a recent survey has shown how parents use technology to keep tabs on their kids.

With many kids carrying a smartphone of some description be it an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device or other, parents according to an article over on Tech Watch, sends on average 600 texts per year so they can find out what their child is up to.

Apparently the survey also showed that parents have turned to sending in the region of 312 emails per year to keep track of their offspring, and also make use of social networking sites such as Facebook.

According to the research one-in-five parents say that the best chance of contacting their children is by using technology of some description, although 48 percent of parents surveyed say that when they try to get the family together via technology it can be somewhat difficult.

Apparently 75 percent of those questioned say that family life has suffered through technology as rather than talking when together, family may well be either texting friends, surfing social networking sites like YouTube or speaking with friends on their smartphone.

Of course although Parents feel that family life had suffered due to technology, these days one simply can’t do without it, and I have to say it’s not only kids that are often distracted by tech as adults also get engrossed in texting, emailing, social networking and chatting on their smartphone, don’t you agree?

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