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Vodafone UK Considering Acquiring RIM?

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By:James | October 6th, 2011

Now we all know that BlackBerry Maker Research In Motion has been having somewhat of a rough deal recently as the Canadian smartphone and tablet maker has been losing out against rivals and failing to deliver handsets that can compete and a tablet that isn’t doing to well either.

However, according to the guys over at the Boy Genius Report, there’s rumour that RIM is looking for a buyer and Research In Motion stock rose as much as 14 percent on Wednesday on the back of a rumour that UK carrier Vodafone is considering acquiring the BlackBerry maker.

According to the report, investors see Research In Motion rapidly running out of money, apparently RIM churned through over half of their $2.9 billion cash during the 2nd fiscal quarter, and word is analysts aren’t convince the management can turn things around.

However apparently some do still see promise in Research In Motion’s upcoming QNX line-up, while RIM could have tremendous value to a potential purchaser such as Vodafone, but for now this must of course be treated as just a rumour.

Apparently according to the BGR article rumour last week had it that Research In Motion was considering ditching their tablet the BlackBerry PlayBook and their efforts in the tablet market completely, although apparently RIM was quite to quell the rumour.

The guys do say that with RIM stock rising on the back of the acquisition rumour, the firm probably wont be so quite to lay this particular rumour to rest even if it is false.

Seems to me to be quite a plausible idea, Vodafone UK acquiring RIM don’t you think? Obviously neither RIM nor Vodafone have commented on the speculation, but as soon as we hear more we will of course pass it along.

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  • david carter

    RIM is profitable and made $400m last quarter, this article is appallingly researched.

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