What is the iOS 5 download time, the big debate

One of the main questions we are getting bombarded with is “What is the iOS 5 download time on October 12th” so we will start the big debate of, what are your guesses on this one?

This is very interesting because no one knows as of yet what time the new iOS 5 download will go live, all we know is that it will happen on Wednesday October 12.

Product Reviews may have the answer, if their statistics are true. They have put out a few hints, one being that of you look back at the iOS 4.3 download time they expected the download to be live at 10am PST, 6pm GMT and 1pm EST, and on March 9th 2011 they was right in what they predicted.

Going on most iOS release times like the iOS 4.0 and iOS 4.2 as well as the 4.3 OS, these all went live at the times given above. So does this answer our question of when the iOS 5 download time will go live?

Apple always stick to plans and patterns, they never change times really, so we suggest that the same time on Wednesday October 12, 2011 at 10am Pacific Times and 6pm GMT, is when the new iOS 5 will go live.

We will keep a close eye on this, we have been sitting on this answer for a while now thanks to our readers sending in emails, but we did not want to hazard a guess just in case we were wrong, but thanks to the bravery of Product Reviews they have let it out of the bag in what they think. Cheers guys.

Please do in the commenting area below hazard your answer to this question “What is the iOS 5 download time?”


91 thoughts on “What is the iOS 5 download time, the big debate”

  1. Reply
    Chester Whately says:

    not live in US est i was really hoping for a midnight release oh well product reviews may have it again

  2. Reply
    Charliegoetze says:

    I woke up and decided to go get IOS 5 and nada nothing it is 3:05 am central time in the US and nada nothing I am sleepy going back to bed will check later why this mystery about this why did I get up and waste all this valuable rest time?

  3. Reply
    Rob says:

    This is a pain the arse! I have been trying all morning! Why the hell do they not just say a time and stop wasting ours!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reply
    Mizshorty19 says:

    At 10 am in California duh! Not at 10 ambwhere u at! It’s only 3 am in California right now ! Have some patience people!

  5. Reply
    anonuser57 says:

    They can’t announce the time…think about what happens to their servers if millions of people attempt the download all at once.

  6. Reply
    Chester Whately says:

    you think tim cook is drinking coffee and all of  a sudden “oh i forgot” (flips a switch) lol

  7. Reply
    Chester Whately says:

    server did hesitate a bit saying resources  couldn’t be found but its all good now Im in VA

  8. Reply
    Shablahgoo! says:


    1. Reply
      iOS5 DOwnloaded says:

      Nope. Not yet. From iOS 5 on forward you can but if you have iOS 4.x you will need to upgrade first to iOS 5 and then you can get the wireless upgrades

  9. Reply
    Toria says:

    4 hours download time 🙁
    Mind you not bad considering how many countries its been released in at the same time, normally takes an hour

  10. Reply
    Jiameuk says:

    i was flying at 5mbs but its right back to 256kbs now 🙁 never mind, does anyone no if the same download will update both iPhone & iPad?

    1. Reply
      Rob UK says:

      I’m thinking it will be a different downloaded for each – from reading different sites there each unit has their own specific ones, even Ipad wi fi and an Ipad wi fi /3G.

  11. Reply
    Rob UK says:

    My download got to about 50% before – then hung for about 10 minutes with no movement and then booted me off saying there was an error.

    Doing it for a second time and it’s reached the 50% part again..fingers crossed!

  12. Reply
    SR says:

    Started about half hour ago. Said 6 hours to go, then went to 7. Argh.
    It also said not to interrupt the download/install process.  If I get an incoming text or call, would that be an interrupt?  What would happen?
    Started about 6pm Eastern, from Ontario.

  13. Reply
    Lindapfr says:

    Going on 3.5 hours to download software update, and now it is backing up iPhone…5 hours total maybe?  Backing up process seems incredibly slow

  14. Reply
    Aliciac says:

    took almost 2 1/2 hours to update ipad.  made me restore ipad, only it wouldnt restore.  whole thing went black, called apple, put on hold, then as soon as my call my was answered, the update went through.  go figure.  iphone going 3 hours for the last two.  

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    Prem Hejmadi says:

    I have been struggling for three days now to download the iOS5. Says will take around 4 hours for the download. Four attempts and of the ~ 672MB after download of around 300MB plus minus, get timed out by the server. Have tried at varying times of the day – sob sob, no luck. Any advice is most welcome. Prem

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