Samsung Galaxy S2 vs. iPhone 4S: Worthy winner is?

For several months the Samsung Galaxy S2 has been known as the best smartphone leading most of the lists of top smartphones. Many other manufacturers tried to create devices able to compete with it, but none succeeded – even Apples iPhone 4, according to most geeks I know, yielded to it in many aspects. Perhaps Samsung thought its Galaxy S2 was unreachable, but not so long ago Apple released the new iPhone 4S with a number of updated specs and features… and we all understood that the Galaxy S2’s position is now shaken.

So which phone is cooler – the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the Apple iPhone 4S? Which has better features? Which is worthy of your money? I’ll try to find this out in my comparison of these two smartphones.

I think we all understand that design is a matter of taste. Some like huge, heavy and rugged devices; others prefer light and tiny ones. So in this case we can’t say which phone is better – the Samsung Galaxy S2 or the new iPhone 4S – we can only note the obvious: you can’t say the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a tiny phone (it has a 4.3-inch display, after all), but it’s slim (only 8.49mm – much less than all the phones I can think of) and light – it’s plastic body together with the battery weighs only 116g. The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, isn’t much different from its predecessor in term of size and design (same cases can go for both); it’s smaller than the Galaxy S2, since its display is smaller (3.5 inches), but it’s not as thin as it.

There was a time when many people believed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 had the best screen ever, but now its 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus touchscreen with 800 x 480 resolution doesn’t sound that cool any longer… The resolution of the iPhone 4S’s screen is higher – 960 x 640. Of course, it doesn’t mean the Galaxy S2 is outdated now or not that good any more – its screen is very bright, all the colors are eye-popping and very beautiful, and they don’t darkle or fade when you look at the screen at an angle. It’s great for watching movies and even for playing HD games (there are plenty of them in Android Market).

However, the display of the iPhone 4S due to its higher resolution is even brighter and isn’t afraid of sunlight, too (though it actually fades a bit under direct sunlight). The only bad thing is – old icons and apps look grainy on such a clear display, so unless the developers update them and adjust for high-res screens, you won’t enjoy using them on the iPhone 4S… at all.

So… here the winner is the iPhone 4S with its super screen, though I personally like the display of the Samsung Galaxy S2, too.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 boasts a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor that provides really fast performance without any delay. Web browsing is very quick even via Wi-Fi networks, and you won’t face any problem with loading and playing even the most “heavy” games on Samsung’s flagship.

The iPhone 4S has a 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor, which is also very fast (much faster than the single-core processor of the original iPhone 4 at least), but, though it provides great graphical acceleration, it yields to the CPU of the Galaxy S2 in terms of performance, so here the winner is Samsung’s smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has a cool 8MP camera with auto-focus and LED flash that takes 3264 x 2448 photos and 1080p videos at 30fps. If you remember, the original iPhone 4S had a 5MP sensor, and many geeks thought it was a big shortcoming, even though the number of megapixels doesn’t really matter. Anyway, now those geeks have received what they wanted – the new iPhone 4S has an 8MP camera able to take 3264 x 2448 pictures just like the Galaxy S2 and many other modern smartphones. Plus it has a CMOS illuminated sensor, which is 73 percent more effective and about 30 percent faster than before. And of course, it shoots 1080p HD videos, too.

However, the secondary 2MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than the VGA camera of the new iPhone 4S. But anyway, secondary cameras don’t play a big role here, and as for the rear-facing ones, they’re both equally good, so we have a draw here.

Just like in case of design, I don’t think it’s a good idea to compare two operating systems, especially if they’re both good – each in its own way. Android the Samsung Galaxy S2 runs is the most popular platform at the moment, famous for being easy to customize and for having a huge number of apps in Android Market, too. However, the Gingerbread it runs isn’t the newest version of Google’s OS any longer, since the Ice Cream Sandwich update is already on its way, so we can’t say the Galaxy S2 runs the best software ever.

On the other hand, Apple’s iOS is really easy to use (even if the iPhone is your first smartphone ever, you won’t face any problem dealing with it – the user interface of iOS is intuitively understandable for everybody), but of course it’s not what makes the new iPhone 4S special. You’ve probably already heard about Siri – the special program designed to help the user give commands to the phone, ask questions and even send text messages. Siri is new, smart and funny, too (it came out that the developers had hidden many interesting Easter eggs, funny jokes and witty responses to strange questions in it), and I guess many people will buy the iPhone 4S especially for Siri.

Since you can’t surprise anyone with Android now, especially with its Gingerbread version, so in this case I think the prize should go to the iPhone 4S and its Siri.

The unlocked version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 costs £397.99 on Amazon, while the 16GB iPhone 4S is more expensive – £593.15. However, we shouldn’t forget that the Galaxy S2 was released several months ago, and the 4S is only about a month old, so it will most likely be discounted after a while. Anyway, you can find much better deals at RightMobilePhone offering both smartphones for free with contracts, so perhaps it’s better to choose one of them instead of paying much more for a SIM-free device.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Apple iPhone 4S are both very good smartphones, no doubt, and both have their stronger and weaker sides. The Galaxy S2 is a bit faster thanks to its processor, while the iPhone 4S has a better display and Siri that has caught so much attention.

I think the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone for too long, and now a new device should come to replace it. Apple’s latest “child” can be this new device, so… the iPhone 4S is my choice.

The comparison article above has been written by a guest author, thank you.

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  • Samsung Mobile News

    I just cannot find any words to describe my attitude towards this writer, iPhone 4S is really great. I become so nervous when people talk about the Samsung Galaxy SII all the time. The smartphone is really cool, but to compare it with iPhone 4S it is just a nonsense.

    • Abc

      oh really…. mr ifan speak with facts… iphone 4s just levels with s2, a phone launched way before. compare it with galaxy nexus and just wait and see what s3 does in coming months.

      • Dfre

        The two phones are not even on even grounds with the price….the ip4s is around 200 dollars more in my country. Both phones are equally great. However, there is some things we should not compare in a review, that is the design, size and the OS of the phone. This is all personal preference. So to me, I feel that both phones have its pros and cons….but ultimately, for an informed consumer, it is the price u are willing to pay for. So that is why i give my support to S2. If the ip4s is cheaper than s2, then i will get ip4s for sure.

        • devilmark

          i like what u said.. actually i got iphne4s, i buy it not bcuz of siri or its cam.. for me it is easy to used.. i try many diff. phones include androids.. also my iphone is the first apple product i buy.. many disadvantage on it.. but as i said.. it doesnt matter aslong as how u used it.. battery life is poor, depending on usages.. sometimes it goes for 3days b4 i charge it.. as long as u can txt and call.. that’s the matter.. i have nokia, sony b4.. and LG.. both used it for a year.. b4 iphone.. all my mobile phone last for a year.. that’s all i need in the phone..(no more no less) lol..

          • Avin1996

            can ny1 suggest me between iphone 4s n samsung galaxy s2 in terms of downloading apps music faster n fo free n camera quality 
            plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz can ny1 help me

          • Walsh30303

            both phones are good phones check youtube reviews for spec of the phones but check more than one review as sg fanboys will say theirs is better and iphone will say theres is better, i went through every review and debate i could before i got my new phone i had come to the conclusion that s2 was better but by a fraction they said pages load milliseconds faster, apps open 2 seconds quicker i thought so what its 2 seconds i can wait, however id had an iphone previously and at the time had a galaxy, i prefered apple myself due to ease of use so i got it and all the tests my iphone hating brother knew would supposedly beat my iphone didnt!! android is fully customisable and can be great you can get all your paid apps for free but it doesnt do anything iphone doesnt except nfc and 4g, 4g is out over here in the uk for 2 years by which time iphone 5 will have 4g and prob nfc but for now you can get an nfc adapter for an iphone, if its that important and most newer bankcards are nfc anyway, any apps on apple but not android and on android but not apple guess what wait a while and they are on both, any developer has to release an app for both  platforms or they can be sued for unfair competions laws, they are both good they are both different and lets face it they both still need to be alot better, yes siri is a gimmick and yes it can struggle with ambient noise or an accent but it  is a life saver when u learn to speak to it right, most of the time just remember talk to it like an actual person dont dictate just talk, but u can get speak to it assisant on android it does the same except it cant show u ur emails just yet and u need to press more than one button to activate it then generally press the button again to confirm, iphone screen is better res but smaller android is bigger but lower res, cameras rear are nearly identical sound on iphone is far better but iphones also have docking stations nobody else does yet u would have to use a jack lead, not the same kinda style, 42 is fragile with its glass casings but protect it in a case, s2 fans say yeah but why hide it, to protect it you fools and i know u all got cases for your s2’s u may not need it for the same reasons but u like to keep things protected and scratch free and accidents do happen, iphone is easier to use its like nokia used to be anyone can use one but s2 is adaptable to suit any need no restrictions but u can get virus’s and app quality is very poor on alot of apps however some apps are great yeah they have google maps but i paid for tomtom and i dont regret it its far superior to google maps in everyway its a designated satnav company and its one of the first yeah iphone doesnt have google maps thats cos its rivals are google and that wouldnt be good business sense would it, final point, s2 fanboys samsung copied iphone hardware plans and designs hence why they got sued for it but the units were out on the market so un recallable, they are both just money making companies pick wwhat you want easy to use or easy to customise its that simple

    • Nol

      Get used to it, Apple Boy. The iPhone 4s is cementing its status as a spoiled kid’s toy rather than a top-end device like the Galaxy S2.

      • Samsung Mobile News

        “I think both phones are great, but I for example live in a small european country where the mobile networks are not that good. And you know those of my friends who have Galaxy SII say that as soon as network problems appear, their phones stop working at all as if they’re turned off. So Galaxy SII is great, but it works great only in those countries where there are no network problems. And iPhone has no such problems, even if network disappears, you can still work with it.

        Yes, I’m an Apple Boy, I have an iPhone and I’m glad since iPhone is the best phone for such countries as mine…”

      • Anonymous

        so what if the iphone is a spoiled kids toy, android are cementing their reputation as high end phones for little kids who call people who have an iPhone an ‘Apple fanboy’. go play with your plastic robot some more… and i don’t even own an iPhone, i’m a windows phone guy, you think about it.

        • Anonymous

          then why comment if you dont own either of the phones??!!! and to think you are in an argumentative mode when you wrote that comment!! SGII hails!!!

          • Anonymous

            HAHA, omg how many fanboys can there be on one site… i’ve used both of them and you know what both of them are behind, as i’ve said in the other comment “i’m a windows phone guy” its simpler and better looking, its original and studies have found that it will have the majority of the market by 2015, go look at the nokia lumia 800, its owns your little plastic green robots… its higher quality and looks  great.

        • Osama bin Laden

          HAHAHAHA! I love how only “fanBOYS” can be fans of technological things
          and not girls!! In my country, the Talibanland, we also think girls are
          dumb therefore cannot comprehend the complexities of “SMARTphones”!! Hahahaha!

          • Anonymous

            hahaha… actually no, not funny racist. go get a life

    • Anonymous

      get nevous all you want!! SGII is the best!!!

    • Stanley

      Galaxy SII cool?. I have both the Galaxy phones and can’t describe them as just cool.

  • Giovy303

    Samsung galaxy II can be easily compared to the i-phone 4s and it’s even faster, it accepts up to 32gb memory card while the iphone comes with its memory set up it has word, escell etc you can do your homework then print it through bluetooth, it has a program to talk just like the siri you can accepts payments with an andorid programs, and the quality of pictures are better than the i-phone..hello

  • Anonymous

    You can’t really call it a better display if Samsung’s is so much bigger than the iPhone’s.

    • Kayela Minami

       what’s a used of big phone when ur pocket’s are small.. it cant feat!

  • Anonymous

    realisticly, the iPhone should have won anyway, its newer, no matter how much you say the proccesor  in the samsung is “faster” the actual speed tests have proved the iPhones performance over the samsungs,i’ve tried both and i can report that the iphones pictures are very, very good and manage to draw equal with the samsung, but with video is where the iPhone comes into its own, all being the fact it has image stabalisation and the camera from lock screen options. i would say that android have the best customisation and flexibility, but i hate the fact that  samsung have made it into  a bad software by overlaying their touchwiz. dont get me wrong, android is fantastic, i have owned an android before and can report their fun apps, but all the B-listed apps get in the way of the experience. again, this is where the iPhone comes into its own , the Apple app store only accepts apps that apple have certified, making the experience of searching for apps much more enjoyable. i’d say that for now, apple have won the  smartphone war, but maybe this  time their victory won’t be so longlived. mainly because (apart from siri… eric smidt even admitted that siri is a threat) they haven’t “revolutionized” anything. But to summerize iPhone wins (for now) and as far as android vs iOS, the guy got it spot on, its not anyones choice what phone you use

    • Carcrazyhoe

      I agree 100%.I would add that while I like the samsung s2 for its flexibility,I know that samsung is not known for building quality products.I can not name a samsung product that has a reputation for longivity.Their phones are no different.Samsung main focus is on creating a huge volume of units.They don’t focus for instance,on building the best phone to use for listening to your music.The apple iphone music player is far superior to that of the samsung S2. Listen to the difference,and be your own judge.When listening to music on the iphone,the bass is so much better on the iphone compared to the S2. You feel like you are listening to an expensive stereo system.Look at the difference in camera quality.The Samsung takes pictures three times slower than the iphone 4S.You have taken three excellent quality snapshots just like a shutterbug while the samsung is now completing its first quality snapshot.Look at the difference in quality of materials.No contest there.iphone does it better.Look at ease of use with the internet.The samsung is suppose to have the more powerful processor yet the iphone 4s has proven to be quicker in downloads.Look at voice command.No contest there.Siri is flawless when taking dictation.You can speak whole paragraphs into the system and siri will take down word for word and number for number with out fail.You essentially have a personal assistant.Lets see a S2 owner hit one button and take down notes,dial phone numbers and scedule a wake up call while riding down a highway at 75 miles per hour.Not going to happen.No big deal with the 4S just a every day function.Look at the Apps.No contest there.Apple does an amazing job of making sure only the best Apps are allowed to be used for the iphone.So many are free and those that cost .99 cents are well worth the one dollar.Viruses are a real concern with any of the andriod phones.Just a way of life for them.Again ,apple does so many things right, that they are the standard by which other phones have to measure up to.I was totally open to buying a samsung until I did my research and found that the iphone is still the best quality smartphone on the market.

  • Shivamlohiya007

    i think galaxy s2 is a legend and u cant compare it with apple because s2 is everyday a new phone with its new apps that comes to android market..

    • J.

      and same as the iOS App Store?

  • Subfindent

    if u use s2 b4 , sure 4s is “slow phone”, buy for ur kid play play only la

  • Abc

    how the hell can you find iphone’s little ips panel better than s2’s super amoled plus, the best display on any device. Resolution is not everything. Super amoled has infinite contrast ratio and almost 180 degree viewing angles and it displays over 100% of visible color gamut.

    • Asds

      haha wake up NEO.. S2 have worse colors like Iphone. IPS panels are the top. But if you like unreal pastel colors…You can enyoi it from the 180 degree angle.. most of us use this angle for work with phone.

  • Julielchs

    They are both good, ive s2 and my bf has the iphone 4s and to be honest i wish i had them both

    • Robert Zanatta

      This sums it up to the tee. I really like both; too bad they cannot be merged.

      The one main feature I’d ask for on both devices is better battery life.

      The 4s has a sharper display; very small font text that looks blurry on the Galaxy can be read on the 4s. I’d love to see the S2 HD come here.

  • Jonajuna

    err….. you mention cameras and call a draw….. 8mp vs 5 is a draw…… ever tried selectively enlarging? aka digital zoom…. then megapixels is everything (compression algorithms aside)

    you spout on about siri, but android has voice command too… why no metion of that?

    storage capacity? battery replacement? network capability? so many others you fail to “compare”

    you also fail to mention the real killer…… android is open source and you can put any software from any source on it….. not just that which apple say you can! as well as any of a multitude of custom roms

    would you buy a car and then accept only putting in a brand of fuel the manufacturer says you can? no of course not yet you do with apple

    finally have you seen the drop test video on youtube…… the iphone is fragile beyond belief when compared to the sgs2

    face it fanboi, you were always going to write this ‘advert’ to make your ill informed point, to call it a comparison article is an insult to your profession

    android and the sgs2 (and those to come, i dare you to compare the upcoming nexus) is for those that wish to own a smartphone they can call their own…… apple are for suckers that fall for the hype and that wish to be owned

    • Anonymous

      HAHA, your fanboyism amuses me… i  don’t argue with you, but you just said how this comparison ignores androids capabilities and yet you just turned a complete blind eye to iOS and the iPhone.

       i have owned both android and iPhone and can report that both have their ups and their downs, androids app store has too many B-listed  apps, apple certifies them before they get put on the apple app store. Eric Smidt himself admitted that siri is a threat to google, not just to android.

      I cant help but hate the samsung galaxy nexus, true it runs 4.0, but really, bank details on a phone? isn’t that a new fraud catagory on its own? and the new android OS, it looks brilliant but complicated.

      iOS, meh… its a good OS but its too locked down, also i hate the fact that they have to have an app for everything when they could just be a little bit looser… please apple. i hate lockdown, but apples customer service is undenyably the best for mobile phones…

      So every OS has its ups and downs as i said before, its not my option what phone/operating system you choose, oh, and the iPhone 4s has an 8 megapixel camera, with image stabalisation and 5 lenses, i suggest you read up on the new iPhone before you comment fanboy.

      why don’t we bring something new to the table, windows phone 7.5, it looks completely different, it has good features, its incredibley easy to use and customise. the app store isn’t as big but microsoft claims that it is growing by hundreds per month. it has internet explorer backing it all the way, so a nice and easy web search is almost garanteed and it has nokia behind it (nokia lumia range, which look quite good) so for my new phone i’m choosing windows phone, because its something to help get away from fanboys like you…

      • Ekphrasys

        Windows phone “Mango” now is miles ahead form other mobile os,,,It is so ahead that is not even understood, according to my humble opinion…If I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone (I’m a Mac user) Lumia 800 would certainly be my first choice…Great device, great os….

  • eyesfortech

    i don’t think we can say that iPhone 4S is the better than Samsung Galaxy S2… have you checked out the flaws facing Apple right now with battery life issue and voice call echoing problem and haven’t fixed it yet? iPhone users are freaking out asking Apple to provide them a permanent fix.

  • Pulsarbeam

    What a nonsensical review. It’s the classic ploy of granting the opposition some plaudits just in order to smoothe the ground for your ‘verdict’. It’s clear the writer made up his mind even before he ‘conducted’ his review. Otherwise any objective comparo would place the SGS2 head and shoulders above the Iphone4s.
    The Sgs2 has a clear lead over the 4s in camera performance, processing speed (yes, in tests the sgs2 is still faster), display quality (the amoled+ boasts superhigh contrast ratio and 180 degree viewing angle), actual build quality (check out the drop tests on youtube) and much better battery life. Oh, and the small matter of the customizability of the Android platform compared to the locked ecosystem of iOS5. 
    Just get real. The time of Apple dominance in the sector is over. And its gonna get decidedly worse in the coming months with the launch of sgs3 next year.

  • john

    nonsense article … sorry but nothing compares to s2 right now

  • Best Business Cards

    I’ll probably end up with one, and my wife with the other!

  • Willsmith1974

    I have got both the sgs2 has a better screen and faster iphone4s is a very good phone put sorry sgs2 wins hands down this reviewer hasnt got a clue.

  • guest

    what the hell are you saying about price..iphone4s was released 1 month ago.. SO WHAT? iphone 3gs is still 400pounds.. and iphone 4 still 600.. apple phones will never go down in price..

  • Brad L

    The reviewer writes to an Apple slant (paid?).  This review like many many others is kinda useless and doesn’t bring a comparison of the real meat.  Kinda reads like a car Ad (e.g. shiny, cool, fast…).  Apple historically has been an awesome innovator, not without its list of losers mind you, but pretty hot.  After a couple of years the competition pummels them as in the case of iPhone.  Today Android and all the slick hardware is out there including HTC, Motorola and Samsung.  Don’t get me wrong, I really like the iPhone – had 3 of them, but time to move on.

    • Anonymous

      oh, the same old ‘paid’ excuse…….The  iPhone will live on, and for a bloody long time as well, but yeah, i guess it is getting a bit same old same old, i hope apple bring themselves back in the game with the iphone 5 but for now neither iPhone nor android are ahead.

  • Owenmatthew1996

    4s is rubbish imitator of s2. s2 has much better display and 4s is hardly different to 4! 

  • Anonymous

    y’Know in all fairness, this comparison was pointless, studies that are found on this site have shown that windows phone are gonna have the biggest market share by 2013 anyway… its different, easier to use and if looked into deeply, you will see its ultimate advantage over everything… its customisation… suck it fanboys, your finished by the power of microsoft.

  • Overlord3733

    its a choice of what you prefer some prefer samsung some prefer iphone thats it fanboys of any device will obviously want there device to be beter then opponent i am a proud owner of a samsung galaxy s2 so ya you know which i prefer.

  • cesar cris

    s2 is super cool. trust me the iphone 4s and its small screen cant touch s2. U fanboy!

  • Poo In A Hat

    wow, i cant believe how shitty u guys r getting over a fuckin phone! time to leave the house guys theres a whole world out there.

    • Noneofyourbusiness

      It’s scumbags like you that don’t belong in these blogs!

  • Jakob Thusgaard

    iPhone 4S win because of what? You think S2 has been the best for long enough? I would have hoped it would be better because it’s better, not just because it’s time for a new best phone.

    Oh, and here’s the article that shows 22% UK iPhone 4S customers regret having bought their 4S:

    What an anti-climax conclusion!! Completely worthless grounds for changing favourites!

  • Guest

    Why is there no author name at the end of the article ?

    Why does the author concede the main cameras are the same, but the galaxy has a better second camera, and yet then call the results a draw when he already indicated galaxy is slightly better ?

    Why does he rave about Siri under platform when Siri is just a program and not the platform/operating system ? Why doesn’t he look at other programs available and make comparisons ? If you’re going to evaluate against applications then you have to look at a lot more… android has turn by turn navigation, flash support etc

  • Vamp

    Well, I own both of them as I need 2 phones for my occupation and I think 4s wins because of one thing, and that thing is that s2’s battery runs out really quickly. Too quick for normal people I guess. Maybe s2’s battery is bigger and better but the fact is s2’s battery runs out really quickly… I find 4s’s battery is great and even though the screen is smaller and it is heavier. The feel of having it in your hands is much better. Overall this time I am going for iPhone 4s.
    Well I don’t support neither side and I just buy phones that are good and cool. Therefore I don’t think I am biased. I know there are many of you out there that likes s2 more and I totally understand and respect that. I think both 4s and s2 is great phones and I just wish that they keep on improving.

    • Revamped

      Update to the latest iOS. You’ll change ur mind. Download Taskiller and dim ur brightness on the S2. 

      • Sets07

        I updated to iOS 5 and I still agree that the battery lasts forever. The one thing apple has CONSISTENTLY done well.

  • Slapnuts

    Very dumb reason for choosing an inferior phone

  • Matt Morman

    Wow, it is very clear that this reviewer is biased toward the Iphone… If the cameras are the same on the back and the samsung comes with an extra forward facing camera how the hell is it a tie? samsung is better!!

    If you say that you prefer the screens looks on the samsung better than the iphone how do you pick the Iphone to wn?  really? you are looking for a reason to pick the iphone clearly, reviews are supposed to be unbiased.. Just another apple sheep…

    And since the samsung has been out longer you feel the need to make the iphone your pick cause its newer?  wow I am amazed, whovever gave you this gig should lose there job and take you with them..

    • Patrick Elliott-Brennan

      See, you’ve got it wrong.

      1. I want an iPhone
      2. I want an iPhone
      3. I want an iPhone

      Excuse me, the S2 beats it in most areas and draws in the rest.

      4. I want an iPhone.

      Now do you understand?

    • Andrewlr1

      we can clearly tell that your biased torwards the s2 sooo.. your point?


     both S2 and 4S are equally good..yes the choice of which phone is better is up to the buyer…. that doesn’t make 4S worse or vice versa……android does have an edge over iOS in certain areas, namely GPS, front facing cam (S2), bigger screen. Now lets not forget that iPhone 3gs to 4s are also equipped with A-GPS (assisted GPS). A front facing cam of 2MP is good to have in ur phone but think about it, u use ur cam to shoot videos and pics, which is usually done with the rear cam and both 4S and S2 stand out gr8 in that. VGA or 2MP does not make a huge difference as its jst usually used for video chatting, if u would ask me even 2MP is bad for such a purpose. So in case of camera i guess its a tie as 4s has a better optics compared to S2 and this equals for the lost 1.7MP in front cam of 4s. Screen- well i must say the S2 is way better (4.3″ screen) in this aspect as it gets frustrating to pinch and zoom in an iPhone all the time.

    • George H

      A bigger screen is not an advantage to all… I would MUCH rather the smaller, higher resolution screen on the iPhone… I can actually carry it in my pocket.   Apple should make an iPhone this big for those who actually want a larger phone and use the extra space to double their battery life.  But, I’ll be sticking with the smaller version!

  • Wenesss

    samsung is better dude, you choose iphone because you wanted when you were a kid dude!

    • hai!

      I think it’s depressing that you say “because you wanted when you were a kid” for two reasons… one, I remember when cell phones had just because pocketsized, and I’m not even that old.. and two, l2fuckingenglish, I hate this generation.

      • Sigh.

        Agreed. I hate this genereation too, sadly. No brains and bad english…

        And im quite sure, since i see it at work, adults like the buzz of new tech’s too, heh. Both phones are remarkable, in the end.

        • Ftcatman55

          OK not all of my generation is terrible. Some of us(as myself) have excellent grammar and manners sir. I am quite offended by your statement. Are you pleased with my remark?

        • Siggi

          The bad english is probably because there are so many people typing in English who are not from an english speaking country like me, the bad english is for a reason.
          Btw I work for a phone company where I live and nearly everyone who I work with likes the galaxy s2 much more than the iphone 4s..

  • Sameeryadav

    ill informed. you dont know the thickness and weight of the 4S

  • Tuuga619

    I think iphone is all hype…s2 is substance!!

  • Rik

    That review was hopeless. As if you read the specs an dwrote the review from that.

  • Amber

    So., I just spent ages reading all these comments. I was planning on picking up and iphone 4s tomorrow, now not so sure. Am completely confused as to which to get now!!! No help.

  • hassan

    iphone 4s is the best all you duudes

    • jayson

      s2 is ten times better than the iphone dude!

    • Gmbb25

      Tht iphone is overhyped just like the dallas cowboys

  • Dymaster689

    Iphone 4s is all hype. There are 2 new awesome galaxy phones depending on your service provider. At&t has the new Galaxy S2 skyrocket (came out 11/11) and sprint has Galaxy S2 Epic (came out 9/11)

    • Dymaster689

      Also You get more product service. like you can apply upgrades to the galaxy phones. Apple doesn’t give that, if u had a upgrade u wont get any discounts, it would be the same as if a new customer were to buy a iphone 4s for 299 with contract and you with an upgrade will still pay the same as the new customer. no accidental coverage plans on apple products just parts warranty, but with galaxy phones you can purchase it with at&t or sprint.

  • Carcrazyhoe

    Most smartphones offer several reseasons to buy them.Apple’s iphone 4s just happen to be the best phone at the moment. Best camera,best phone for music play(incredible bass),best voice command(Siri is awsome,you can create notes or paragraphs,set your alarm clock or find a commercial business),slightly better internet use and speed,Apple stands behind their products better than samsung,Apple has best long term reliability,apple looks and feels like a luxury phone(samsung’s materials look and feel cheap).Apple also has the best apps,no contest there.Love iphone 4S Facetime.Apple’s video camera is incredible!! The only areas were Samsung S2  beat the iphone 4S is for best GPS(I own a real, brand new Garmin GPS that works extremely well and don’t want to use my phone as a GPS) .Also the galaxy S2 beats the iphone 4S for best customization phone.I want my phone to make life for me easier and not more complex.People who need a phone to do everything because they aren’t willing to spend money on dedicated devices like a real GPS,might prefer the galaxy S2.For me,I prefer to use my computer for movies instead of looking at a very tiny screen of a phone to watch a movie.The Samsung S2 does have the bigger screen compared to the iphone 4S,but I would not want to use either tiny screen for watching a movie. Other than those three features,the iphone 4S is by far the better phone.But i can understand the point about preference.Everyone has an idea about the type of phone that best suits them.If you are a very young person, you might like the novalty of the galaxy S2.If you are a college or business person you more than likely would gain more by buying the reliable and multi-faceted iphone 4S.

    • Ftcatman55

      Dude they both have the SAME CAMERA,no the music is decent. Not as strong as i thought it would be.i cant say anything bout voice command,you can create notes and paragraphs on GSII and alarms and reminders with voice command,and no its not faster. GSII beats iPhone 4S by a hair,both internet and app starting,lol no they dont have the better long term reliability. Next week a new apple device pops up. Oh and your mom charged me cheap. Sorry if your mom ks dead or has cancer. I take that back if she died or has cancer. But apple does beat samsung in apps. Enough said.

      • Alexander

        Your mind is jacked up, you start talking about his mom? What the heck, they actually don’t have the same Camera, iPhone 4s Camera saturation and Brightness is better, and if your a Photo freak it means alot, and as for SIRI unless you have tried it you wont know, S2 doesnt have anything that Siri does, it may have Apps that ALL TOGETHER do what Siri does, but not individually. Morons like you should stray away from the Web.

      • Ekphrasys

        Again…Sometimes I wonder why people do comment knowing nothing about the subject….

        The iPhone 4S camera is made by SONY…It is a 2.4 aperture sensor with 5 (FIVE) Glass Lenses…Maybe you are among the dumb asses who think same Megapixels, same camera? you’re completely wrong…Megapixels mean NOTHING in photography…Sure, thay are important (for Details captured) but they are not fundamental…

        Music…Do you want to compare a cirrus Logic (4S) last generation Dac with an old WOLFSON (Galaxy)….Do you want to compare an iPod (basically an iPhone is still an iPod) to a cellphone? are you trying to compare Apple Know How in music reproduction with Samsung??? Really…Are you serious?
        Come on…Get off….

  • Ventar

    This review (and all others) should compare Chipsets instead of just the CPU.  In the case of the iPhone 4s, it has a Dual Core GPU that is the fastest on the phone market today, by a ridiculously wide margin.  This differential is far greater than the comparison between both CPUs.  If gaming is your thing, the iPhone is the hands down winner, especially since more games are available on Apple’s side to begin with.  Moreover, the Camera section forgets to mention that the iPhone 4s comes with image/video stabilization, which means that given comparable picture quality between the two devices, the video taken on the iPhone will be smoother and more stable.  Also absent is the mention of the HDR feature, which takes three quick snapshots and then combines them into one ‘best’ photo.  This is done in about the same amount of time it takes to take one photo on the Samsung S2.  And far as the best OS, well this is my take:  The Android OS starts free and open, but once the phone manufacturer and your service carrier gets a hold of it, you’re pretty much ‘locked down’.  I don’t know why most people don’t realize this, but your user experience is controlled in a similar fashion to what Apple already does with their products.  Yes, you can ‘root’ your android phone, at your own risk, to ‘free’ your android phone, but you can also do the same with Apple’s phones.  This opens up vast customization options for both types of phones. So take your pick. You want the simplified but more stable iOS 5 or the more complicated but more customizable user interface on the Android?  The real question here is: which phone is faster overall in your everyday use?  The answer to this question has less to do with spec sheets and more with overall design and execution.  This is where I think Apple’s SIRI is a game changer.  It’s still Beta on the 4S (and it’s a software and server combo, so major improvements can be wirelessly pushed to all 4S devices), but it can already do a great many things through voice recognition, and it can do them much faster than through personal direct manipulation of on-screen menus.  Accuracy is admittedly not perfect (although reportedly the best nonetheless), but Apple will bring major improvements to it over time.  So which is the best phone?  I say BOTH.  But to say which is better is like comparing Apples to, well, an Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • Thu Han

      I have used Iphone 3GS before and currently have IPad2. I don’t like to buy Iphone anymore because I cannot use flash player. It’s very annoying when browsing. For me, S2 will be the winner.

      • Baba

        Adove won’t support flash for mobiles anymore…..

  • Snargfarg

    I was a long time Apple owner and am now using the SGS2. I like both both phones. The things that made me switch were,
    Larger display (important to me.)
    Much better GPS.
    Not being locked into iTunes to update my content.
    IMO, better display.
    Better App market.

    For ME the the SGS2 was the winner but I dodn’t think there is any winner or loser here. 

  • Cab00se2

    Personally I think iPhone is the best because Of the following reasons
    1) the iPhone is better when it comes to typing
    2) android phones are seriously unreliable and are made overseas
    3) android was sued because of stolen designs of the iOS 5 which was
    Already designed and completed 3 years ago
    4) the camera is kickass
    5) Siri is awesome she does everything
    6) and don’t forget that the iPhone 4s wasn’t even suppose to be designed
    It was an idea by apple to say ” hey we need to introduce a starter to a concept
    Of an iPhone 5 and we already know that the iPhone 5 is gunna have a 5 inch display
    And will also be as thin as the iPad 2 so such my apples android

    • Ftcatman55


    • Holdstill

      One point that seems to be missing from this review: samsung products are made with inferior goods, maximizing profits while decreasing customer satification in the long run.

      • Carcrazyhoe

        I completely agree with you that samsung products are made with inferior materials.I see it all the time,from their phones,to their cable box software,to their computers,to their stereo systems.Samsung tries to manufactor every device under the sun instead of focusing on a few type of device and mastering the skill for making them.The best thing samsung makes are their televisions.And even their tv’s are not the best made.Samsung is about mass production.Here in America,samsung products are thought to be second rate and more likely to break down.

        • Anonymous

          Quite a bit of the components in your precious iPhone is made by…Samsung!

          Quote from
          The components come from a variety of suppliers and the assembly is done by Foxconn, a Taiwanese firm, at its plant in Shenzhen, China. The “teardown” graphic below, based on data from iSuppli, a market-research firm, shows who makes what inside the iPhone, and how much the various bits cost. Samsung turns out to be a particularly important supplier. It provides some of the phone’s most important components: the flash memory that holds the phone’s apps, music and operating software; the working memory, or DRAM; and the applications processor that makes the whole thing work.

          • Anonymous

            that may be true, but because of lawsuits that isn’t going to be the same old story for much longer now.

  • Spalisoc089

    I had a galaxy s2 n switched to iPhone 4s cuz of aftermarket hardware support. if u don’t care about that. I wud go s2. I got a new deck for my car which supported iPhones. that’s y I switched. it’s much faster but also less stable. it crashed on me a lot. iphone doesn’t. customization was great. I wish iPhone had widgets like android. both phones r good tho.

    • me

      the samsung galaxy s2 can connect to a car stereo system wirelessly via bluetooth, so u dont need a deck…

  • smarty

    hey, just want to ask about the availability of light while video recording on both of them?

  • Alexklein1200

    They are just phones people. God seriously, I had a 4. And then I got a 4s when it came out, I’m tired of it already. So the 4s is being brought back and I’m getting the SAMSUNG GALAXY S II SKYROCKET! I have an iPad and prefer it over android tablets, but yeah they are just phones. And FYI if u read news articles the iPhone is not made entirely in America. And two Apple and Samsung will always be at war with one another. We just all have to read about it and deal with the dumb blog responses. :)

    • Bill

      No part of the iPHone is made in the USA, it’s built in the cheapest areas of western China by people making slave wages

      • geminine

        I assume that you have no gadgets then because everything is now MIC…

  • 10MW0185

    Samsung = WINNER

  • Jowild3

    Feels the same, looks the same, must be the same old Iphone!!! As for siri so what android has had voice comands for how long???

    • Carcrazyhoe

      Siri is a excellent voice command. Android voice command is quite inferior!

    • Jaj

      This is just STUPID. SIRI is not just a voice command! SIRI IS UNIQUE

      • MBL2114

        Unique in the sense that no one ever uses it once they have gotten past the funny question phase…

        • Carcrazyhoe

          Samsung users are so jealous of Apple iphone 4s users,hense the negative comments.Both phones are excellent just so happen that Apple cares more about greatness.That is why iphone 4s are brilliant and are better than the galaxy S2.

          • Kingofkings

            more like your jeleous of us. we have the best phone on the market so you can shut the f**k  up

          • Alexander

            Until you type can learn to type like a civilized being, I’ll Just ignore your ignorant comment.

          • masalaprawn

            Siri is just a waste of battery. only works well in the states. i was in love with the 4S, was about to buy it but the S2 just takes the cake

          • A Samad Baloch

            apple does not support MMS and Blue Tooth

      • Ifag

        Yes, SIRI is stupid. Stupid Idiotic Robot Intellidumb.

  • GalaxyS2assassin

    IPHONE 4S murders and buries ANY other phone in the market period…….

    • Bjesse30

      Drinkin’ the Apple kool-aid I see

    • Kingofkings

      in your dreams, s2 is the don

  • Diegoramiez8

    What will be more expensive after I purchase either phone? Where will i save more money? I heard music in samsung os free to download and if i go with iphone i have to pay thru itunes?? And what about apps? Help please???

    • Carcrazyhoe

      If you are concerned about how affordable music downloads will be after the purchase of your sartphone,you might not be able to afford a smartphone! Smartphones are not made to save you money.They are design to save you time while giving your life more convience.If you want to know which smartphone has the best music player thus gives off the best sounding music? Apple 4S.The bass is so amazing with this phone.The Galaxy S2’s bass is not as clear or as strong.

    • Jordan_wogboy

      music from samsung is free and most of the apps are free i would go and walk straight
       out of apple right now and get an s2

  • kerry

    I think samsung got the edge on i phone right now and S2 is the best above anything ….no coomparison is needed.   highly satisfied with s2

  • Deadly_frendz

    WTF……………………….worst conclusion i ever read…………bcoz something had been good for long it should be replaced,thats like making paper champion not real world champion which is s2 right now and has not been challenged till now. Highly satisfied user of s2….

  • Aidangttubbie

    How biased is that article!!!!!haha

  • Sage

    “due to its higher resolution is even brighter ” : Nope, resolution doesn’t determine brightness.

  • Dfdf

    iphone 4 has a higher resolution, but the contrast and colours are far more vibrant on the galaxy.

  • Kingofkings

    i have a galaxys s2 and my friend has a iphone 4s, my phone is way better and you get skyvee from android which is just like siri so there. iphone 4s always needs repairs and is delicate where as the galaxy s2 has a gorrila glass screen so it wont break that easily.

    • Andrew Meilstrup

      the iphone has a gorilla glass screen as well…

      • iphoneuser

        Nope. Check the facts, iphone 4s does not have gorilla glass.

      • india


      • Magix2009

        Nope, ordinary glass :)

  • Viking

    The number and typos and completely incorrect statements in this article is embarrassing.

    • Sellerdotcom

      @viking “statements in this article is embarrassing” ?? Check your own grammar!

      • D’Amico

        The number of statements… Check your reading! 

      • kxd

        his grammar was correct you fucktard

  • Brizzal420

    I have several friends that have both the s2 and iPhone 4s and I got to say all my friends that have the iPhone complain a lot more about their phone. My friends that have the galaxy s2 love their phone and have nothing bad to say about their phone at all. I went out and got the s2 and I love it. My friend who has the iPhone 4s did a little race to see who could surf the Web faster and needless to say…… I won

  • eac924

    don’t you realize how stupid you sound? feature for feature should be the basis, not just replacing the best brand because its been there for too long

  • YB

    Im on iphone4s and my wife has an s2. The quality of the iphone is better (iphone is glass and metal, samsung is plastic), but the keyboard of the s2 is faster thought…
    Both phones are as good as each other. Everyone should agree.

  • diewabbit

    im switching over to Android only for one reason: i effin hate ITUNES!!! using it is SUCH a waste of time and i end up being envious of my friends who can just copy/paste their music and vids in seconds. 

    well, i agree, the 4s has the better hardware(camera, graphics, etc.) but  Android’s open source implementation is by far better!

    anyways what use is a better graphics chip if you can play it on such a small screen(just my opinion of course)!

    i’m tired of my iLife and am going out into the Galaxy!!

  • A Samad Baloch

    iPhone is more popular but both are 99percent same.
    My uncle has 4s, i had iPhone4 but know i am buying GalaxyS2
    Galaxy apps are free but 4S apps are not free.
    I am not buying 4S because it has same shape of iPhone4

    • kxd

      iPhone has 1000’s of free apps, more free apps than Android. 

  • A Samad

    MMS and Blue Tooth can not be used on iPhone that is its weakest point

    • Rrcth

      I play the music off my iPhone 4s to my car stereo via blue tooth . No wires just turn the key and It plays my songs. Dont even need to take it out of my pocket to make a call or change the song. All the controls are built into my car. Not saying the 2s won’t work either

      But iPhone dose indeed have blue tooth

      And Siri is a talking calculator it can even do calculus from a voice command

      • Carcrazyhoe

        I have used Siri on my iphone 4s to do my algebra homework.BEST phone ever!!

        • Adrian

          then Siri is awesome… it was bought by apple from some corporation, but nobody cares about this. Siri makes the Iphone4s

  • A Samad

    more useful battery is of Galaxy S2 rather then iPhone

  • Zlab2

    ya.. right.. siri.. give me a break you can do anything on the samsung gs2 with voice… the camera is better… screen is MUCH more colorful. Also the iphone 4gs still has its boring layout. So all the people who had a Iphone 4 and wasted there money on upgrading will be very bored after a week.

    • kxd

      Siri is easier to learn than Android’s voice actions, which require a special syntax. The natural language processing in Siri, along with its ability to reply and confirm things with you makes it superior to Android’s voice actions. S2 has a more “colorful” screen, but the iPhone has a colorful screen as well with a better resolution in a smaller space, making it the clear winner. You need to open your eyes up, just because you don’t like Apple doesn’t mean you have to hate every product they make. I personally didn’t like iPhones at all until the iPhone 4 came out. The 4S has a better camera than the S2 and gets better benchmarks for CPU tasks, such as web browsing despite having a slower CPU. iOS on an ARM9 is faster than Android on an ARM9, period.

      • OlaG

        None of the reviews that i’ve seen have agreed with this statement “4S has a better camera than the S2 and gets better benchmarks for CPU tasks, such as web browsing despite having a slower CPU. iOS on an ARM9 is faster than Android on an ARM9, period.” Please give me a reputable URL link.

      • John Frykman

        The technology used for Siri is available to any software writer who wants to take a stab at it.  The Android has Vlingo (free) which works nearly as well as Siri, but without the silly “attitude.”  You need no special syntax.  Just ask a question as you normally would. There will be others coming along in the near future that are better than either Siri or Vlingo.  Since there are far more Android phones out there than iPhones, it is a bigger market–and you don’t have to go through Market to sell an app–although it does help sales.

        • Guest

          and Vingo came waaaayyyyyyyy before Siri, but as Apple typically does, and does very well, they advertise something as if they invented it and the flock jump all over it. Apple products are insanely cool and I love em all, but people, Apple isn’t first to everything….

    • Freaky Bob

      Dude, 4gs, really.  If your going to complain at least get the name right.  It’s the 4s not 4gs.  The last phone with a g in it was the 3gs which was released over 2 1/2 years ago.  As for layout, I like ios layout much better, but it’s a matter of opinion.  As for being bored within a week, I got an iPod touch 4g in May and I just found out some more stuff about it today, not to mention the almost double sized app store.  (I’m not a newb either, I do programming)  One last thing, if you jailbreak [which I know isn’t for the 4s (yet)] you get TONS more stuff you can do.

      • Coleman Pjc

        jailbreak. hahaha. only way to have fun with the ios. 

    • Ekphrasys

      Camera is NO WAY (even in your wildest dreams) better than iPhone 4S camera…
      I mean it, really…Everybody says it…Even Apple Haters…Come on….you took the wrong example…I’m with you about the screen…Much better the Samsung…Even if the PPI are lower…

  • Jordan_wogboy

    why are you people arguing so much i just want to know which is the best phone for music games and social media so please focus on whats important!!!

    • Carcrazyhoe

      Best phone for music,games and social media is the iphone 4S.

      • Adrian

        cross AT LEAST the games

    • Markd42

      best phone for you is samsung as you can download songs for free rather than paying for them through itunes. In fact you pay for everyting when you are with Apple

  • Phone Man

    I have the iPhone 4s and my sister has the Galaxy S2, iPhone pro’s for me: Ease of use, i ove using the iPhone more then any other phone, physical design ( I prefer the iphone design even though the screen is smaller) and finally the app’s I have, I would not want these apps to go to waste!!. Galaxy Pro’s: Its faster, it has a bigger screen, Emulator apps without Jail Braking (GBA, SNES, N64) the way media file can be organised (simple copy and paste and not iTunes I HATE iTunes, when I want to add one song or remove one song I go Through HELL especially if it’s not my computer!!!)
    But i own the iPhone 4s and I llike it, even though I like the S2 aswell.

    Also I have only used Siri twice to show my friends how it works, its pretty cool but I would never use it in my day to day activities

  • Madysweet

    Please i just wanna ask about the availability of the video recording light on both of them?

  • Robert Lindsay

    After seeing both the Galaxy S2 screen and iPhone 4S screen, I think you called that one incorrectly. Resolution may be higher on the iPhone 4S, but when you look at both it is clear that the Samsung screen is simply better. It has more vivid colors, is larger, and has a much better range of dark black to popping bright.

  • Perromanson

    I think you are stupid…

  • D. Brown

    Hey, compare the Iphone to the gallaxy s2 skyrocket. Skyrocket wins hands down.

    • Adam

      I had the 4s and went to the skyrocket, so much better. Skyrocket is the best phone. I mean I like the iPhone. But skyrocket is so far ahead

  • Todd Reichel

    Co worker of mine just bought the 4s the the screen cracked in his pocket within 2 days. Not covered by warraty and if he gets a new screen it voids his warranty. My s2 is fine after months

  • Mysterio

    Crap review. Firstly, the screen of S2 is still superior…larger screen, better colors and excellent contrast. Sure the 4S have a higher resolution…but with such a smaller screen, do you even need it? Everything is made smaller….no thanks, i prefer the S2 anyday. Secondly, SIRI is just a fad. When people realized they can’t really get it to work as they want to, it’ll be nothing more than another toy app. And lastly, the price of the 4S is insane from where i come from….i can get the S2 for less than half the price of the 4S with a telco package. I think that just beat the 4S in terms of value.

  • sheldon

    Hah, another Apple bias review. lame.

  • Spider1996

    Youre a moron…….Samsung also has the voice control thingy……do some research

  • Ndksj

    mr spider… voice control thingy as u name it in samsung is sad to d core.. i can say this coz i have an iPhone 4s and a samsung galaxy s2.. I would go for the samsung anyway

    • Jon McSexy

      My S2 works better than my parent’s iPhone 4s’s.

  • Barjazid

    By reading the comments here & elsewhere it is now obvious that android is king among the strange fanboy mentality.

  • Daryl McLaughlin

    To be quite honest I think the Samsung blows the iPhone 4s out of the water, it’s lighter, and ok it’s a lot larger but for the size of it you would expect in to be heavier. Really anyone who thinks the iPhone is better is on something.

    • blahblahbeta

      I’m currently deciding between the iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy SII. It’s a tough decision. I like android, had the SE X10 before, and I also like iOS. It’s a tough decision. Both look like greatphones. One of the drawbacks for me on the SGSII is the plastic case… I mean it kinda looks flimsy and really easy to break. Anyone have suggestions on which is better?

      • Markd42

        The Iphone is for people with limited intelligence. And you will pay more for the phone and also pay for anything you download through itunes. Whereas everything you download on Android phones is mainly free

        • Ekphrasys

          Perhaps, but you nerds have to understand that the world is not only made by people like you…The World is an enormous market made by potential customers (they have actually have the money to spend) over 50 that the only tech things they learnt to dominate in their lives are Cars and Washing machines…Apple make your life easy…Fact.  Apple products are much easier to understand, manage and use…Even for the retarded…Even for the old men….That’s it….

      • Won_star

        Check out iPhone 4s vs Samsung galaxy s2 drop test. The Samsung galaxy wins.

  • Lily baines

    This seems biased in favour of iphone 4 s 

  • Someone

    why are there so many fandroids???

    • Jon McSexy

      Because it’s better. Why are there so many iFags? And this review didn’t even mention the voice capabilities the S2 has, my parents have the 4s, they both wish they got my S2, faster, more open source, get all the apps for free without rooting/jailbreaking, and the voice control actually works faster and more accurate than the iPhone’s. So tell me, why would there be any iFags if Android is clearly the better mobile OS?

  • Steves John

    First, and most important to the authors review, Android has had “siri” apps for years. It is nothing new at all. Android still has these apps so if it is Siri you love so much, look into the same type of apps in Android before you make a purchase decision. Siri is brand new to iPhone, but the technology has been around for years and it just hasn’t been advertised. Apple’s biggest strength is its marketing whether you believe it or not. I assume most don’t believe it, and that is fine. They don’t call Apple fans cult members for no reason. Apple knows how to market well – very well. If Android knew how to market, which it’s business model makes it very cumbersome to do with dozens of phone models running different versions of its OS, my guess is we would see much more attention and focus on Android.Which phone is for you? If you are like a checkers player and don’t mind playing a simple game over and over and over again with little variation in gameplay, then get the iPhone 4s. It is an amazing phone, and even though you may get bored with it, it will still do all the simple things extremely well. But, if you are a chess player and like to continually learn new moves and have an enormous amount of variation that leads to never getting bored, then the Galaxy S2 is for you. In other terms, if you like simplicity and don’t mind being limited with your technology and experience, then the iPhone is perfect and you will love it for texting, movies, apps, games, and email. On the other hand, if you like to be in control of your technology and create your OWN experience (and change it whenever you want), then the Galaxy S2 is for you and you will love it. Can’t go wrong with either phone – it just depends on what you like. The true result for comparing these two phones is a draw and it always should be. Simply because one phone goes after people liking simplicity and a controlled experience whereas the other goes for people liking to be in control of their experience and don’t mind a very small learning curve in order to have the control. Just like chess, once you learn how to play, you learn new moves and enjoy different gameplay every time because of the variations. iPhone is like checkers and it is the same game play with no variation. 

    Apple has amazing products, but it is at the status it is today because of its genius marketing efforts that support its great products. They know how to communicate to the market  – even if they don’t have anything Android can’t do. Truth is, and it is a mere fact, Android allows users to do quite a bit more with their phone than the iPhone (not talking about rooting and jail breaking – just out of the box. Even though rooting still allows for much more control than jail breaking). BUT, Apple is as successful as it is because they realized that the majority of people prefer a simple, easy to use, controlled mobile experience. They are very smart. 

    • Jan_jan1

      Too long – did not read.

    • stephanie

      Completely true. After water logging my galaxy s I have been on the search for an unbiased review on the comparison of the S2 and iPhone 4s..
      I have found that many people who have an iPhone particularly even some of closest friends are brainwashed by the power of apples marketing ploys and are completely convinced that iPhones are better. This really frustrates me, considering my galaxy could do exactly the same thing if not more.
      I really couldn’t care less about the Stigmas about the phone brands, I really just want to know which one is more reliable. I want the phone that has better sound quality, camera and has fast loading time. Can someone please tell me which phone is better for this?

      • Syafiq

        Iphone 5

        • matg

          the stretched iphone 4s. Another apple product that is overpriced and over rated

    • Ekphrasys

      There was NOTHING that even came close to SIRI…NEVER! SIRI isn’t just an “assistant”…SIRI understand the MEANING of what you are going to tell…Do you know the meaning of the word “meaning”?? It Means that you can ask SIRI the same thing in many different ways….And we are talking about a software in its beta stage…BETA! Imagine when the “gold edition” of SIRI will come up…
      Just to clarify…

      Camera? Check on Vimeo how many amateurish filmmakers are doing shorts with the 4S….Look at the results with an iPhone 4S, a “dolly”, and tons of post processing editing with Final Cut or adobe Premiere…The fact is that the iPhone 4S camera NOW is miles ahead of the competitors…I know Galaxy S2 very well and I can’t tell you that pics and video are nothing to be proud of…Yellow tinge all over, over saturation, and awful when low light occurs… 

      Appz? Yes, Androids come with many preinstalled apps, but with two clicks on the Apple Store I can find and download tons of applications, games, utilities that are miles away in quality than the Android ones….FACT….

      These are facts, dude….and Samsung, Google know it very very well…Who cares about a damn 4.xxxx inches screen…At home i have my Mac/Pc….Don’t really care when I’m in the underground, Tramways, Buses, etc…..

      • matg

        its amazing how some people believe that their opinion is fact

      • Planks

        Lol @ u

    • Planks

      Arhaaaaaa… I couldn’t have written it better myself.
      I see I’m not the only one wise to Apples genius (immoral?) marketing strategies.
      I’m both an Android and IOS user, have been for years, each has its pros and cons because I have different requirements at work and at home.

      My current iPhone will be my last, it makes me feel locked in, frustrated, angry that I can’t do what I want when I want. I don’t want Apple choosing what I can and can’t do, hat is my choice to make.

      Finally, I never fell for Apples marketing, I’ve only ever purchased second hand cheap iPhones when others were upgrading. They aren’t worth £400-£500, neither are any phones for that… smart or otherwise!

  • Matthew Jones

    FINALLY! SOMEONE WHO UNDERSTANDS! I am so happy that someone isnt just a fan of android and will face the facts. Look you stupid people, he has just proved it to you that the iphone 4s is better. Face the facts, samsung galaxy s2 has been destroyed thanks to the iphone 4s, and i am so happy about that :)

    • nemesis

      Have you looked at Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iphone 4S video review on youtube? S2 beats the 4S at almost everything:)

    • Markd42

      Only people with no intelligence buy iphones. And you pay for everything. Apple are extremely clever at brainwashing STUPID people like you

      • Ipadologist

        Man u speak like an illiterate, some one wth no sense of IT. Apple conceive the most useful and usable products. thier system (iOS)is extremely robust and easy to use. residing on a most perfrmant piece of hardware.
              if u dont acknowledge the iphone to be the best. then u are a blind man who cant appreciate the beauty of his wife.

    • Dog

      dumb ass get a life

    • Ipadologist

      yeah Jones tell the fools. iphone is the unprecedented leader.
      anything iphone does it does it perfectly.

    • Ashish

      i know that siri is an excellent feature but at the same time ……..i would definately go with s2 because 4s has only one feature (which is extra-ordinary ) but s2 had many other features which makes it best amongst all

  • Jobin19942000

    i love iphone……… no one can replace its siri!!!!!!!!!

  • Shoaibkhan80

    samsung galaxy s2 kickass iphone 4s, iphone 4 is a sily bullshit phone waste of money.

  • Meerkat

    Let those who are brain washed by the Apple marketing department spend more money, and put more coffers in the marketing execs xmas bonus. …I’ll keep smiling with my Samsung and with more money left in my wallet.
      I just wished Samsung showed they were different by coming out with a roaring red version with red headphones! Instead I have a white one with white headphones, so I look like one of the army of Apple suckers.

  • Karandeep Jhand

    i prefer Samsung Phones, i like em, the iPhone 4s is great( expensive) but lots of people say to me like a jackass – “THE i Phone 4S IS THE BEST ALL YOU OTHER CRAP SUCKS like SHIIT” (excuse language) that really gets on my nerve because they seemed brainwashed… seriously, i would go the Samsung Galaxy S 2, Or Galaxy Nexus(which is expensive in my opinion)

    • Ekphrasys

      I’m an apple user (Mac, several iPods and iPhone)..My Uncle, who is 62 just bought a Galaxy…He wanted to enter in the so called Smartphone/people Gotha…Well, he has Tiscali as Mail Provider, and Telecom italia as Main internet services provider…

      There was NO WAY to create an account on the Galaxy…Because of the restrictions with Tiscali using other then his providers….My uncle who understands nothing about technology went mad…

      Because android doesn’t let you actually CREATE an account if all the parameters required aren’t satisfied…iOS? No problem…It creates the account…Maybe you won’t be able to send emails, but you have your bloody account made nonetheless..

      What you don’t understand is that technology is not about the size of the camera, the screen or whatever…It’s in details….maybe little details…That’s why my uncle is thinking of selling it and boy an iPhone…

  • Allsisjohn

    Galaxy S2 for me  ALL THE WAY! The Apple is MAGGOTED

  • Vic Roy

    Samsung Galaxy II is simply unbelievably good.
    I could not live without the inbuilt GPS maps, WIFI Direct to play and control my TV/media system, ability to change batterys or Memory cards, record and play in full 1080p HD video, swipe keyboard, DNLA and HDMI. 

    • Ben

      and done forget adobe FLASH 😛

  • Samuelr121

    Samsung & Andriod are iPhones for the poor :p
    Come on now iPhones are a high quality product while the cheaply Samsung is made from mostly plastic.

    • Evil_detector

      I can purshase iphone 4s. it isnt problem for me. in my country they both cost 700-900$. and if you think that how good cost more its much more better than others you are wrong

    • Evil_detector

      If you .drop iphone it will be broken galaxy is much stronger

  • Zaragoza_c


  • Aprb1

    I don’t see how anyone can like the galaxy s2 or any phone that uses the droid os. The color on the gs2 is terrible and its all pixley.The design is ugly and its made out of crappy plastic.The only reason some people don’t see that the iphone 4s is the best phone out there is cause they want to hate it.

    • Evil_detector

      You re idiot maaan how can you say something like that? I think you re working on apple or you lived under the ground. Before i thought like you that iphone is the best and blah blah blah but now i understood i like this phone but maybe iphone is better to you than galaxy its your choise

  • Reallusion1

    lol@ all the fanbous on both sides. You have to be super nerdy to get passionate about a cell phone. Anyway, I want to know which to buy. I want reliable performance and nice graphics. Decent battery life. Free apps? That sounds nice. Flash player? Sounds nice. Samsung’s resolution isn’t as good though. Put your nerdy fanboysim down, kids.

  • Osama the Terrorist

    HAHAHAHA! I love how only “fanBOYS” can be fans of technological things and not girls!! In my country, the Talibanland, we also think girls are dumb therefore cannot comprehend the complexities of “SMARTphones”!!

    • Rosa

      I’m a girl and I understan about smartphones.. I think, more than any guy..

      • Longview7777

        Well I doubt that but don’t feed the troll

  • biasedvision

    iphone 4s vs galaxy s2 – seems to be a tough choice!! but not really when you know what you want from your phone. After doing research for more than 1 month and experiencing various androids hand on my 2 cents are – Both these phones are capable of doing 95% of what most of the guys want thses phones to do. But what turn the game towards iphone 4s for  me is –
    1. Better sound quality (No doubt).
    2. Arguably better image quality (even if you think image quality os at par, then do yourself a favour, hold both the phones in hand and try taking snaps. Physical button on iphone is a BIG plus for me.)
    3. Shot to shot time while taking snaps (no comparison, iphone is a clear winner, its super fast).
    4. Premium feel
    5. I found screen of s2 over saturated.
    Screen size is a big advantage of s2 but iphone’s 3.5″ looks small only when you keep them side by side and do comparison. Its good enough for watching you tube videos.
    So, better music, better image quality & premium feel made me go for iphone 4s.
    Trust me you wont regret.

  • Arjun Kamath

    See the value for money man

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is the best

    iPhone is too overpriced

    • Longview7777

      Wait you forgot, you can talk to it! It’s great yknow, as a party trick. And then you can just talk to it about the real friends you previously had.

    • S Shiva P

      Tech spec says Iphone 4S 2G talk time is 14 hrs but SGS2 says 7hrs

  • Giorgio

    i’d go with the samsung as the andoid and iphone are pretty equal, and the galaxy is a lot cheaper

  • jacqueline

    I <3 S2

  • carlreal

    I find it funny to see iphone is using samsung processor…similar like seing lamborghini uses ferrari engine just to compete with ferrari :)

    • Johnson

      It’s funny cuz you don’t realize that that is not a prosessor made by samsung and that the iPad 2 has been relesed with that prosessor a while before the Galaxy S2…
      Just saying that this is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. Not a fanboy just sateing some facts.

      • Anonymous

        both the iphone and ipad processors were made by Samsung, apple gets all their parts from them…did you forget that Samsung is also the largest manufacturer of processors/screens?

        • No

          Then there’s that tiny company called Intel…

      • Grae

        The iPhone’s processor is designed by Apple and manufactured by Samsung.  Samsung, however, is a very huge and complicated company. The “Samsung” that sells the Galaxy S2 isn’t actually, really, precisely the same “Samsung” that manufactures parts for Apple. And at the same time it’s exactly the same Samsung. It’s all part of the weirdness of how huge international business is done.

        • intel outside

          samsung technology is used by apple and customised the chip to their needs they actually did not invent the chip they just requested the company to manufacture the chip to their needs
          the arm cortex technology is the tech of samsung
          its like ordering the required chips but not actually designing the chips..

    • Johnson

      It’s funny cuz you don’t realize that that is not a prosessor made by samsung and that the iPad 2 has been relesed with that prosessor a while before the Galaxy S2…
      Just saying that this is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read. Not a fanboy just sateing some facts.

    • S Shiva P

      I think Iphone should increase it’s screen size.. that’s it

  • Nick

    i think that apple will mearly be a thing of the past in a few years i mean look what microsoft did to them just a fad with a big price tag i think you hace to have at last half a brain cell to opperate an iphone or at least to buy one when there is so much variation such as open source with android out of the box where as you need to jailbreak iphones to get at least decant phone
    5 years android will dominate or something better will come around any way not saying apple has there ideas wrong just that people buying them are investing in a dying cause

    • Grae

      I agree that in 5 years Android will dominate the market. Apple iOS will still work better though. You’re also right that I don’t need to jailbreak my Samsung to do a lot of cool things with it. I also don’t need to jailbreak it to get stupid unwanted ads and crap to show up on it. That all happens because Android isn’t as tight as Apple is. Sure Android is as free as the wild west, but I never had to install a malware/adware detection app on my old iPhone either. So enjoy your Android phone, if you can. Also, if you have a few moments, maybe you could learn to spell and use proper punctuation and capitalize. I know that seems completely off topic but when you don’t do those things it really takes away from the point you’re trying to make.

    • Ekphrasys

      Are you kidding me? Seriously…Do you even know what Apple “was” and what Apple achieved in 10 years time? It’s the strongest, richest TECH factory in the entire damn world,,,except Intel and maybe Sony…Apple could actually BUY Samsung….
      Come on…you sound like a child who knows nothing about what he’s talking about…

      • Michelgkm

        i think u don’t have any idea about samsung it’s now number one in the entire world in manufacturing smartphones and screens and ask ur iphone from where they buy most of there phones main parts…..they can’t deny….search more to know better…good luck

      • agent.hunt

        true.. very true.. Wish people would realise what and Who APPLE was and what did Steve do to bring it back to life.And for Pete’s sake, Apple has just one Phone in its product line up and it is doing incredibly well.. And remember Apple was never in Phone business before `Iphone, unlike Samsung who are everywhere and do everything from phones to TVs.

      • intel outside

        @fc2e909cac890678ed62cbb54bfdc8fb:disqus I don’t think u know much about the tech world, Apple is just a company that manufactures phones,laptops,etc and it has stores in only a few countries but SAMSUNG  is a very large group which can buy atleast hundred such companies.Many businesses today use Samsung’s international success as a role model
        coming back to the point
        samsung galaxy s2 has the best display which is samsung proprietry technology amoled display
        it embedded the whole tech as apple phone in just 8mm and also is very light weight..
        and it costs 70 %of apple products, only thing is apple’s design is goodlooking and smart but the tech is far less than galaxy s2 once the ice cream sandwitch is out the galaxy would be the best phone in the world may be next to nexus

  • Nick

    i think that apple will mearly be a thing of the past in a few years i mean look what microsoft did to them just a fad with a big price tag i think you hace to have at last half a brain cell to opperate an iphone or at least to buy one when there is so much variation such as open source with android out of the box where as you need to jailbreak iphones to get at least decant phone
    5 years android will dominate or something better will come around any way not saying apple has there ideas wrong just that people buying them are investing in a dying cause

  • Dmoneydre

    iPhone is 3G…. this is 2011 almost 2012, shouldnt have to rely on wifi

  • a50pma

    You IPhone lovers are attempting to defend the undefended. Without any doubt, the Samsung S II it is a better phone. The common denominator her are the double processors.  Remember, it is how fast the phone processes information. I own both phones and can freely say that Samsung out did it.

    • Styyuu

      Do you ever hold an iphone 4s in your hands? I doubt!

    • Grae

      It’s the OS that makes the difference. My old iPhone 3gs out performs my brand new Samsung Galaxy SIMPLY because iOS actually does what I want it to do where as Android just doesn’t work as well as it could. It flows badly, so it doesn’t matter how fast that flow is.

  • Rockthehouse

    i love apple and between the both samsung and apple are both pretty good but if i had a choice i would go with apple sorry samsung

  • Pawarkettu

    Galaxy s ll is mobail god

  • Guest

    samsung is much better but people are blinded by siri

  • Alian

    battery consumption????? which one better????

    • Mirirtezaali

      s2 is better i know i had used it

    • Damon Ḏrake


  • techness

    Iphone 4s 3.5 inch display is better than a 4.5 inch display? ! you’re clearly on crack and you didn’t even mention 4G capability this is a sad sad comparison article my friend sorry

  • G Unit

    The iphone 4 was ace! the iphone 4s is stupidly ace and then there’s the Samsung s2 which is the god of all mobiles :) ! I love apple and i bought myself a 4s and used a Samsung s2 for work which they provided. I sold my 4s because apart from Siri it was no use to me. I can even use my S2 as an external HD for music, data, films etc with out Apple notifying me about restrictions

  • jdjd

    4s has the better display, you have to be kidding right? 4s also has a better display than the new galaxy nexus. Why? Simple, ppsi, iphone 4s comes in at 326, giving the screen much better clarity.
    Why would I pick 4s? Best camera on the market, sure the others are 8mp, but take pictures on both and tell me you take better pictures on the others.
    I develop for both, and use both, I have an android tablet I test on. iOS is still the superior user experience and UI by far, if you are using something THAT much, which many people do, you want it to look great. It isn’t all about processor speed you know, many people prefer these things called BUILD QUALITY, SOUND, DISPLAY, QUALITY SOFTWARE over QUANTITY.

    iphone 4s is made of glass and steel Check
    iphone 4s has better speakers built in Check
    iphone 4s has the superior display at 326ppsi Check
    iphone 4s applications are superior head to head, compare major apps on both, iphone 4s are developed for first in general, and tend to look better b/c of the UI.

    Now I do wish the screen size was a bit bigger in the iphone S, but NOT at the sacrifice of pixel density. You would need something like 1440×900 resolution at 4.6 inches to beat the iphone 4 s resolution. The Galaxy Nexus is 1280×720, and it is still LESS pixel density, therefore, an inferior screen.

    I also wish multitasking was better on iOS.

    Neither of these would sway me to android though. The combination and integration of iOS and OSX Lion is also far superior than the integration of android/windows/ubuntu.

    I work in the tech field for many years, I want the best products period as I make MONEY when things work right 100% of the time and I’m on the things 12 hours or so a day. I develop cross platform, so I’m certainly not a fan boy, I think people would currently save quite a bit of time and headache by using apples suite…it isn’t meant just for average consumers, at all.

    • Jsmith

      Oh noes, your pixels!!!

      Galaxy nexus is a 316 pixel density, and 1.15 inches larger. It also doesnt fade as much in direct sunlight. Also the raw material is much more dense, more resitant to breakage. Practicality over barely noticable pixels.

      • Grae

        Congratulations on your superiour pixel density. Condolences on being stuck with the inferior OS. Maybe one day Android will have it’s act together and our Samsung’s will actual function properly. Today is not that day. 

    • Fr

      Hello see the video:
      iPhone 4S vs. Samsung Galaxy S II Drop Testand you check if glass and stell are god things on 4s.

      • LMFAO

        id pick glass n steel over plastic….
        feels better on my hand :)


    yap apple has 3g and samsung has 4g but let me tell you this can you actually use your 4g in your area…. 

    • LQS

      Ofc i can. And everyone that doesnt have 4g in their area yet it will come soon for sure.


    The GS2 is the better phone. Period. And this comparison is full of pooh; author included. I will submit the 4S has higher resolution, BUT the Super AMOLED Plus should tie the phones for that comparison. And the 2mp front camera DOES play a big role since FaceTime (glorified video calling) is widely used. VGA does not compare to the 2mp.

    • Grae

      FaceTime is NOT widely used. Almost everybody I know has iPhone4’s and NOBODY is using FaceTime. If you have only used Android then you have no idea. I personally enjoy actually having my phone do what I want it to do. My Samsung only does that half of the time. I really don’t care what display technology it has while it’s sitting there being useless.

      • Gfgbh

        You have a galaxy ace, that’s your problem. People need to understand that all Android devices are different, and will give U different experiences. Bottom line is, don’t by a low end phone and complain

      • JAMES BOND

        Actually, a few in my family uses Apple trash and they use FT all of the time. I suppose the NOBODY’s you speak of are NOBODY’s.

  • Showstopperbp

    thanks this helped alot i been trying to pick between these to and i know iphone is the one i should go with

  • Ben

    lets sum it up all non iphones adobe FLASH!!!!!!!!

    • Grae

      Adobe themselves are even saying that Flash on mobile devices is a bad idea now. Besides, I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is a non-iphone smart phone and you know what? NO FLASH. So whatever Ben. Whatever.

      • Stevenctsun

        You are right to some extend but unfortunately you are in the wrong forum…

  • Questtt3

    I have spent a great deal of time trying to decide between the two myself (I am a blackberry user making the switch).

    Many good points are made. One point I have not seen mentioned yet, and I realize not an issue in some minds, is SAR. iPhone 4s sar is 1.18, G2 (ATT) is .36.

  • Sahibdeepsinghchhabra

     my choice is galaxy s 2 it has wide screen as compare to iphone 4 s so galaxy is much better

    • Mirirtezaali

      soo what if it has wide screen but iphone 4s is better

      • Longview7777

        wow that’s a really well thought out response.

    • David W

      I have a S2 as well and having it I would not like to go down to a smaller sized screen. Its a big factor for my. iphones screen do look small to me having used the S2 for 8 months now.

  • Nita Hot

    My husband and I travelling quite often, last time we were in europe for 3 weeks leaving three teenage kids at home. All of us have Iphone 4 and we brought Ipad2. Every day we use facetime to show kids around where we at. We feel like we have them with us around europe with only wifi cost connection which most are free anyway. So I stick with iPhone. That is all. 

    • Kunatkinte1776

      Hi Nita

      I have been to London and Germany last month. I am not so sure of getting free WIFI. In London, you really have to pay for the usage of WIFI except in McDonald where you get to use for an hour. Its practically the same in Germany.

    • rob

      All android phones have skype that you can use in exactly the same way as face time, only its not limited to what brand the device is

  • Chris

    I too faced this dilemma, and ultimately purchased both and have been using both for a week now.they are both amazing devices with advantages and short commings of their own. Both will serve anyones needs from a mobile device I will say that the Android had a bigger learning curve but once I learned the basics I love them both

  • Longview7777

    Both phones are good. It just depends on what you want. Android has a bigger learning curve (though I certainly wouldn’t call it difficult, my mom uses it with relative ease), but it’s got the benefit of customization. Try them both, see what you like. I know people who have switched from one to the other both ways and have loved the change. 

  • H jongman

    Unbelievable that the Iphone does not have a Radio on board, at this price-range. o.k, it does when you use the internet but that eats up the battery in no time. So a big GO for me for the Samsung Galaxy S2 

  • Jesus Lopez

    I am so happy that I upgraded to iPhone 4S. I love the clarity of the improved 8MP camera, as well as how much faster the iPhone is with the dual core A5 processor chip. The new iPhone will go great with my employee Sling adapter from DISH Network. With it, I can stream live and recorded TV to my iPhone everywhere I have 3G coverage or WiFi. It’s great because I have a hard time fitting my favorite shows into my crazy schedule. I have created a huge library of DVR movie recording and now I can access them everywhere I go
    and I can set up recordings for my DVR with the free DISH Remote Access app. DISH is offering the Sling adapter to all customers for free, so why not?

  • Sam Son

    Hello To all.  The phones both have there pros and cons. From My experience with the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and the iphone 4s I would lean towards the Skyrocket.  I am an avid mac user and was set on purchasing the iphone 4s, but it locks you down so much compared to my skyrocket.  I can drag and drop files to my phone, play any file types including flash, can use video calling without facetime, i have amazing voice recognition that works better then siri when I have done side by side comparisons.  I get 34mbps on the 4G LTE Att network.  I phone only has 3G and gets 3mbs at best.  My Iphone 4s has bugged out numerous times more then my skyrocket which has bugged out twice since i got it.  My skyrocket integrates perfectly with my macbook, allowing me to control the screen from the phone perfectly, i can even sync my music to it using a free program called doubletwist that reads your Itunes library.    The options available to me are amazing compared to my iphone4s. Though I feel like the Iphone takes better pictures when I did side by side comparison, but the skyrocket has a brighter flash.  Both are great phones, but the skyrocket is my choice at the time, because the voice texting is much better, the screen is larger and easier to type on, and the apps are cooler, and faster internet and smoother processing then iphone.  Either way you go you will be satisfied with your purchase. good luck.

  • chris

    Alright trying to decide iphone 4s or galaxy 2 for sprint? Your thoughts?

  • AnandVipin3

    Welllll my dream is to own an i phone ??But When apple released its new model i was to buy it.but my friends advised me that its nt worth, with that cash u good get a good quality smart phone like galaxy s2,,,,Anybody pls help me?//

    • Guest

      The bottom line is that they’re both the same phone catering to a different user group. If you need to customize your phone or really care about loading your web page 1/50th of a second faster, go with the S2. If you want a better user experience with a more massive app store, with the disadvantage of little to no customizability, choose iPhone 4S. Also, the 4S has better battery life.
      Personally, I’d get an iPhone and jailbreak it. Then you can do anything you want, eliminating the advantages of the S2.

      • Guest

        That being said, you’ll be very happy with either purchase. It comes down to this: if you get a 4S, you’ll like it better. If you get an S2, you’ll like that one better. Have fun choosing :)

  • Shuvalof Yuri

    Hi. I get SGS2 like a present on birthday now. I already have 3 years old iPhone3G. So, what I wanna say after first hours with galaxy 2 : Yes. SGS2 is a very nice device for middle users, its has a good quality. But when I take both devices (SGS2 & iP3g) I think iphone3g is newest  than SGS2.  And one moment I hate in iphone – sync only via iTunes. So, I’ve think that with SGS2 you can  plug it like external hard-drive for copy/paste some content, but its not true. Now I copy my music via…”bluetooth” because no alternative for Mac. The “Songbird” doesnt work (I dont  know why). So. SGS2 is good quality device, but even iPhone3 is better if u are not a geek. I thing I’ll sell SGS2 in a future (and buy cheapest iphone 4 8gb). Its really great smartphone for PC users, but not for me, unfortunately. Maybe I’ll change my opinion … 10% chances.

    • guest

      You can copy paste in samsung galaxy s2 in mac too. Just go to the setting-application and turn the USB Debugging on. then go to notification menu and click usb then click on connect USB…then it will let you copy and paste all the stuff to your phone.
      Source Done it with my friends Mac and my galaxy s2…

  • Shuvalof Yuri

    about FM-Radio: u have INTERNET-radio with thousands stations of many countries, genres. FM-radio not a winner in this case. Another moments: SGS have a custom EQ with effects (but I think for Iphone u can download app in appstore).

    • john de lange

      When you live in South Africa you pay through your neck for bandwidth so FM radio makes sense.

  • AnandVipin3

    hw about i phone 4s? siri has now build its own kingdom…any comments>

    • Hkldi

      ummmm siri sucks!

    • S2

      Siri is good by the specs and review but S2 also have its own voice function and I have read that Samsung has its own version of Siri (havent tried it though)…….but honestly you need Siri to make you a cup of coffee or to make your day a happy one? Search for you the places you can find food, etc? Cmon, I have read about Siri giving nonsensical answers to the user. Humans are smarter dont let the Siri do your everyday tasks, till 1 day when your Siri breaks down, you are just a dimwit

  • Rikaby

    Real life experience taught me that Galaxy S2 is a better phone. It does everything an iphone do without the restrictions imposed by Apple. I know at least three iphone owners -including my wife – who envy me for having the S2. In other words, an iphone owner is a trendy person who deep in his heart curse Apple whenever he need to transfer something, but it makes him/her feel good for being part of the large flock. A Galaxy S2 owner is someone who is wise enough to avoid the iTunes chains and all the pay-pay-all-the-time Apple tricks.

    • john de lange

      I agree. I only have the Galaxy Y and it replaced my IPhone 3. So far the Galaxy gives me everything that I used on the IPhone, but with better battery life, more compact and just a better more friendly feel to it. IPhone is overkill for the average phone user.

    • Stuartwilson

      I think it’s amazing that with apple products my 3 year old can use them & they feel better & work better & don’t get malware unlike some products. Large flock how come more people have android phones then stack em high sell em cheap come to mind why don’t you look at market share before you spout your rubbish. apple only have 15 percent of market share

  • Dx

    Both phones are exceptional, however one can’t deny that the iPhone has far more compatibility especially in terms of the App Store. The Android Market is nowhere near as good. I also find IOS smoother running in comparison to the Android operating system and I find it’s hardware of aluminium and glass more robust (except for the easily shattering covers). Now the iPhone even has a better camera and Siri, which Samsung cannot live up to. As far as I’m concerned the iPhone wins over the Galaxy II. 

    • Pablo

      I totally agree. The android market is not even close to as good as the app store.

      • S2

        I agree with you ….Apple app store have a huge lot of apps over android market which I am sure you cant use all even with 64GB and for sure you dont need all. And with all those apps which need to pay I wonder why my friends need to jailbreak their Iphones to play free games and use free apps.. I use S2 and happily all apps I need could be search in the android market and there are still lots of apps to be used… of all the hype around Iphone, I am surprised that android have a lot apps too and I could get them free unlike Apple appstore… need to jailbreak!!


    btw. the iphone4s only has 800mhz not 1ghz….

  • Yup

    This article is far from objective and clearly written by an isheep fanboy – Garbage

  • FlashEffect

    S2 was released vs iPhone 4 …but it still stands upto iphone 4s….I used both the phones…iphone is too limited whereas s2 because of android.. it pretty much kills iOs…who cares about Siri…when you have android.
    But Iphone wins in resolution and audio quality…audio was a let down makes the 500$ beats look like 40$ headphones….
    I personally am looking forward to S3…
    Iphones mutitasking is amazing….you dont have to worry…about any app…notication just appear almost intantly.
    Android multitasking is a pain…run too many apps at background ..battery dies…. the notication intervals set 15min or 30min for good battery life… Maybe this will chance as ICS OS approaches

    so for someone looking to buy a phone i recommend iPhone4 or iPhone 4s.
    Or buy S2 if you want freedom over caged os….(but it still does insane things within limitations)

    • FlashEffect

      So many typos…argh

  • Salmanali9080

    very right i agree

  • Showvonick

    Why do people compare Iphone 4S with Galaxy S2, when they have a better match of Galaxy SL.  I guess Iphone 4S is yet to reach in the standard of Samsung Galaxy SL, which can provide more facilities than Iphone 4S.  One can download Jeannie as it’s voice integration, which understands even Spanish, better than Siri.  100 times better keyboard than Iphone 4S can even think of, with swype and hand writing recognition, Augmented layer.  Adobe Flash with HTML 5 introduced long time ago, 4G platform, 2MP front camera.   

    I am sure I phone 6 (read Iphone 6 not Iphone 5) can catch up with Galaxy S2, as a matter of fact the company who couldn’t change their screen size in last four years, doesn’t have the capacity to offer anything more to public.  Hope a better management will take over the backdated Iphone’s overall management to launch a smartphone for today.  Overall those who thinks Iphone 4S is a better phone, compared it only with Iphone 4, not with Galaxy S2.

    • Lol

      YES!!! now only if you could say that to my friend…

  • Aquariustechguy

    I love my epic touch. Its 4.5 inch screen is perfect for my hands… I upgraded from an evolution so this was my only option. I’ve played with the 3gs the 4 and the 4s. I was impressesed by the smoothness of the ios but that tinny screen wont work for me. I love media and a full desktop experience and in the years apple has been making phones.. its like they have turned a blind eye to what people ask for… apple is like bloaware on a computer… they give u what they want. Why would I have a media ditch device in my pocket, but can’t enjoy what it was intended for.. its like owning a 60 inch plasma with super HD and ur getting thoses black bars the take out 6 inches on both sides. My epic touch screen makes typing a breeze …I have big hands and it works better for me to have more surface area so that I can see and hit the buttons. Well this is just my personal opinion.. but the epic touch beats iPhone… now if they can step their game up in the screen department, choices and options, and locking down my media choices

  • Meours

    I know the IPhone you can watch CNN & Headline news in real time.  Can you watch the same news on the Galaxy S2 ?????

    • Shuvalof Yuri

      I see this app in adroid market

    • Suda

      I can watch every TV program on my GS2 

    • Syabiz

      Yes of Course I can watch news on the Galaxy S2 and I can even watch some TV channels and free movie streamings from S2…..and not to mention I can use Facebook Skype Viber from S2….and some ppl thought only Apple can do this really my friends recommend me Iphone for these apps and were shocked when i told them i have already done so with Android phone…..So r iphone users really this noob and think no other hp could do these apps?

  • Shuvalof Yuri

    update: ok, now I can copy/paste any content with Galaxy like a simply usb-drive. Very fast Internet surfing and watching YouTube. And, of course. FREEDOM. Nobody (steeve) tells you how and what you should do. In games I see good graphics and fast fps. But two general problems: 1 you can install any content from any places (risks) 2 technical capacity of this gadget is not completely used in applications.

  • Johnfto4

    You have not mentioned the biggest weekness of the Samsung, battery life and quiet microphone.  The biggest weekness of the iphone is you cannot drag and drop music direct to phone from any PC, you have to use itunes on one pc or buy from apple. 

    • Kingerz55

      Biggest weakness is it’s an Apple, locked into the cage-like AppleTunes system.  Many failures and ruined batteries at launch, ny wife’s has held its charge for 17mins and after the 3rd return STIll was rubbish even she’s abandoned Apple’s World.

    • Rickrollboy

      I have an iPhone 4s and an old Samsung galaxy mini…. And for the record ,Samsung is better a million times because 1-iPhones must have iTunes for transferring music and videos. 2- iPhones app store doesn’t contain more games and applications than the android market. 3- u have 2 somehow cut the sim a card to insert it in the iPhone 4s , while Samsung doesn’t need anything like that. 4- iPhone’s price is two times more than it’s supposed to be

  • Mr B

    The final paragraph of the review is ”
    I think the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone for too long, and now a new device should come to replace it. Apple’s latest “child” can be this new device, so… the iPhone 4S is my choice.”

    In other words the reviewer comes to the conclusion that the iPhone is better because it’s newer. I have a brand new Kia I’ll swap for his six month old Mercedes.

    • Kirbysouth

      You fail to realize that phones have a life-span of 2-3 years and cars 15-20 years..

      • calendar

        life-span of things varies upon the users :)

        • Kingerz55

          cars 15-20 years. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLLOLOL

    • Sav_jordan

      Why would you want to swap a Mercedes for a Kia, Kia’s are sh!t

      • MadieV

        i see you clearly didn’t understand the sarcasm in his joke.

    • markio

      Exactly why I discounted the article.

      Shame no one else who commented on your post actually knew what you meant though… Apple fanboys imo

    • JJ

      that’s the most pathetic comparison i’ve ever heard… swapping a mercedes for a kia… ur talking about the iphone 4s n the galaxy s2… each may have their own pros n cons but, ur logic on comparison is fit for a kindergarden student…

  • Vitalic Boi

    I decided to go iPhone all the way. I have always had problems with Android. I felt it was time for something new, and I honestly don’t think I will ever touch another Droid again. All I have to say is, sure the Samsung Galaxy is equipped with some hot stuff, but lets look at this in a realistic manor. There was a reason why we got rid of huge phones in the past, so why are we bringing them back? My friend just showed me her new Samsung Galaxy S2 yesterday and I laughed so hard when she couldn’t even get it out of her pocket. I mean come on, the phone is like an elephant in a room. She said almost every friend of hers had the same reaction when they saw  her phone lol. Save yourself the trouble and go with a smaller phone.

    • barney

      My first phone was a nokia brick and the race was to be smaller a phone you could wear like a watch was the goal. That was then now its about having a portable computer  apps that allow you to do anything, taking pictures and watching video,s internet i love my iphones but all my friends have broken there iphone screens me included so the g2s with the bigger stronger screen and faster cpu has got me thinking its like picking between a porsche or a ferrari i would be happy with either. I also have a android pad for portable work so maybe the g2s will work better with it.

    • Anthonycotto48

      Hey did you not see my last post iphone sucks I have out I should know I have one its slow and all android 4g phones have the same intelligence as iphone, but the difference is 4g androids are faster I did a speed test with my friend he has an evo 4g that phone is old and it still beat my iphone 4s evo won in video speed and browser speed and app download speed and typing speed and thats because android has something called swype the only thing my phone won in is to get the app instantly and android win in text to speech and voice recognition. Look man the iphone would be the best if they just put 4g on iphone and swype and have a bigger screen and have better front camera even if I said iphone sucks its ok but just understand android brand is better I just hope this 2 year contract goes fast.

    • S2

      Huge phones in the past? Are they smartphones….no! How can u compare..LOL
      Well it depends on the user for the size…I prefer Samsung because I love n need the use for a big screen. If I buy Iphone, I will end up buying a tablet! So I bought Samsung S2 which will definitely be a hp+mini tablet….and cheers everything goes my way and I can fit in it in my pocket….perhaps ur friend wore too tight jeans tell her to wear something looser….perhaps Iphone is smaller it can fit in her pocket but will break if she sat on them….

  • David M

    I like freedom, I have an SG2 and I control it, it does not control me.

  • Osman Zackaria

    There is no competition between apple and Samsung. We all know apple iPhone 4s is a far better smartphone than s2 purely because,
    A) apple have been voted best touch screen in four years in a row
    B) better quality so built to last longer
    C) its a more trust worthy brand than Samsung
    D) why spend £430 on Samsung when you pay another £70 and get a better phone which is iPhone
    E) it’s Apple

    • Ggg

      The plastic the gs2 is made out of will flex when dropped and not shatter like the iphones glass and metal which are brittle by nature, modern plastics tend to be more durable and ductile than metal too.

      Just because apple have been voted the best for for years does not mean they will continue to be the best, this is a capitalist industry.

    • Abc

      Oh my, what a debater :-) Let me rephrase these arguments:

      We all know A (brand) B (type) is a far better product than C D purely because,
      1) A have been voted best on a certain aspect the last couple of years [no mention of the products B & D themselves…]
      2) yep. Could be better quality, or could be not. why or why not??
      3) A is a more trust worthy brand than C [is it really? And if so, does that make the product itself better?]
      4) why spend £430 on C when you pay another £70 and get B? [Ehm, that’s not an argument why B is better….]
      5) it’s A [again, that’s not an argument why B is better]

      • Abc

         by the way.. I own a iPhone :-)

    • Tbanzer

      So, bcause the touch screen is better ( which id in fact agre with) the iphone wins? No. Not at all. In my book a better proccessor is more important than a slightly better scren. Now durability has to be given to the gaaxy s2. You drop an iphone and it’s toast. My galaxy I have (accidently) thrown accross the room, and hit tile. And it was slightly dented on the side. That’s it. Samsung and apple are BOTH extremely reliable, never had issues with either. I like the removable storage, wih the sd cards better than iphones built in memory. And the ammount of freedm given to app developers is. Massive you add in the fact tht, asfar as the phones themselves go, the galaxy has much faster internet capability (providing your isp can hold up to the phones full capabilities… wich it can’t for either) So what? Tell me what makes the iphone truly better, because as I see it, overall the galaxy destroys the iphone.

    • Krismarvin88

      Are u mentally unstable? iPhone touchscreens are NOTORIOUS for breaking. You see signs all over the place, “we fix iphone screens,” therefore your statements A and B are both FALSE, as proven by fact, not opinion

      • Pablo

        iPhones actually do have the best touch screens on the market, just not the sturdiest. And B is more of an opinion than a fact so you’re wrong there too.

        • C Davies972

          I thinks it’s fair to say we have fan boys from both sides feeding their pathetic ego’s.
          So after just coming across this, let me give an unbiased opinion.
          Things to infuriate me about Galaxy S2 included build quality and battery life, apart from this all was well. Now there’s a larger battery pack (2000mah) that not only increases battery life, but fitted with SGP neo hybrid ex makes the phone feel premium.
          The iPhone 4 was great and the iPhone 4 is better. Things with iPhone 4 I find irritating do not have a fix. The removal of 2G ability for some reason is strange and this ruins the battery life. In UK, Siri cannot be used for location purposes, so it removes the point of it.
          App store is better in IOS, but I find iCloud rather pointless.
          I have iPhone 4s changing from Galaxy S2 and I had iPhone 4 before that.
          Now, I can’t help thinking about Galaxy S2.
          It’s a personal preference.

    • Anthonycotto48

      Ok dude look the iphone sucks serously I have a iphone 4s and even the evo 4g is better than the iphone so imagen the galaxy s2 that phone must be way better now I’m stuck with this iphone trust me dude any android is better than the iphone besides all iphones are 3 g so they are kind of slow

      • Carcrazyhoe

        Dude,you’re kidding right?  No way would I buy any Samsung product because 1) they are poorly made and 2) more often than not they last just long enough for the one year warrantee to run out. Apple’s iphones last for years and work like new 4+ years after purchased. The gadgets on the Samsung don’t do me any good if the phone doesn’t work. Buy your samsung S2 but make sure you buy the extended insurance because lets not forget……it’s a product made by Samsung!!  In the States most Samsung products based on reputation are considered cheaply made.

        • S2

          Would you use your Iphone for 4 years? Come on dude, after 2 yrs your contract finish with the telcos you will do a new contract and buy a new phone. Cheaply made doesnt mean no good. I own S2 and I can see the back cover is cheap plastic but so far so good the phone itself doenst hang up on me. Dont be bias against Asian manufacturer, made in US doent mean good. But i dont deny Apple is a good phone, but S2 is definitely better……1) super amoled led wins over iphone4s tats not poorly made and it equals iphone4s….2) it depends on the user itself i have used samsung smartphones before and it last me close to 2 yrs before it was stolen…….y would ppl steal a samsung smartpone? Because its a Samsung Smartphone

        • Whatsaniphone

          Cheaply made, means cheaper to buy.  Iphones 4s cost about the same to produce as Samsung S2 (as they contain very similar technology). 

          You pay extra for the apple brand name.  And dont forget that iphones are made in Korea not the US (obviously).  Also S2’s are made in both China and Korea (Samsung is a Korean based company).

          As for durability, drop a Samsung and Iphone from the same height and see which one is better off.  Samsung wins every time.

          Pay less for 4G speeds and basically the same (arguable better) hardware.  No brainer right?

        • George Bolger

          M8 u dont no wat u talk bout it is far better than any shitty ipjone crap

    • Secretperson

      That’s my boy

    • Kenronni

      People are taking the apple koolaid

    • S2

      Well if there is no competition, Apple really looked like it is under stress everytime Samsung and other Android phones unleash their new models and as you know Samsung is initially the manufacturer of Apples screen display. Apple pls stop your countless sueing and court orders just to be on top….
      A) doesnt mean 4 years in a row, means next 4 years in a row
      B) it breaks easily so does it last? nothing last in this material world. By the time your iphone is 2yrs old, you will buy a new iphone so why bother it last for so long?
      C) trustworhy? well, are we talking about unknown china brands from E-bay? so is motorola, htc and others not trustworthy too? Well, its totally not cool to love Iphone and diss the others…..face the fact, look at the specs, try it then love it
      D) $$ is up to the user….I dont want to spend more $$ on Iphone because I dont think it is a better phone like u did…Y not spend lesser $$ for a better phone like S2? more logical
      E) Because it’s Apple? Sounds like because everybody queues for it on its first day of release new iphones? I am not an idiot…I dont even buy S2 just because it’s Samsung S2. mayb android fans hav brain to think and have more choices like motorola, htc, lg, samsung…unlike apple…u can only buy not choose….

      Conclusion: Apple—-Small World
      Android—- Vast World & still growing

      • Cinm_1234

        So? Apple has a fixed place to buy your apps, which means that they all HAVE to be officially by Apple. Androids, on the other hand, have many different app sites and they are NOT officially approved by Android, so they can have viruses which then spread into your phone. Not cool. But that can’t happen to apple’s iPhones

  • hassan

    i luv samsung galaxy s2 nd iphone 4 but now im confused which phone i choose for my self ……plz any one help me which phone i select for my self  rely me on my email ,.,..,.,.,.[email protected]       plz plz plz 

    • Secretperson

      Do the right thing and get the iphone or iphone4s.
      Stand up for apple because apple is better then samsung

      • S2

        Y do you need to stand up for Apple or Samsung?
        I need to stand up for which hp I like not the brands….
        And I am using Galaxy S2 n I love it…….I made a good choice and I actually tied to buying S2 or Iphone4….and actually waited for the new Iphone. Glad I made the right choice even though S2 is several months older and completely won over Iphone4, what Apple did with Iphone4S is just to match the S2 and it really is a Draw…..lucky I didnt wait to buy S2… I would Stand Up for Samsung Galaxy S2!!

      • Coolguy13

        Look fage you need to look at anthony cotto 48 post and u will know y iphone 4s sucks so look get over it ok just look at the damn post and post and say something in response

  • Tuncerx

    Samsung doesn’t update its models after a year or two. But Apple always updates its softwares whether it is crippled or not.
    After an unhappy Samsung Omnia experience (no updates for os and software and poor battery life) I will never use a Samsung smartphone again. 

    If you really want an android device, consider a Motorola or HTC model.

  • Crazy1chick

    Samsung Galaxy s2 is a better phone… This is not a bias.. its only because i own both S2 n i phone 4s.. if u drop the iphone 4s u will find that the screen will be smashed up whereas if u drop the galaxy s2 the screen will not be damaged at all. iphone 4s and galaxy s2 hav pretty much the same features.

    • Theonewhosnameisbrian

      this is true… I let my samsung fall form two stories up in a mall. the screen barely broke it got fixed fast. if that was an iPhone it would have just splattered around the floor. however I feel like iPhone is better because of the apps

      • Sharedsecrets

        samsung has great apps!

        • Guest

          iPhone apps are better, bar none.

          You’re dillusional if you believe otherwise.

          • Cinm_1234

            100% true, mate

      • Ergh-1234

        BULLDUST! why would you drop a phone from two stories up anyway? put the phone in your pocket or your bag. That way the phone won’t break.

  • Magix2009

    Personally I think the iPhone, doesnt really have that much to offer. Once you get past the new case and the slightly better screen than the old iPhone, the slightly better camera than the old iPhone. You’ll start to see that the iPhones are all the same, nothing really changes. You are able to predict and spot any slight change, everythings is in the same place, it does the exact same thing as before. And before you know it all the new trinkets it came with become null and void as you start to realise, you have wasted perfectly good money on something new, that is the same as the old one. And at that point I laugh mercilessly, while videoing the moment of self realisation of the new apple victim, on the Samsung Galaxy S2 in HD. Also auto-correct on the iPhones, pretty annoying huh?

  • Secretperson

    Dude if you dont have a iphone 4s your rely gay. Who rely needs a phone that’s screen is 4.3 inches?Who needs a phone that has a faster processor?Who needs a phone that has a better screen??????
    People only like the samsung galaxy s2 because they just want to show it of just because is a bigger screen.
    Just get an iphone4s or an iphone.Its rely simple

    • Kenronni

      Please learn to spell moron.

    • Sammi

      wrong, Secretperson. SO SO WRONG!! My teens have ipods that they can text with, my older kids iphones. they want my samsung galaxy s2 that i tried to get them instead of apple now that they seen and played with it. It does so much more than theirs!

    • Becstaer

      So you’re basically saying that people should get an iFail 4S because it’s *not* better?

    • Cinm_1234

      I agree with you. A phone is a phone. That’s what it was originally made for. To talk to  friends or family. Having all those extra features is a bonus. I’m not saying you shouldn’t get smartphones, because I personally prefer them GREATLY over just a phone. I’m just saying that your opinion is your own. Get the phone you want. I personally want to buy an iPhone 4s but I know that there are people out there who prefer Androids.

    • You sucks

      For all your question,  you don’t need an iphone either. Get yourself a Nokia 3310, it’s even more simple

    • Pie Lord

      By that logic (if i dare call it that) you decided to buy an iphone based on its single use as a phone…….so you thought to yourself…..hmmm i need a phone with good battery life and has great reception, i know i’ll get an iphone 4s….for the sake of mankind you should never have children.

  • antonellashry

    who ever thinks that samsung galaxy s II is better than iphone 4s are freaks !!!!
    they are people who do not have knowledge abt technology iphone 4s has the best camera possible and the best graphics any phone can have

    • Kenronni

      Your a moron

      • whatev

        Wrong usage of “You’re”

    • Spratty

      You, Sir, are an Apple Fanboy.

    • Sharedsecrets

      i think you are the one thats a moron ….let me tell you why. Have you even TRIED the Samsung? Probably you are a apple diehard , as was i.   …TRY THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 and you will absolutely see why its a better phone. Not to mention you dont have to worry about dropping and shattering as much as the iphone/ipod!!! REALLY. TRY it!

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      Yes because a “Phone” is used only for taking pictures and  playing games. 

      Admittedly the 4S has a Faster focusing camera that handles movement A Little Better. And The GPU on a 4s is a more powerful slightly better music player. But…The S2 Has better reception, processor, swype. its lighter, more durable, more customizable and has a better battery life.  The video player bundled is a lot better, not to mention the screen size. Also the photo editing software available for androids are better. camera+ and instagram “templates” cannot compete with the customization that can be done on a S2

  • Jfiewbfi

    You forgot the Galaxy SII Version of Siri, I was using it on my dad’s phone today and its just as good as Siri, seriously, does a growing man really need a couple of jokes?

  • Anthonycotto48

    Hey look I have the iphone 4s and it sucks first off I did a speed test with my friend and he has the evo 4g and his phone beat my phone in browser speed, download app speed and video speed and that phone is old so imagen the galaxy s2 the galaxy phone must be way better you guys got to understand that all 4g androids are better than iphones and I didn’t know this until I got my iphone 4s that all iphones are 3g yes even my phone that’s why I was wondering why my phone was so slow so yea that another thing my iphone is slow I just saying iphone is ok I guess but if they want to be the best the have to put in some android stuff like swype, a bigger screen, make the the iphone tougher, and make them 4g I just hope that this 2 year contract will go fast because and this is the truth iphones are not the best. Just because they were the first official touch screen smart phone didn’t mean they are the greatest.

    • Dudeandgirl45

      This guy is right and he has the same problem as I have on my iphone im getting a 4g android thank s for the info

    • Thatgirl58

      Anthony is a sexy name

    • Cooldude15

      Iphone sucks this guy is right i have the same problem I getting a android like anthonycotto48

    • Bigboy35

      Finally some one who had some sense androids rule the ios

    • Sexygirl13

      Thatgirl58 is right anthony is a sexy i would like to ride him if u know what I mean lol lol

      • Austin_r09

        You can ride me 😉

    • dmaec

      Apparently the iPhone 4s is also missing the period button.

      • me2u

        atleast he got something good to write/say. :)

  • Anthonycotto48

    Oh yea and I for got to mention that android has the same intelligence as my iphone like the voice command my.friends evo was faster because it is 4g. that’s it read my post under this post

  • Brent Chang

    It will always depend on the user itself, it depends on the preference, comfort zone, also depends on for what you think is more user friendly. I own a Samsung Galaxy Note and all I can say that it is really good, but what I just don’t like is the battery life, it drains so much because of the processor and the 5.3 amoled screen which means it requires more light and energy for displaying images and need to have the charger with you anytime and anywhere you go, I also tried iPhone 4S..its good but since I’m a Samsung user for more than 5 years it has been my comfort zone. A lot of my friend who purchased iPhone 4S returns them back because many of them have issues with Siri being useless that even a very near supermarket can’t be located, the phone has bug issues with contacts being lost and stored programs, apps etc are bugged..

    The only problem with iPhone is that they always launch their phones with at least 1-2 new features and like they will release iPhone 5 again maybe with 1-2 features..making the apple logo have its own light like a waste of money..why can’t they make phones that in one launching all of the beastly apps will be there,,Samsung on the other hand has it all.

    But in the end for the camera quality both phones are good but I was also able to use Sony Ericsson I must say that this brand has the best camera since its Carl Zeiss and many people are a living testament even pro photographers says that Sony Ericsson has got to have the best camera. 

    in the end it all depends on your usage and your personal taste, there will never be a winner, coz all phones have their edges. Have a great day guys

    • Cimn_1234

      true dat

  • Kidrah20

    Hey People have u heard about the new Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket 4G.
    Please help me to pick between:
    1) Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket 4G
    2) Samsung Galaxy S2  and,
    3) Iphone 4S

    Your responses are appreciated in advance. Thnx

    • George Bolger

      I have had the samsung galaxy s2 sthos xmas and i can say it is the best phone i have ever had and i also have iphone 4s and i think i am going to sell it it is no way near better than thw Sw hope i helped

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        skyrocket is just a variant of the s2. If I had to pick between an iphone 4s and galaxy s2 I would go for the s2.

        I have a thread detailing the difference above. Ultimately it comes down to what you want to do with it

    • Cimn_1234

      Hey Kidrah20.
      No, I haven’t heard of the galaxy s2 skyrocket, so I’m not sure if it’s good or not.
      as for the choice between the galaxy s2 and the iPhone, I’d probably say choose the iPhone.this is just what I think and I respect other people’s opinions but I personally prefer iPhones to Androids



  • Mohsin Naveed

    Although this review is fairly accurate and is fair in it’s approach mostly, I cannot agree with the statement in regards to the screen. Resolution has absolutely nothing to do with brightness and saying that the Galaxy S2’s screen ”
    doesn’t sound that cool any longer…” is a strange statement to make considering the iPhone 4S ‘retina’ display is exactly the same as it’s predecessor. 

  • Jameskyle Illorin

    what is the better samsungs voice action? or Iphone 4s siri?

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      Depends on where you are located. as SIRI does not have location based services in a few countries. (are you referring to pannous or the one that comes with the 4S?) If you are referring to the pannous VA. I noticed since the latest update that a few bugs crept in. But overall IRIS and the one from pannous are almost as good but SIRI is funnier.

    • Reikimaster

      Android has an app called Iris; you should check it out. It’s pretty much their version of SIRI. I only just got the app today, but I’ve been playing around with it, and I’d say that although it may not be quite as accurate as SIRI, it comes pretty damn close. I’ve asked it some pretty ridiculous questions and it’s answered all of them effectively. I was juggling between the 4s and the S2 because of SIRI but after I found out about Iris I chose the S2. Plus the actual Samsung voice recognition works quite well for me.

  • Anand

    Hello everybody
     Can anybody pls  suggest me which has lot of free apps?Apple i phone 4s or galaxy s2?

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      S2 Has all angry birds games free, a lot of free apps. If you are referring to quantity Apple has more for the quality of apps about the same. It also goes for what exactly you plan to do with it. 

      A few paid games for the 4s are free for the s2. 

  • iDevice Destroyer

    Apple’s iPhone 4$ is afraid of Heights! Hahahaha iPhone 4$ literally fall into pieces!!

    • Fgdsgsdg

      damn,shame there is no cases for it then

  • Tremaine Axscieze

    I have both phones, So let me make a personal review.

    Android vs IOS -matter of preference really. I also prefer settings within the app. I prefer control so i prefer droids.  But this argument is moot as ultimately it boils down to what your used to. It is easy to get used to both devices. 

    Siri – Droids do not have one built in but, Jeannie(voice assistant plus(not free but comes with a free lite version)) and IRIS(free) are not that bad. If you live in the UK, Australia, or US( I think since those are the countries in the settings(not sure if its just for lthe language or accent) Siri is great as it can tell you locations better than if you were in other countries. Iris and Jeannie work ALMOST as well as SIRI, given SIRI is funnier. (The novelty wears of after a week.)

    Tech & Hardware – 1.2ghz (s2) vs 1ghz (4s) processor goes to s2
    GPU goes to 4S, it is very sweet for rendering games… 
    Volume rocker and power button does FEEL more reliable on a 4S (I have not broken either so its just a feeling) also I do not have the money to do a break test. 
    Cables – My 4S cable broke after a couple weeks, plus I had to pay for original cables so it was not nice
    Earphones- 4S comes with terrible earphones but I prefer in-ear (s2)ear plugs. (i just use shure earphones anyway.)
    RAM 512(4s) vs 1G(S2) 
    Screen for resolution 4s wins but for size of course the s2, again it will be a matter of preference. It still looks clear on an s2 videos and games are great. but there is just a level of crispness with a 4s. The 4s has more realistic colors while s2 has more vivid colors blacker blacks. Again its up to preferences.Sensistivity, same
    Sound- I used my shure earplugs to compare it. both with eq and fx off. very slight edge to 4s better bass and clarity but not by much. (I am an audiophile)
    Sensors are the same
    Battery. 4S is good for about a quarter day so expect to recharge at least once a day maybe even twice. S2 lasts about a day and a half on standard mode but up to 3.5 days on power saving mode. (both with regular usage a few min of games calls photos.)
    Camera- the 4s can focus on objects faster and take photos faster. there is less blur with movement. better in low light situations. more realistic colors. s2 almost the same but a bit slower. end result for both are not far off. 

    Apps – In terms of quantity 4s wins but really there are so many clones on the the app store. Most of what i want are available on both. Quality is pretty much the same. A few games do tend to crash on the S2.

  • Jesus Lopez

    So basically your decision was the iPhone only because the S2 has been the best for too long? That would mean the S2 is still better, but you’re just tired of hearing it being referred to as the best, so it’s time to let another phone take the spot light. Maybe it is just me, because I really think that Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely one of the best phones available right now. I love to use mine with the Sling adapter that I recently got while working at DISH Network. I love being able to stream all my live channels and DVR content everywhere I have 3G content. The Super AMOLED Plus display on the S2 really makes the experience so much better, since I can stream in HD. If anyone is interested in the Sling adapter, it also good to know that DISH is offering free Sling adapter to all customers.

  • Jesusman

    The author of this review is retarded.

  • George Klimis

    Real tests should also be based on measurable and technical facts and not only taste.Galaxy’s SuperAmoled Plus screen with it’s sub pixel geometry is superior to any LCD screen even of higher resolutions.As for the contrast get in the trouble to measure black and white levels and the numbers will prove you wrong.These phones are candy bars but not candies to be treated by the taste of your tongue.Grow up,get serious and present facts instead of pure speculation.With almost twice the price and the “love only apples” connectivity iPhone doesn’t stand a chance.Selling numbers prove it…

  • Xinyuiyin

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is better, The author’s opinion means nothing. S2 is hands down better, 4s is overrated can’t even run flash player LOL

  • And Zjd

    What a shity review, iphone has a5 dual core NOT arm as samsung!!! i have both phones and using s2 at the moment

    • Cynm_1245

      why would you have both phones anyway? Pick one and use it.

      • Daft duck

        says the happy police…

  • Anonymous

    Your stupid, the iPhone can’t run flash and it has no arm gpu

  • PJ Priyam


  • Joseph

    I checked all specification and i love so much Samsung Galaxy S2. In feature wise Samsung Galaxy S2 is far more better than Apple 4S. If you give 9 marks (out of 10) to Samsung Galaxy S2 of course we can give not more than 3 marks to Apple 4S.

  • Anonymous

    I always feel the problem with many Apple products is that they’re beautiful, but not always super-durable. So much glass and what not. So what ends up happening is you either have a very delicate device, or you have to get a clunky case, which actually often kind of ruins the aesthetic. I love the computers, can’t argue that, but I think of the consumer-end products have some serious competition from other makers.

  • Rotten Apple Slayer

    This guy is an idiot. He admits that the galaxy has the better screen and even personally prefers it, then gives apple credit for the “better screen”. Smdhh

    • ankit mahendru

      are you kidding me. Compare both the screens. Samsung S2 sucks

      • Vasu v

        ROFL superamoled kicks so called retina displays ARSE. lol iZombie 😀

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        In terms of DPI 4S has more, but size and contrast S2 is better, the problem is people can only see up to certain DPI after that more DPI would be useless. Samsung I believe has the optimal DPI. Besides if you want to enjoy the 4s for more than a couple hours you need to set the brightness to very low, no matter how nice the screen is i believe being able to use it is more important. 

        The lowest brightness setting on the s2 is already around the 1/3 mark for the 4s. and even at the highest brightness setting you can enjoy the s2 longer than at the lowest brightness setting fot the 4s

      • juan 0820

        i think u you are wrong mr ankit i have to recognize that the 4s has a better resolution than the s2 but the different when you look at it is not that much, the colors in the s2 is more brighter than the 4s.. i have the s2 and the 4s and  to me the s2 is way better machine than the iphone 4s… i put a 32gb sd card on my s2 plus the 16gb that allready comes it makes a big different and you dont have to spend $4 benjamins or 5 the 32gb 4s cost u $300 dollars us and is only 32gb and the s2 $199 with 16gb plus u can add more memory you can’t beat that, so i don’t know what are you talking about buddy you are another monopolio lover…

  • Dfghj

    this guy is an apple fan! this is bias!!!

    • ankit mahendru

      balls ! Galaxy S2 display is pathetic and the total feel of the phone is rubbish 

      • Mike

        S2 is pathetic and rubbish? haha think again i have had BOTH and samsung is FAAAAAR better

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        The display is fine, as for the feel well that is up to you but you may prefer the size of the old 3.5in screens or prefer the heavy glass. 

        Personally The 4s has not yet a match for the s2.

  • No_PARKing1991

    this site is crap gsmarena is better.. this guy doesnt know what he talking about… as a mobile phone expert these are the main reasons why i think SGS2 is better than iphone4S:

    -ARM cortex A9 SGX chip 1.2 GHZ 
    -More customization (android os 2.3 / 4.0 soon)
    -SuperAmoled Plus has higher/brighter resolution than retina… PPI does not MATTER!… u can have the highest ppi screen but whats the point if u only have crap screen?
    -Bigger screen!!!!
    -Less FRAGILE (iphone + 1drop = RIP)
    -Long lasting battery!

    im not apple hater… i actually dont like samsung but honesty is the best policy unlike this author here….

    • Artmolz

      Dude, you forgot about the Gorilla Glass. Actually, these specs are the reason why i should choose Samsung GSii rather than the iphone 4s.

      specialy the drop thing.
      Apple = No Gorilla glass

  • David Andrew Paton

    Galaxy S2 makes me feel cocky!

    • A Nona86

      how so??

  • Aaaa

    The fact that with the Samsung you can swap spare battery and have additional MicroSD cards for extra storage is a big winner for me. And you can plug it in like a mass storage device too

    • cma

      Great !

  • Donny

    What a useless review. You pick the iPhone because you feel that a new device “should come to replace it?” What a wasteful read.

    • Dcs2013

      Get a job!

      • Gfaebvirwea

        ??? yep excellent point Dcs you toolbag

  • Vickydanger1

    S2 is much better than i phone1,2,3,4,4s…….ok understand it

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      I wouldn’t be surprised if they compared the next iphone (iphone 5 or whatever they will call it) to the S2 even after the s3 gets released.

  • L_brenda88

    this dude smp…. The S2 its the freaking best! le duela a quien le duela, Ronque quien Ronque Galaxy is the Best

  • Lingyntuey

    I’m with you guys, siding with the s2. I’m sitting next to my best friend, and his Icrap 4s… He’s pissed by the way, paid twice what I paid, and this droid smokes his Icrap everytime! Faster browsing, smoother interface, more apps, my cam, or should I say cams rock! It’s a no contest if you can hold both phones, you’ll see what I mean. Gotta go, bout to stream a flick via adobe to my big screen, not sure if I should beam to screen with wi-fi or use my galaxy s2’s HDMI connection 😛 any Icrap users have a suggestion? Lol sorry tony (my friend just threw his new phone at me)

  • Djldjl

    Yeah – I’ve had the iPod touch for a while and I just can say apple iOS sucks. I have 4th gen so it’s everything on the 4s except for Siri and hi-def camera. With apple, it’s too simple, and you can’t do much. And apple doesn’t support flash.

    I can just say, if I was given a free offer, I’d take the Samsung.

  • Commander1122


  • Mahesh9966609389

    samsung gs2 is the best……………….

  • Stubev72

    i have had both iphone 4s and sg2 , gotta say apple iphone 4s is the best but only just on screen definition and battery life 

  • Kele28

    I wanted to but the 4s today but saw the SG2 spec now im not sure which phone to buy. Just a question can the 4s bluetooth to other devices outside apple or still works like the I4? 

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      the only way to bluetooth that i know of is by jailbreaking. which i am not a fan of. 

  • Nickboss007

    hy guys i just want to say some words..ok so i had an iphone 42 and a samsung galaxy s2 and i can say that the iphone 4s is the best. i used the sgs2 and  it was mooving slower iven if the procesor is better than iphone 4s. there is a programe which you can use for taking what games you want for iphone 4s and there is no programe to do this for are mooving faster and screen is better …you can feel the touchscreen…at sgs2 you don’t feel enything.olso the android sucks…it’s wright that you have a lot of programs free but i told you before what you can do at sgs2 . these is all i had to say..sorry if you don’t trust me …we-ll talk

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      i disagree with the smoothness part as everything runs faster on an s2, just make sure you are not running a lot of applications at the same time. check the task manager. I know infinity blade and devil may cry are only available to ios but most other games are available to the s2. the screen is not necessarily better, more dpi but less brightness.  by upping the brightness you drastically reduce the battery life.

      surfing navigating opening apps is faster and smoother. what program are you referring to when you said taking programs? really did not understand what you said, with androids if you want a game there are several ways to get it. on your phone through the market or on a pc through a browser, just go to the market. 

  • Jrdcnnn2

    total bias. how about comparing the new iphone (iPhone 4S) with the new galaxy (Samsung Galaxy SII X) and not the old version (Samsung Galaxy SII).
    also when he says, and i quote: “However, the secondary 2MP camera of the Samsung Galaxy S2 is better than the VGA camera of the new iPhone 4S. But anyway, secondary cameras don’t play a big role here, and as for the rear-facing ones, they’re both equally good, so we have a draw here.” is COMPLETELY stupid. yes, the secondary camera doesnt have a big role, but it STILL IS A CAMERA within the “Camera” scoring section so it cant be a “draw” when the GS2 has a better seconday camera….

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      IO made a few comments a while back about the camera on an iphone being a little better with focusing. I would like to retract that statement as I was not on the latest firmware. I upgraded and the camera is just a lot faster and better in low light conditions now. So overall I would say the camera edge i gave to the 4s is wrong. rear cameras are a draw however for the front i give the edge to sammy

  • Your Dad

    You are a fag, galaxy s2 wins by a long shot. Butthurt fanboy!

    • LaserPink

      Well you have your opinion and other people have theirs.. For me personally, I’m more of an IOS person and more used to using apple products, even though I’m Korean and Samsung is from Korea. But wait I have a question, what does VGA mean?

  • Tremaine Axscieze

    I miss the times when people were content with being able to SMS, call and play snake. 

    • Androidz

      Nice one dude. Best comment of em all..

  • Andy

    Screen of the Iphone is certainly not bad… but I realy like the bright colors on the galaxy S2. As far as operating systems… I choose android. For me the Galaxy S2 wins :)

  • Carywatmore

    This review is kinda lame.  The reviewer’s conclusion “I think the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone for too long, and now a new device should come to replace it. Apple’s latest “child” can be this new device, so… the iPhone 4S is my choice.” Should come… and can be…! I like the white of the iPhone and I thinj black has been the de facto color for too long so white iPhones can be better so the white iPhone is my choice – how stupid is that!


    get a life ppl i have samsung galaxy s2 and i have a friend who works at the apple company he said most of he ppl there uses galaxy s2 than iphone 4s because it way better and much stronger than iphone 4s and it is faster soo there you have it…

  • Brianfotoole

    I went from an iphone to a galaxy. while siri appears to be very good, how much is the iphone 4 s pottery enough to beat the galaxy, my reasons of threefold:
    one is the form factor. when you get used to using the screen you can’t imagine going back to a smaller iphone size. this comes into its own during Internet browsing
    secondly, the widgets make a big difference the experience, they allow true customisation send that you get a phone which is uniquely yours and supporting how you want to use it
    finally and most importantly there is n is cool with spelling errorso itunes. itunes what kind of my life and anything goes locked down will really irritate… And
    the samsung however is by no means perfect, for example I use the voice dictation for this message and it is fraught with spelling errors! I hope ice cream sandwich rectify the editing tool for the voice actions

  • Asswiping

    I love ice cream

  • Aasvid Rayee

    (Samsung Galaxy S2)  > (iPhone 4S) … 😀

  • Dimitris Vrs

    you didnt say that the iphone 4s (ios 5) does not support adobe flash player. and so much more disadvantages sooo thats the correct winner: Samsung galaxy S II

    • William Allen

      The fact that the iPhone 4S does not support flash is a BIG advantage.  Flash is a pain in the arse.  Lets loads of crappy advertising run on web sites that are much cleaner on the iPhone.  Also news Adobe are dropping mobile flash development.

      • Myself

        Using your logic, ten years old nokia is waaay better than both s2 and 4s? I mean, you don’t have internet at all – and having internet is a pain in the ass with all the bad things on internet.

      • ahmed dalal

        you can turn off flash too iSheep -,-

  • Metallica_kr

    iphone4s is a gr8 phone but Samsung galaxy S ii is the winner!!!!!!! coz android is better than ios and galaxy s ii best android phone u can get!!!!!!! :)

  • Magari

    Just because u like iPhone 4S and just because Samsung Galaxy SII has been the best smartphone for too long, doesn’t mean that 4S is the new device. Samsung is the best choice even after 4S has been released.

  • atish

    I got the samsung galaxy s 2 on upgrade from my htc hero well i let
    someone talk me out of the htc sensation knew i had done wrong thing to
    say nthe galaxy is pants is an under statement my old hero knocks in to a
    tin hat the only thing better is its quicker on computer side of things
    oh and picks up a signal a little better i have to have the dam thing
    on charge ever few hours even running with every thing off. The things i
    liked about the htc the samsung has nothing like the weather app on htc
    great samsung **** the phone log samsung has every call and text in it
    so you have about 50 entrys for only a few calls and texts now got to
    save up and get the htc sensation or the next great phone from htc sorry
    samsung your phone is total s**t

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      I do not know how you can say any of those things… You are talking about a Hero vs S2? first is it hero S or just hero? 
      Fist off both are androids so really functionality wise basically the same, difference is just touchwiz(samsungs custom user interface) which is an acquired taste you can always just flash the rom to get the vanilla android experience…

      2 did you do a first charge properly? because it sounds like you have a faulty battery. I can go 2-3 days without charging. thats with mobile data always on. watching movies. playing games for about 30min a day.

      For the Logs it is called logs as in generic,which you can actually filter. you can see every missed, rejected, recieved and made call plus sent and received message since you got your phone.

      There is a weather widget you can place on your home screen. It is not an app but works the same. There are also third party apps you can get for that.

      Did you just get the phone? It sounds like you do not yet know how to use it. Have you tried reading the manual? 

      The sensation is a great phone but remember this is a thread about 4s vs S2.

  • Omgnahrain

    I’m getting a phone soon because I’ll be traveling a long way to get to high school (taking train and buses) and I wanted to get the IPhone 4S but today my mum got a phone call from someone who works at this phone store and he said that I can get the newest Galaxy phone for $39 (plan) monthly but the Iphone 4S is $44 (monthly). What should I get?

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      Well the galaxy mini is newer than the s2 but if you meant the s2 vs 4s… My preference is S2, 

      Having said that with you being in high school I am sure the “recognition” factor of the iphone may be a huge factor if you are into all that. Plus if you are going to be tied down to a long contract the S2 is a year old so  be prepared to see a new galaxy anytime soon meaning you wont have the newest galaxy phone for very long.

      I believe the S2 is better for me as you may have noticed in my previous posts but that is only as a phone. Other factors may not make it the best deal for you, 

      • stef

        I agree with you on the “recognition factor” It is this whole brand image of the i-phone and with it comes certain prestige and status. That’s also what you pay for :/

  • Coolster

    Ok seriously? Samsung s2 might be a great phone, but you know how many less problems the 4s runs into? The s2 u have to clear te task manager, clear widgets, have antivirus sometimes, etc. to make it run better. The 4s is so is easy to use, gets the job done sure fast and you can rely on te fast dual processor. The android market accepts almost any third party app which leads to viruses on your phone that can crash it. Apples market runs a series of tests on every app that applys. Thus not having to worry about viruses, which is a key factor. In fact my buddy of mine says that his s2 has already got a problem because he downloaded an app with a virus. The 4s is just a set up for the 5 which is goin to be so much better. Oh and the post on people who work at apple have s2s, that is stupid because the sell apple products, don’t make them! Microsoft people and google workers have apples as well!

    • Chaisonline

      You are absolutely right……anytime Apple is the best……..

    • Kamenng89

      yes. Iphones are for people of the older generations who have absolutely no clue on stuffs like task manager and stuff. 
      However, if you are young, tech savvy and trendy then Galaxy S2 is for you! Don’t just follow the Iphone Trend blindly! Its sick when i see people do that! Its like a cult.   

  • James

    I have a galaxy s2 and with great dissapointment I broke it :'( you see what happend is i fell down a set of stairs and it got pretty messed up… It can be fixed but the cost of fixing it is like buying a new device completly! I loved my galaxy s2 and im not baist at all!! And im thinking of insted of repairing it just buying a new device, because i have had the s2 and several other android devices i was thinking of trying out the iPhone 4S for a change, what do you guys think? P.S if i do get the 4S and dont like it i might repair the s2 in the future.

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      there is no harm in trying it out, find out for yourself which is better.

      • James

        Ya I think thats is what im going to do :)

  • Asima

    choose the one that has a better battery life!!!! 😉

  • Sarsembina

    btw which one has a better battery???

  • stef

    This review is so bias. As I was reading, I picked up hints that you swayed towards the Iphone. Samsung is much better, good quality for money too (not to mention it is cheaper) It even has some features that the Iphone doesn’t (like ‘tap and speak’) Samsung has created a masterpiece and will continue to improve and produce excellent products, where as I think all that Iphone has is their brand image. But thanks though for the review, appreciate your opinion:)

  • Leojoyalep

    Funny how people take reviews personally like its their mom being compared to another….

  • Hp2326

    Samsung Galaxy s2 and iPhone 4s both are great phones, but it really depends on how you use it. Personally i own Samsung Galaxy s2… For me it is the best phone…  Here are the reasons..
    1.. I like my phone to be new .. that means i change launcher, widget, wallpaper, icons everything every other day.. which gives me different feeling every time i use the phone.
    2… Samsung galaxy s2 can play any video file format you put into it. that’s a big plus for the phone. When i am traveling. I just connect my phone to the computer and transfer all bunch of movies into the sd card  and i am good to go…
    3…  I can create my own ringtones right on the phone. because i am not that rich who can buy ringtones from apple market.
    4… i hate using itunes for my music.. on samsung galaxy s2, i can download songs right onto my phone and also i can drag and drop from my pc hard drive using usb cable..
    5…i like phones with bigger screen because i believe “the bigger, the better”..
    6. i like to get full flash experience on my phone. i can catch all live sports right on my phone without paying for it. Sometime i can even do my college homework on the phone when i don’t have my laptop with me.
    7.. Sometimes that live wallpaper looks good to show off to friends.


    • Guest1979

      Thanks for your post Hp2326.  Ive been leaning towards the Galaxy s2 for a few weeks and this information has just sealed the deal. 
      It seems much more practical for me to get a phone that is the most compatible with my PC.  I can rest assured that i can easily transfer files from my phone to PC and back again without worrying about issues related to licensing or compatibility. 
      The longer battery life for the samsung also puts it ahead in my books.

    • Irfan0303

      I agree with u.

    • Max Nuding

      1) Okay, true.
      2) iPhone can do that, too. It’s called VLC Player 😉
      3) iPhone can do it too. There are many ringtone-creator-apps on the store
      4) You’re right with iTunes, but you can download songs from an iPhone, too. And not only with the store
      5) Okay, point for you but that’s a matter of taste =D
      6) I hate flash, and I hardly ever use it. But it IS an advantage that it can play it.
      7) True 😉

      iPhone user here, as you probably guessed. (Still the 4 though). Upvoted anyways, because you do have a point and also, you’re arguing reasonable and you’re not a hater. Thank you, we need more Samsung/Android/not-Apple-people like you!

  • A Nona86

    which is better? ihpone4s or skyrocket? ive been iphone user ever since they came out. jus gettin a lil bored…

  • Elza4eva

    From Personal experience I to, would go for the iPhone 4s,
    Although the battery does not last as long as the samsung
    galaxy s2, the iPhone 4s has a much ‘realistic’ camera as it
    captures all the bright and dull colors perfectly, the samsung
    Galaxy s2’s camera does not. For some reason, when ever I
    Took a photo with this camera out in the elements, the color
    Would never appear nice.

    The iPhone 4s is a very simple phone, it has great picture quality,
    It is faster and better then ever with the Siri as a massive bonus,
    I highly reccomend the iPhone 4s, as you do infact get your money’s

  • Ekimzenner

    its pretty obvious that you are into iphone…. 
    you should have not compare,,,
    since galaxy s3 is coming soon. :)

    • Sloane

      are you sure ?

      • Tonzyponzy

        Now now little one, let your self go. Open up wide….and relax.

    • ahmed dalal


  • Live_easy

    First off, the picture of the phone you are using is the samsung galaxy S and not S2. This is a dead give away that you lack knowledge of android phones. By the way, I use both apple and android devices. And from my experience, galaxy s2 is heaps better than iphone 4shit. Total waste of money. It can’t multitask, it’s slow and not customizable at all! jailbreak? Well… Got sad news for you, it still can’t do what an android can.

    • William Allen

      Well actually the review is wrong, despite have a lower clock speed the A5 in the iPhone 4S is actually about 20% faster than the Arm 9 in the SGS2!

      • Chris

        Not entirely accurate. The raw benchmark CPU/GPU speeds of the SGS2 are much faster than the 4S. Optimisations in IOS5 over Android 2.3 mean that the 4S edges the SGS2 out in a number of areas. But with ICS being slated for the Galaxy in the next month or so, the included optimisations for the Cortex A9 and Mali-400MP will boost performace significantly. Apples for apples, 4S is not at the same level hardware wise as the Galaxy S2.

    • Applenomore

      Rock…. Gr8 Advice… Apple Sucks

  • Chris91111

    this guy is lying the gallaxy s2 has a S3 1.5ghz dual core processor and a 4.5 inch super amoled screen i think he works for apple and should be ashamed for missleading the public AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • Noappleisit

      Gr8 chris91111  The review misleads public…

    • meh

      i believe the author is talking about the original s2, not the skyroket version. still 4s is not any better than those galaxy. 

  • Osama Bin Laden

    What’s Siri for ? Would you trust whatever Siri says as if you trust a GPS navigator ? Siri is just for fun,  as if you talk to a clawn, or it could be you just like funny answer jaja

  • Dead Steve Jobs…………LOL

    Honestly I don’t think the author uses English as his primary language.  His language, like the iphone is too simplistic………………idiot

    Samsung is the new KING………so get over it you butthurt fanboy.

  • Lenoard Power

    This is why none of yee ever got laid

  • Wong

    Siri? Samsung galaxy was doing voice commands on the original galaxy s 2 years ago. I think your review is a biased towards the I phone. I have the original galaxy and its still a force to be reckoned with, I phones are not standard setters.They release technology that has already been utilised in other brands and try to make jo public believe we are the innovators, 1eg is the advert showing that you are able to see the person you are talking to live infront you, but 3 network were providing this facility half a decade ago in certain handsets. Samsung the originators of swype sheer quality texting, I phone still on the primative ‘one finger prodding. I leave with this samsung have the best handset in the ‘ galaxy’ literally!:D

  • confused

    guys i think i will wait samsung galaxy sIII and iphone 5 , to much  pressure right now

  • Liew6561

    this review is bullshit.

  • 32jtorres

    iphone 4s is dabest…

    • Sdssd

      iPhone 4 = iPhone 4S (and Not dabest)

    • Sdssd

      iPhone 4 = iPhone 4S (and Not dabest)

  • Marcfalconer86

    So much incorrect info! The iPhone 4S runs at 900MHz not 1GHz. Lol – about galaxy S2’s screen was the best until iPhone 4S came along – the 4S has the same screen as the almost 2yr old iPhone 4.

    “The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, isn’t much different from its predecessor in term of size and design” – Not much different. Its exactly the same. 

  • Marcfalconer86

    So much incorrect info! The iPhone 4S runs at 900MHz not 1GHz. Lol – about galaxy S2’s screen was the best until iPhone 4S came along – the 4S has the same screen as the almost 2yr old iPhone 4.

    “The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, isn’t much different from its predecessor in term of size and design” – Not much different. Its exactly the same. 

  • Dasdw

    The picture above (compared to the 4S or 4) is the Galaxy S.

  • StevenM

    The iPhone 4S is one of the laziest efforts by apple. Apple spent more time on it than any of the predecessors and released a device with very little added features – 8MP camera, Siri (which can run on the iPhone 4 if allowed). 

  • Tom

    iphone doesnt’t support flash- at least on a droid system i can get flash 10.1 trial version and play facebook games

    • Anonymous

      Um… where were you when Adobe signed Flashes death warrant?

  • Behwengjoon

    I thought now apple also support flash?

  • iphone 4s is better.

    • Irfan

      there are so many restrictions in Iphone. I don’t like it at all.
      Android is best.
      Motorola Razr & Samsung GS2

  • Zakmidil25

    Iphone 4s is much better then galaxy s2 and also iphone 4s sold four million first three days record and over 1 milllion pre order also record  im not saying that Gs2 is not good but iphone 4s is best u want buy a mobie buy iphone 4s

  • Irfan0303

    I don’t like Iphone at all. So, my vote goes to Android Motorola Rarz & Samsung GS2

  • Marlenmanson2

    I PHONE G4S applications cost to much money and it is very complicated and its touch letters are so small beside other complications , i tried boths thats why i vote for samsung GS2

  • Yiangos

    i can’t understand , you have said much more good things about samsung galaxy s2 but you prefer iphone 4s

  • WhoCares

    who cares? get one you can afford and try not to break it.

  • Mike Johnson

    iPhone is more expensive and you have to pay for a great deal of the apps that you would normally get free on android.

    A good looking girlfriend is never cheaper, but we aren’t talking about girlfriends we are talking about phones!!! Something that makes the odd call sends a text and has the odd useful app, if you want to do more than this buy a laptop with a spare battery it would be cheaper!

    The s2 is quicker slimmer and I think better looking, it is also cheaper has a better battery and the apps cost less. There is a reason that it dominates the phone markets and that is becasue it is genuinely better.

    If you are still having trouble try them both out in a phone shop, you will see…

    p.s. The white S2 looks better and will hold more value when you come round to get the S3 because you liked the S2 sooo much 😀

    • Paradave24

      The S2 is dominating the phone market? Where have you been? Have you not noticed the iPhone has been the leading selling phone since it came out in 2007. No individual phone has come close to even challenging it. Maybe you meant Android OS in general but even that isn’t “dominating” seeing how it only has a 2% lead as of now.

      And you actually think the battery life is better on your S2 over the iPhone? I have the S2 and my wife has the iPhone 4s and she never needs to charge her phone until night time and will even last into the next day. My S2 needs to be charged before i eat dinner in most cases when i use it a little more than just sending texts.

      And the worst part about the S2 is it still gets those slight delays while using. I’m talking about when your scrolling and it freezes slightly and needs to pause to catch up just like every phone i have had before this one. My wife’s iphone 4s never does that. It is smooth every time i use it and when i see her using it. That alone is the most important feature in a phone. Making sure it actually works right.

      • abhinav

        dude check out the latest results.iphones have been the dominant ones since their release untill the galaxy s2.Galaxy s2 has been the best selling smartphone consecutively for the 9th month till December 2011 and has been awarded the “Phone of the year” award by almost all of the major tech media websites.My s2 runs longer than almost all my frnds’ iphones.I work for 36 hrs at a stretch twice every week along with my collegues.I dont carry a charger but my frnds who have iphones do.and moreover the iphone platorm is soo restricted that u cant use its bluetooth freely even after shelling Rs 34000 for it and u cant download a file from ur frnds’ computer without loosing ur phone’s content.One thing I accept is the occational lag albeit just for a fraction of a sec during fast scrolling and thats understandable considering the amount of data android runs in the background in the name of widgets and other customisation.Get an s2 skyrocket and u wont experience event that lag.The bottom line is,gone are the days wen the iphones used to b the sole rulers of the smartphone business.Samsung makes their own products unlike apple which gets its parts either from samsung or lg or some other chinese manufacturers.All apple does is design their products and maintain their app bank

  • Max

    Let me see you try sending anything over Bluetooth with the iPhone 4s ,
     got Hotspot, USB tethering ?  or should we wait for the iPhone 5,

  • makkyyyy

    I think iphone 4s is the best compare to anyone smartphoneeeeeeeeeee

  • Lulu

    iphone sold so quickly only because people wanted “iphone”. They know nothing about what a good phone is. I have S2, and I love it so much. None of the features in iphone looks attractive to me, even the design. The apps are cheaper from Android than iTunes store. iPhone 4 is a good phone, but I think apple can do much better. At this point, S2 is definitely the best phone in the market, no doubt.

  • camy

    Iphone 4 S is without any doubt the best you can get ! This article is very poor, the writer seems not to understand that you can’t review the platform and cpu separately… Galaxy has indeed a faster cpu but working on a poor platform..  Apple platform is made for one device and this is Iphone, you can’t say the same about android… Being a dedicated platform you can get the best from your cpu. And this is one of the Apple strenghts… User interaction and interoperability are much, much beter @ Apple due to briliant design features. Of course you pay much more for an Iphone but it is worth…. And yes, on appstores are some apps much expensive but, hello !! on Android market I found a lot of very, very poor apps… I’ve got the two phones and the galaxy looks cheap and a ordinary copy of an Iphone, sorry guys but you can blame Apple for a lot of things but they stil make state of the art products… Samsung and android will succeed at the moment they don’t copy other products… Anyway, I’m not a Android hater ( at home I have an Android tablet) but I love quality !

    • Guest13

      I have iphone 4s its not the best trust me

  • Azeem Shahid

    i agree with u 
    iphone 4s > anything

  • Akif and Big D

    i Agree with u azeem
    but i still prefer the HTC desire HD

    • Ahmad

      i phone is the best in the world……… .

  • NAJ

    Sonia is the best no matter what all you haters say


    Been there done that

  • Crapple Shitephone

    Wrong. Completely Wrong.

  • asdad

    the iphone wins? that box looks like its from the 80s

  • andrew g

    the iPhone isn’t 4g, like samsung galaxy s2, the samsung has MUCH more vibrant colors on their super smiled screen, where I think that the iPhone has rather more dull colors.

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      Technically there are no real 4g phones as there are no real 4g networks.  Networks are advertising something that doesn’t actually exist yet. Wi max, LTE they are all pre-4g and have been sometimes called 3.9g. 4g should give us 100Mbps and 1Gbps stationary mobile. vs phones that say 21Mbps.

      • Sherm

        Err dude. S2 skyrocket is 4G with LTE tech. Countries like South Korea and Japan are already 4G for sometime already? Please update yourself. Thanks.

    • Assez_ass

      4G??? sutpid

  • andrew g


  • Cjxm

    Haha a paragraph in I could smell fan boy. S II is beast to that little thing. Screen is way more vivid, and ios is boring as hell, for 5 yr old. So glad I got away from apple, just go to a store and play with the S II.. you’ll see.

  • Ansow Faisal

    listen s2 is better graphics and better processor than iphone 4s for apple bring out new phone like iphone 5 with different features and better too to eclipse s2 but now s2 is better

  • subhash

    Is it good 2 buy samsung galaxy s 2

  • Mark

    How much is a s2? nd a iphone 4s?

    • Anon

      S2 is $200 on AT&T only, iPhone 4s is the same, but on AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint

  • Gdfg

    APPLE rulez !!!!

    • Arjuna Samaranayaka

      like retards like you lolzzz. Thanks to unintelligent people like you they are getting rich.

  • Adams

    The Galaxy s 2 is the best smrtphone on the Galaxy,thats all.

  • Kenny

    If you don’t enjoy customization and like to be told what to think, or simply can’t think for yourself because you want “something to just work”, then go Apple. :) 

  • nathan

    Galaxy wins hands down apple nice display still

  • Tremaine Axscieze

    The 4S is for people that just want a phone that works, The S2 is very customizable specially if you know programming. 

    I believe the S2 is the better phone overall for what i want. At this point however if people do plan to get an S2 remember you can get it cheap but if you always want the latest phone the S3 will probably be out soon and being locked in for two years may suck.

    There are a lot of factors to choosing the best. Also there are few functions or apps that actually maximize any difference between the two.

    I have both and most things are similar. S2 is a bit faster, has a bigger screen and is more customizable.
    The 4S just works.

    Form factor the S2 is better for me but the 4S is easily recognizable. More and more people are noticing the samsung designs and knowing the models but everyone knows what any apple product looks like. Marketing for apple is great, R&D of samsung is better. 

    I originally like iphones because they were one of the first to use capacitive vs resistive touchscreens. Now however they are actually quite behind in terms of technology and innovation. HTC and Samsung are at the forefront of innovation and apple just tries to catch-up. However with apples marketing they always make sure people think they are the innovators.

    Be smart when picking a phone but if you are like me, chances are they will get replaced soon anyway. 

    Having both phones i get the best of both worlds, and give opinions based on my personal experience. Not my experience vs my friends or what my friends say of their phones. 

    • Hassan Bc

      Spot on sir.

    • Hassan Bc

      Spot on sir.

  • Bobbee_t

    I knew I was more prone to get the iPhone 4S and this article made me more sure.  Even though the Galaxy S2 has outstanding features too, iPhone is clearly the better choice… for me.

    • Donniehouchens

      So sorry for you and your decision.

    • Donniehouchens

      So sorry for you and your decision.

    • Donniehouchens

      So sorry for you and your decision.

    • Arjuna Samaranayaka

      If you have an IQ of 50 (like an MR patient) then go for Iphone.

    • Patin6868

      They never learn

  • Kazi Islam

    The author hit the nail on the head when he said it’s a matter of TASTE. It really is. People forget that Apple is not the 2nd Wealthiest Company in the World because it has products with the highest specs but rather for innovation, design & simplicity (in that order).  Most point to Siri and a selling point for 4S, and they did make Voice Recognition and Interaction accessible to the General Public (Innovation).  Yes Google Voice search works on S2 but it doesn’t TALK to you. Camera (sheesh!) I could care less,  who the hell really uses a phone to take any worthwhile pics anyway. Wait for the HTC with 16MP Camera introduced at this year’s CES.  iPhone 4/4S Chassis is same and may be Bulky and heavy but feels sturdy, when compared to S2 (Design).  I prefer the thin Galaxy S2 personally.  Last, iOS is can be used by brain-dead people in a Coma (Simplicity).  On Android your phone will crash at some point, not something phones should do. What did SAMSUNG ever invent or Innovate on? At the END it REALLY is matter of TASTE.

    • Hassan Bc

      All valid points sir, however you absolutly reveal that you are biased. Just a tiny bit of research would have showed you that Samsung actually produce the very processors that apple use in their devices, from iPhone4/s to iPad 2s. So dont come here using the argument about what Samsung has ever invented, when samsung is clearly ahead techwise. Im actually shocked by how many people just blindly buy the “Apple is the most innovative and best phone in world” reviews and salespitches. Yes I agree they have a very, very neat and simple OS, but that is what it is, Simple. B&O and Apple are actually quite similar, B&O buy or loan, patents and hardware from Philips and improve and develop on them to create high quality audio and hi-fi products. Now apple does the same with samsung except they do nothing but stamp apple on it and plainly insert it into their products and then hailing it as their own and then of course filing lawsuits againt the other companies for patent infringment. Now you tell me what apple has ever truely created from the bottom up? Granted they have created a brilliant design and a OS a turtle could use, but thats only appealing in my mind if you just want a simple, overpriced and locked(meaning you cant really personalize it beyond what apple decides you are allowed) phone, then sure go with the iPhone, just remember that apple generelly have high repair fees on all their products and a customer support thats mediocre at best, been there done that. as you rightly pointed out, its a matter of taste, but try to investigate a bit deeper and you will realize how ridiculous the market is currently.

    • Hassan Bc

      All valid points sir, however you absolutly reveal that you are biased. Just a tiny bit of research would have showed you that Samsung actually produce the very processors that apple use in their devices, from iPhone4/s to iPad 2s. So dont come here using the argument about what Samsung has ever invented, when samsung is clearly ahead techwise. Im actually shocked by how many people just blindly buy the “Apple is the most innovative and best phone in world” reviews and salespitches. Yes I agree they have a very, very neat and simple OS, but that is what it is, Simple. B&O and Apple are actually quite similar, B&O buy or loan, patents and hardware from Philips and improve and develop on them to create high quality audio and hi-fi products. Now apple does the same with samsung except they do nothing but stamp apple on it and plainly insert it into their products and then hailing it as their own and then of course filing lawsuits againt the other companies for patent infringment. Now you tell me what apple has ever truely created from the bottom up? Granted they have created a brilliant design and a OS a turtle could use, but thats only appealing in my mind if you just want a simple, overpriced and locked(meaning you cant really personalize it beyond what apple decides you are allowed) phone, then sure go with the iPhone, just remember that apple generelly have high repair fees on all their products and a customer support thats mediocre at best, been there done that. as you rightly pointed out, its a matter of taste, but try to investigate a bit deeper and you will realize how ridiculous the market is currently.

    • Curistofa

      Wow, are you insane? Have you used, let alone owned an s2? I’m not saying that s2 is necessarily better, but good god you seem to know nothing about it for someone with such outspoken views. First of all, S2 had voice recognition FIRST, and no, I am not talking about the regular android one. As both you and the reviewer neglected to mention, samsung made a very siri-like voice recognition tool BEFORE apple that works just as well. And you cant care less about camera? So suddenly it IS about taste, when it suits you? And android is hardly HARD to use. Sure there’s a learning curve, but once you get used to it (which does not take long) it becomes second nature. And I’ve personally never had my android crash, so im not sure what your talking about. 
      Not trying to say that S2 is better then iPhone, personally I’m undecided. Simply trying to correct a horribly misguided comment for regular readers who dont want to be misinformed by idiots.

    • Jonvan666

      Your an uninformed pretentious idiot. Thank you for making people with iPhone 4 look like a complete ass.

      • guest

        It’s ‘you’re’, not ‘your’, and to be honest, you’re making yourself look like quite the “uninformed pretentious idiot”.

  • Clayd67

    Suck that samsung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smart1

    iphone is ok if you want a simple smart phone at first i thought that the iphone 4s was the best phone but like alot of people got suckered in thinking it was the best like i did now im stuck in this 2 year contract
    the way i found out iphone is not the best i told my friend i want to test how good my
    iphone 4s is. my friend has the evo 4g and that phone is old and it beat my iphone in artifitiale itel was the same so siri is not that good and the evo was faster than my iphone on playing videos on the internet and browser speed so if you want the best get a 4g android but for now im stuck with this iphone 4s

  • shiro

    I think choosing the iphone as the winner just because the S2 has been the best for “too long” isn’t really fair.  Aside from the screen, the S2 has the 4S beat on most levels.  Sure iphone has Siri, but that’s just software which could be replicated on android.

    • Guest

      Android already has the technology for voice command that works pretty good and understands almost a lot of different eccents. SIRI is just a copied version from Android, just that they added more features which are fun but useless and can only understand american eccent.

  • Jgk711k

    poor review, didn’t mention storage. tsk, obviously another biased review.

  • Tjustin47

    Iphone4s is a phone for is not what it cracks up to be. Battery life is good and the screen resolution is also good. But the gs2 smokes the 4s in speed, call clarity is louder, doesn’t shatter like apples screen does when you drop it and the android market is clearly more better. And siri is nice but now all ios5 devices are receiving it march 1st. Music download apps on Android alone make android a better choice in my opinion. I like customization which also makes the phone not boring after a week.

  • Tjustin47

    Iphone4s is a phone for is not what it cracks up to be. Battery life is good and the screen resolution is also good. But the gs2 smokes the 4s in speed, call clarity is louder, doesn’t shatter like apples screen does when you drop it and the android market is clearly more better. And siri is nice but now all ios5 devices are receiving it march 1st. Music download apps on Android alone make android a better choice in my opinion. I like customization which also makes the phone not boring after a week.

  • Bheem

    Good review

    • retardjobapple

      good review with a disappointing decision



    • Tylersurgens

      Dam right at least some one knows what their talking about

      • Josh

        wait… you were able to read those hieroglyphics? 

  • Simonmorrall

    I’ve owned both iphone 4 and 4s, and think 4s is no better. i bought gs 2 in white and love it. i like the big screen and its gorgeous. the camera is amazing 2. I’ve compared gs2 2 4s and prefer gs 2
    sorry apple. yours days on top are numbered. galaxy s 2 and gs 3 have stolen the crown. In a year or 2 android will always be no 1, Microsoft 2nd, apple 3rd.
    apple is 2 expensive.

    • Bob

      screw you son of a b****

      • yo daddy

        r u nut???

    • yo daddy

      well said

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      I have the 4s in white and my s2 in black.. I envy your white s2! Although I really want the pink one they released in S.Korea

      • Cathryn Keane

        I bought a pink S2 a few weeks ago and love it. Not just for the colour and style but everything about it!

  • retardiphone

    siri is useless thank you very much.

    • Cpa1410

      I used an apple iphone for the first time recently, im currently useing a htc droid, OMG i cant believe thie iphone is so old fashioned it dosent do anything my htc can do. Its just you have to go into and find a programme constantly and  where are the widgets i thought all phones had widgets that let you see whats going on in youtube, widgets for news i can see straight away whats happening on the net. my htc just did a free update in google and now i have a voice guidance navigator, my friend who has an iphone says apples app cost $100 for the app. Madness get out more you guys

  • Smee

    Wow, what a biased review. Very poorly written

  • Mailbot

    I honestly think in it’s current stages, IPhones operation system beats Androids. It’s simpler, more polished and has a massive app base. Agreed, Android provides more possibility but right now it’s really no comparison.
    I honestly think that in some time and effort, Android will beat IPhones, but it hasn’t done that yet.

    • Josh

      Yah people don’t realise that KISS principle these days. Look at there computers for instance they look like something out of the terminator movie and they think they are powerful because of it. Even their customised OS with robotic voices going off left right and center. I would personally hate that and I think it is more of a 12-15 year old phase thing.

      I like things that do what they are meant to do and look clean. iOS beats Android in that regard. I would still use Android if the device ran faster than the current iPhone device though.

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        I understand KISS however “simple” is relative. I prefer “choice” because for me programming IS simple. Simple is whatever simple is for your market. In terms of just picking up the stock phone and using it. The android is still pretty straightforward. Out of the box the phone has all you apps in home screens as with the iphone. It is only as complicated as you want it to be, Want more widgets? add them, dont want them? remove them. simple as that. If you want it to act like an iphone where there are only apps and folders in the screen? do it. It is your choice.

  • Asfas

    s2 is wayyyy better

  • Varelisme

    wah, loe-loe semua tuh ngomon apaan, sih? kok kyk bahasa alien, gitu..
    iphone 4s vs gal s2? ya gal s2 lah!! dasar bego.

  • Col109

    ive got galaxy s2 i think its alot better than iphone u can do more things with the camera yeah the screen is bigger which means its better for games and movies and the phone is cheaper iphone is old skool and a waste of money . every1 is more interested in havin a iphone coz of its name alot of people dont care what it can do . i give the galaxy a 10/10 best phone on the market

    • Col109

      1 more thing s2 has more apps and more free apps than iphone :)

      • guest

        that’s right! :) Apple is out to molopolize and charge money for everything. Get the phone, now you want apps? Pay for it!

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        The iphone (app store) actually has more apps and more free apps (in terms of volume) most are clones but some very popular games and apps on the iphone market are free on the android market.

        The s2 however does have some free premium games from the samsung apps market

  • Danpaveley

    I love these kind of comparisons. The results are essentially pointless, but it’s fun anyway.

    When Apple brought out the original iPhone it was literally years ahead
    of anything else on the market. The entire concept was industry
    changing. But that was years ago, and since then they’ve essentially
    just re-released the same phone four times with minor upgrades each
    time. The only real innovation has been the gravity and style with which
    they’ve announced the new models. Sadly – and possibly as a result of
    the company focusing more on marketing than product innovation – the iOS
    platform has gone stale while Android has boomed by meeting the needs
    of customers in a way Apple has not.

    Personally, I owned an iPhone 3GS for two years and it was – and I don’t
    care how silly this sounds – a life-changing purchase! An intuitive
    smart phone is something that can accompany virtually every action of
    your day. They just make life so much easier. About a month ago,
    however, my contract expired and I had to make a decision: pay hundreds
    of pounds to upgrade to the new iPhone (thanks Apple, great brand
    loyalty scheme) or try something else. When the guy in the shop asked me
    if I wanted to try out something non-Apple I scoffed and laughed at
    him. He asked me if I’d actually TRIED any of the top Android devices
    and I said “No, why would I when I know they won’t be as good”. Does
    this sound at all ignorant or stupid to anyone? It should. Because it

    After a month of owning a Samsung Galaxy S2 I swapped with my friend’s
    iPhone 4S for a week and it was an absolute joke compared. It’s tiny yet
    heavy, it’s absolutely un-customisable, the screen is tiny and pale,
    the apps are expensive, loads of apps don’t go into landscape mode, the
    GPS is less accurate, the web browser is clunky and unattractive, I
    can’t tether, I can’t see which specific tasks are eating my battery, I
    can’t get to the useful things (Wifi, GPS etc) on the dropdown menu, the
    OS animations are boring and unchangeable, I only have one app tray,
    and did I mention that I can’t change a damn thing on it? It bears
    repeating because until you own a phone you can customise, you simply
    don’t realise how big a deal it is.

    The annoying thing about this was that when we swapped back my friend simply said “Yeah but mine’s better. Do you know why? Because of that Apple logo on the back.”

    I guess that says it all. Marketing means more to a customer than everything else put together.

    As a side note I should say that there are a few things the iPhone has
    that the GS2 doesn’t: the copy/paste functionality of the iPhone is more
    intuitive and requires one less tap; highlighting a word or sentence is
    a click quicker too; the iPhone charges in about 90 minutes compared to
    about 4 or 5 hours for the SG2, and the big one: the 3G signal around town is a much better.

    Anyway, we’re all entitled to an opinion and this is mine. It’s based on the experience of actually having owned both phones and I think that’s important, but yours is equally valid.

    • Prabirc

      Been reading all the comments on the iPhone 4s and the Samsung galaxy 2 phone. It’s kind of weird that the whole basis of the discussion is about a slightly faster browser or a slightly lighter weight or even about being able to tinker with a phone. Granted that some people like to tinker with their devices, but how many, not a whole lot. Minority in fact. The best thing is not to take into account whose is the faster processor or who has more ram or who has blah blah ! Go to a store and test the phones and buy the one which you feel comfortable using. That’s the key to this ing, not specs and other blah! What feels good in your hand is what you should buy period. But as I said its interesting to read the reviews.

      • Tremaine Axscieze

        I agree that you should but what you like but just going to a store and getting what you want but specs and usability does matter. These reviews plus comments give good insight to people who have no knowledge of the phones. It gives you a chance to “know the phone” before making a purchase.

        Most smartphones are not cheap. If you are talking about s2 and 4s you are talking a few hundred dollars or a lock-in period. An investment of that amount should warrant a bit of research. Otherwise you may feel comfortable with a phone initially only to get frustrated down the line for not getting something better. You are not buying shoes that if they fit and are comfortable, they are fine. after all there are very few shoes that do anything else. A phone on the other hand does. (there are shoes with chips and stuff)

        The point of reviews whether right, wrong, biased or whatever is not for people who know, or do not care. It is for the information to be spread, helping people make smarter choices.  

    • Josh

      I agree, I have the 3GS and not fond of it one bit now. I am hanging out on what the iPhone5 is before my next purchase. I am not an Apple fan or Samsung fan. I will go with what is best after I see the iPhone5. I saw the samsung note at CES it looks beautiful!

      • Woznyadrian

        Do you  know when the iphone 5 is coming out??

    • greg

      Android is free everything, my phone just dowloaded the latest to google maps and now i have a speech navigator for free and i didnt need to use my computer to do this WOW. apple charges $100 and if you google which is better the android comes out on top did i mention it was FREE. Also i download music a lot and i dont pay a cent because we have android apps that have FREE MUSIC, WOW! And widgets keep me posted on world breaking news and youtube wigets on one of my 7 screens i can turn off and on from a widget board nearly everything in my phone Email is all intergrated in my phone to gmail important dates in an email notify my calender straight away i dont need to do it myself. I could go on and on but just check android out you have no idea whats possible if you stay stuck in one place to long. Nothing ventured nothing gained, a former iphone user here.

  • Danpaveley

    I love these kind of comparisons. The results are essentially pointless, but it’s fun anyway.

    When Apple brought out the original iPhone it was literally years ahead
    of anything else on the market. The entire concept was industry
    changing. But that was years ago, and since then they’ve essentially
    just re-released the same phone four times with minor upgrades each
    time. The only real innovation has been the gravity and style with which
    they’ve announced the new models. Sadly – and possibly as a result of
    the company focusing more on marketing than product innovation – the iOS
    platform has gone stale while Android has boomed by meeting the needs
    of customers in a way Apple has not.

    Personally, I owned an iPhone 3GS for two years and it was – and I don’t
    care how silly this sounds – a life-changing purchase! An intuitive
    smart phone is something that can accompany virtually every action of
    your day. They just make life so much easier. About a month ago,
    however, my contract expired and I had to make a decision: pay hundreds
    of pounds to upgrade to the new iPhone (thanks Apple, great brand
    loyalty scheme) or try something else. When the guy in the shop asked me
    if I wanted to try out something non-Apple I scoffed and laughed at
    him. He asked me if I’d actually TRIED any of the top Android devices
    and I said “No, why would I when I know they won’t be as good”. Does
    this sound at all ignorant or stupid to anyone? It should. Because it

    After a month of owning a Samsung Galaxy S2 I swapped with my friend’s
    iPhone 4S for a week and it was an absolute joke compared. It’s tiny yet
    heavy, it’s absolutely un-customisable, the screen is tiny and pale,
    the apps are expensive, loads of apps don’t go into landscape mode, the
    GPS is less accurate, the web browser is clunky and unattractive, I
    can’t tether, I can’t see which specific tasks are eating my battery, I
    can’t get to the useful things (Wifi, GPS etc) on the dropdown menu, the
    OS animations are boring and unchangeable, I only have one app tray,
    and did I mention that I can’t change a damn thing on it? It bears
    repeating because until you own a phone you can customise, you simply
    don’t realise how big a deal it is.

    The annoying thing about this was that when we swapped back my friend simply said “Yeah but mine’s better. Do you know why? Because of that Apple logo on the back.”

    I guess that says it all. Marketing means more to a customer than everything else put together.

    As a side note I should say that there are a few things the iPhone has
    that the GS2 doesn’t: the copy/paste functionality of the iPhone is more
    intuitive and requires one less tap; highlighting a word or sentence is
    a click quicker too; the iPhone charges in about 90 minutes compared to
    about 4 or 5 hours for the SG2, and the big one: the 3G signal around town is a much better.

    Anyway, we’re all entitled to an opinion and this is mine. It’s based on the experience of actually having owned both phones and I think that’s important, but yours is equally valid.

  • VXCV


    • Danpaveley

      Yes, well done.

  • Byronthecarguy

    This is very one sided due to your wanting somthing to replace the Galaxy S II. I dont even own one I still have a Palm Pre but couldnt help pointing out the obvious Im not a samsung fan or an apple fan but I do think your compairison was unfair. I cant seem to grasp why a front facing camera is not important ~face palm~ have you ever heard of Skype? and then you prais somthing as stupid as Siri? Come on now I know your better than this.

    • Josh

      You think siri is stupid? You obviously have never tried it. You are the one sounding bias my friend.

      • sammieH

        I have Siri, but don’t use it.  I don’t want people to know that I can’t get a girlfriend…

        • Tremaine Axscieze

          Siri is a novelty item… I got tires of it in a week. It is an okay option but, i do not really want everyone to hear what i am texting to someone, Siri is a gimmck. Function wise androids have jeannie and iris that can do most things SIRI can. Siri has more jokes and is wittier but seriously, I prefer talking to real people. SIRI has about 3-4 responses so its only “new” everytime you show it to someone without an iphone.

  • Tupolev

    your choice?who cares?we need to know according to studies not to your liking which is the it?

    • QTR

      I like your comment dude!

  • Mwg255

    iPhone’s are tied to Mac / Windows – too bad if you use Linux; and can’t do Adobe Flash. For those reasons the Galaxy should win over the iPhone for operating system. (Written on an iPhone).

    • Josh

      you know adobe stopped development on flash for mobile devices? They finally saw that it sucked. Apple predicted it on the first iPhone.

      • sherm

        The real reason why Apple did not support flash is because flash had free video streaming and games which apple is dead against. Apple wants you to buy the phone, and then spend MORE money on apps. And hates it when it is jailbroken. If you know nth, just zip it. Ipad + s2 user here. And I have to say Ipad is a waste of money. Android is way better.

        • sammieH

          HTML5s more widespread use in websites now largely renders Flash animation redundant. Apple’s eschewing of Flash during Flash’s heyday were clearly for selfish reasons, and nothing to do with being visionary. 

        • ron paulsupporter


          • devilmark

             lol i can watch porn in my iphone.. faster buff no lags.. =D and using 3g only..

        • Jstuxx

          Your right iPad is the biggest waste of money I have every seen, in fact all tablets are a useless, pointless waste of money.

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      The reason flash has abandoned it for mobile is because html 5 is a more efficient. the canvass feature plus javascript can make a totally great game, html supports video now. before it was normally done in flash. 

      Flash was the standard because it was at one point easy to use. now there is a better alternative. not because apple new it from the beginning. the fact the you actually have a choice to use flash if you want to should still be a plus considering the amount of available free flash games in the market.

  • Ravenwynga

    S2 is better

  • Peter Maplethorpe

    iphone 4s is rubish like all iphones you cant expand the memory the wifi is unnatractive i have the galaxy s2 it is wey better and why do you have to pay a extra £50 for the white iphone 4s

  • Tarrou

    Samsung Galaxy SII has hdmi connection. Owned iphone.

  • Squallshuyin

    S2 is much better than iphone 4s. You 4got to mention that S2 will be upgraded to ice sandwich. I know for sure that S2 will be beaten badly by iphone 5 that’s for sure. However, there would be s3. LOL

  • Nikipapa01

    S2 … three words to say CHEAPER BETTER FASTER…..

  • Josh

    Even if Samsung does copy Apple. Unless you work for Apple you should not care. Just take what device is best at the time you need to purchase. Who cares if you are supporting a pirate company, you get the benefit of it. 

    Look at it this way. If someone pulled up next to you in a car park and offered to sell you an obviously stolen item that you wanted to buy from the store only the thief was selling it for 30% off the price. You would buy it off the thief 😛

    • Bogdan_ha

      No no no. If I borrow your oven to cook a cake, so I can sell it next to the lemonade boot at the corner, would you cook another cake, quite the same, to sell it next to the lemonade boot at the corner? Apple had the recipe, but the oven is of Samsung!!! “designed in California, Assembled in China” just says everything!!!

  • be_fair

    It’s really weird! every time we read a comparison between smart phones it only talks about specs! absolutely nothing is mentioned about what each phone is able to do! 
    Let’s be fair guys. What can IPhone 4S do that Galaxy S2 cannot do?
    The answer is absolutely nothing. Everything IPhone 4S can do,  can be definitely done by Galaxy S2 (if not more efficiently)
    Let’s now swap the question around. What can Galaxy S2 do that IPhone 4S cannot do?
    I’m sure you have plenty to say here. Let’s look at some :

    – S2 can browse local files and folders using any file explorer
    – You can use S2 as a standard mass-storage device when plugged into the computer, so you just copy and paste, move files around, do whatever with files
    – You can send any file type to any device using bluetooth or WifiDirect
    – You can save any file type to the local storage
    – S2 uses HDMI with TV which produces HD quality
    – S2 plays movies/pictures on wireless enabled TVs
    – Browse shared folders on other PCs as if they were located locally
    – Play any video type with absolutely no restrictions using one of a huge variety of video players available in the market
    – You tell S2 what to do but IPhone here dictates what you do (very restricted)
    – S2 can view/edit office documents whereas Iphone cannot (i’m not sure)
    The above are key elements that most users need. Can IPhone do the same?

    Honestly, I have never used the IPhone, but all friends of mine that are using IPhone 4 and 4S have reported inability of doing all of the above. 

    Thus, if the above are facts, it will then lead to the fact that the IPhone is just an over-hyped phone.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong

    • Alaydevi

      u right man,,

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      Most things are right. 

      The s2 can also transfer using kies air which allows you to open a browser on a device(not phones) and use them to view and transfer items like a fancy interface.

      s2 does not play wireless vid/audio on all wireless enabled TVs it actually works with DLNA enabled TV’s and lets you do it even if your TV is not wireless as long as it can be connected to a network(LAN). 

      The iphone can technically play almost all videos since you can download VLC.

      You can view/edit docs presentations etc on an iphone but the editing software is not cheap. Viewing ones are free. The s2
      , at least mine came with polaris office which can view and edit.

      One thing is you can download torrents on an s2. 
      you can play facebook games on an s2

      Other things to follow when i remember them

      • Alkassim

        It’s good to know that Iphone can do that, didn’t know about it honestly. thanks

      • Bogdan_ha

        how much money you said VLC is for iPhone/iPad?

        • Jstuxx

          VLC is free, licensed by GPL

    • Bogdan_ha

      quite what a reply should say. cool. thanks

    • Horray322

      you are totally right in every sense and you have one on this whole review in that you look at all the features of the phone that is to say the environment the phone will be operating in. With that said however, the apple environment then has to also be examined. I’ll just talk about a couple of your points though. Like the S2 can view/edit docs and i’m pretty sure your incorrect in that regard sort of, iphone can edit docs, but I think its like the pages app but correct me if i’m wrong doesn’t .doc files work on pages? either way, apple has unrivalled integration with its other products so when docs are edited it is muuch easier to implement even the most minor changes in a snap. Fact is as a stand alone device iphone 4s and galaxy s2 are pretty much on par spec wise, and anything outside of that depends on your circumstances. If you are an apple enthusiast with any other product of theirs the iphone 4s starts to beat the s2 imo just for the seamless integration factor. If this would be the only apple device you would have however, the advantage starts to dwindle

    • kulaxan

      I couldn’t agree more bro….you just said it from my mouth….

  • I hate Amazon

    For anyone who has ever broken an I phone:   I have owned all I phones for many years and have broken every single one of them.  The Galaxy S2 is Cheaper and Stronger..and I have yet to break it in any of the spectacular turret-like flings that has sent it flying through the air into concrete.  Samsung phones are not as “in” as the  I phone but all those die hard apples are too nerdy for me now….yeah Jobs is dead and I don’t know who the CEO of Samsung is and I don’t care.  All phones should be more advanced than both of the above models and a hell of a lot cheaper… $60 dollars should be the new price (I can come up with a list of a 1000 things that both phones cannot do).  I don’t want to freak out when a hooker steals my phone or when I drop it running from the cops.   Kidding.  But seriously the Galaxy S2 is the smarter choice.  

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      On the subject of destroying phones, My friend was able to break his S2 recently. This is not a diss on samsung considering. Quite an accomplishment really. It i@be69d7fd6a79cd05d7a4e85ea064ecd2:disqus 
       not easy but apparently all it takes is dropping while at the same time reflexively kicking it across a room. 
      Breaking an iphone only takes dropping it on a hard surface from around waist level, An s2 requires a more severe form of impact.

      • I hate Amazon

        Oh crap, I didn’t take Tremaine’s advice at face value and had to see for myself  so I punted my Samsung into a brick wall and sure enough I busted up a corner…dammit.  Anyone know a good repair shop…

  • Vipvivian56

    It’s a great choice iPhone is not only the best phone ever. But in 2007 was the first of its kind the first touch screen phone ever made. Always gotta go with the original designer. Everything else is just a copy… In 2011 apple sued Samsung for copying there product that’ says it all. Apple all the way if you can’t beat them join them. A

    • sammieH

      In this day and age of the information superhighway, there are obviously people who don’t have a licence to get onto it.  I was using a touch screen smartphone nearly 10 years ago.  And the more geeky of my friends had modules which converted their PDAs into mobile phones nearly 15 years ago.  So much for the iPhone being, in 2007, “the first of its kind the first touch screen ever made”.  Fail, fail, fail Viv.

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      ROTFLMAO, The reason I switched to the iphone way back was they were one of the first to use capacitive touchscreens, the rest were using resistive which i found to be unresponsive and irritating. Although very good for bubble buster(game in omnia). But being the first touchscreen? not really. Even before the p900 and other pda phones way back in 1992 IBM came up with SIMON, did not last but that was just a year after the sim card was invented. More than a decade before Apple. 

      The first popular touchscreen phone was the p900 (i really wanted that phone)… 

      It would also be difficult for apple to sue samsung for the display since they just buy components from other companies… The screen on an ipad2 among other things come from … SAMSUNG tada!

      Do not buy into the whole patent issue. its just big companies trying to bully each other. Whatever phone you are holding has tech licensed from several often competing companies. Holding an iphone means it  probably has licences from nokia, samung, LG, and ericcson. =)

      • Bogdan_ha

        I love you answer. Because it is the truth. Cellphones go back to Tesla and Macaroni(??) in late 1800’s. so who’s the patent. touch was present in Sony video cameras for 20 years now, so where is the innovation?? 

    • Guest

      Is that why Samsung makes the dual core chip which runs the Iphone ??? Oh wait, without that the Iphone would be a peice lf Ijunk

      • Bogdan_ha

        have you ever heard of HTC? that was and is the best IT factory of phones. Iphones and samsungs and sonys are still made THERE!! that is why they dare too to make their phones.. it is a normal competition: (talking nano technology) ‘listen, I am iPhone, I need you to print (nano technology is also about printing chips – you can print a nice photo or you can print my chip).
        The idea is that Apple DARED to do it FIRST, and they sold their 100 mill iDevices X 100 USD/piece profit already. so why they still thnk they are best. no, they are not best, but Steve Jobs wa the DAREST.
        That is it!!!! next time you choose a loaf of bread would you think which company was first???

    • Bogdan_ha

      The multi-touch is as old as 80’s, so what else the iphone brought in?? do you know that there are countries where gold is valued as gold and other countries the gold if valued as gold + 100% more for the design ( meaning gold x2). Apple was bold to release a new technology based on words and design. but lets take it straight, the technology WAS there before iPhone ever existed. as with cell-phones. when you guys had the first cell-phone?? have you ever thought that the technology exist since 1900??? what about the desktop now?? the laptops?? at this very moment there are more than 1000 different laptop models and for every category, based on any factor, there are at least 20 laptops fighting eachother. lets go further: cars!!! 
      Beer? scotch or whisky or whiskey?I am personally using and iPhone 3Gs paired with iPad 1. the 3Gs is too small for maps or email, and the iPad is too big for maps and email. I am looking for a SGS2 paired with a Galaxy tab 7.7 ( quite a paperback book size too). not to mention that you can not delete single call logs. Apps store? -> list of restaurants in New York -> 3 dollars, list of restaurants in Manhattan -> 3 dollars. what a joke. if the apps must pass through apple, why apple don’t filter them, apple dont filter them by quality of content, they filter only by quality of coding, then why there is no porn on Apps. nobody understands. 

    • brenden dietterich

      Apple is a money hungry little snot. Gs2 Fully customizable, free. period.

    • Avichal Rakesh

      the race is not about starting first but about being ahead

    • Julope6

      Be a leader, not a follower.lmao
      Apples rot. Droid does….not.

  • Barikshazad

    ps2 is better than apple i phone 5

  • Shawest

    i think that s2 is better but who cares if we all had one taste, all products would vanish except one. for me i’d rather go for different less performance phone but looking better and has a better display, like the xperia arc or arc s, and that would b my choice, i dun need a laptop processor in my phone anyway, and it should just b enough for u. and 4 ur infos the s2 isn’t permanently work by the dual core.

    • Shawest_85

      and if u guys want u can get the new sony but not ericsson anymore xperia ion the new best phone ever released

  • Tremaine Axscieze

    Actually Jonvan is right, Apple is good at marketing making them look like innovators, They have innovated some things but first. SIRI was an app available in the market before being bought by apple. So that is not actually innovation but big business, Also there is jeannie that has been available for both androids and iphones way before the 4s was released, they do talk to you.

    Camera? Well who uses phones to take worthwhile pics? well if you define worthwhile as. Having a pic to remember an occasion, event or memory most people with a camera phone. If you define it by the resolution and quality only professional photographers… wait for 16mp?  nokia has done it. Design? aesthetics are up to the buyer what they prefer but design encompasses everything including durability, The 4s “feels” sturdy but is not as durable, Simplicity, The s2 can be as simple as you want it too be, It just gets complicated when you do complicated things. Crashes are part of many OSs even iphones crash. 

    I believe that matter of taste part as I have been mentioning other people get a 4s because it suits them better. I just want to make sure the facts are straight

  • richard barrett

    What a ridiculous comparison article.  no mention is made of the very important aspects of Battery Life and indeed Signal Strengths. First and foremost these are supposed to be PHONES, as per Smartphone, I Phone…but they are so unreliable as Phones…give me the old Motorola type flip phone or the small LG phones which gave brilliant reliable signals..and battery life.

    • Jhudd

      I’m about to buy a new phone. I love Android a lot and I hear Apple always charges extra fee’s? I’m debating between the s2 or the 4s. Samsung just seems a lil better, I think everyone likes the I phone better because of the name. But I have to say I like both phones but Samsung made the processor that goes into I phone so the I phone is like 40% Samsung. Why buy a I phone when the s2 is just as good.

  • Johnnyflyhigh

    it is a one sided review. lol from the very start of this article. anyway, samsung phones DETHRONED apple! hooray for the korean pips. ^^

  • Blackcardboy93

    iphone 4s isnt better and don’t say because of siri because the galaxy 2 have two programs that do the same thing. one of them is voice search made by google not the best but voice talk made by samsungs company is as gud or betta then siri

  • 2kader

    what is better to buy

    • brenden dietterich

      I had iphones and HATED it, everything is about $ with them. I bought the gs2 and I LOVE. I will never buy an crapple phone again. Andriod is the BEST. 100% customizable. You do that with a iphone and you void your warranty. All $. Free music, free apps. Free love<3

    • Jonathan .R.

      i like both i think you should buy the fast sgs 2, if better camera i phone 4s

  • meh

    What about the user interface, battery, and storage? Secondary camera is not important? Not for me as i use video call alot (App such as tango and skype is getting popular due to this function). And it seem like you forget to mention about flash browser too which every apple product lack of. App availability should be added into the comparison too, here is what i think apple should get the compliment. i-cloud should be mention too since it make the sync between i-devices much more easier than android. You said 4s beat s2 just because you think s2 has been the best for too long? Seriously??? I think Justin Bieber is better than Michael Jackson because MJ has been the legend for too long. Seem Legit to you?

    • Tremaine Axscieze

      good one rotflmao!

  • Eamonngibson96

    Galaxy s 2 is well better looking, the softwear is much easier and the screen is much better siri only works in dead silence And even at that it dosent work well i know this because my cousion has one. Also the maps are a hell of a lit quicker then the iphone.the apple phone is just a name and the galaxy s 2 is by far the winner of this contest. I think you should learn your facts first

    • Pineda626

      What a weak argument..the s2 wins cus it looks better? Are you stupid? And the iphone is much more user friendly ive seen people pick up an iphone who have never used one and navigate through it as if it were their own two hands. Android on the other hand is way complicated. It may be simple to you bcus you have had it for a while but to others well not so much…(wrote this on my iphone 4s btw) 😀

  • jill

    Siri you are kiding, android had vlingo 18months before the iphone 4s check this out on the net actually it was rated superior to siri, so apple not so ground breaking news

  • Fjfjksaj_jfsd

    the samsung galaxy s 2 wins the iphone 4s in the camera seactiont the samsung galaxy s 2 has 2 megapixel camera at the front abd the iphone 4s has 0.9 megapixel. dont tell me this bit of diffrent dosent count couse then you are saying that 5megapixel camera dosent make a diffrent from 3 megapixel camera

    • Stevietap

      In terms of picture quality the iPhone 4S is way better.

  • Zaniar

     I like is samsung galaxy s2 becouse isvery fast and camra 8 MP….

  • Andrew G Staheli

    So, just because the “Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone for too long, and now a new device should come to replace it”, the iPhone 4s wins?  Subjective much?

    • Da1 Anonly

      lol!!! exactly!

  • Mŕ Kŕimiņăl

    Guys , literally speaking you can’t compare iphone 4s with a samsung s2? LOL.

     Just take a try of both the phones and you,ll know the result.  anyways .. Samsung galaxy s2 lags too much. just open 5 application at on etime  and you,ll see  galasy 2 starts laging on the other hand apple iphone 4s never lags you can open 15 application or more at one time It can never Lag 😉  secon d thing resolution of iphone 4s is much higher than gs2 well dudes or guys like of our age mostly  buy phones for gaming clear  display musc nd movies right ? and inevery sence iphone 4s is the winner and one last thing. apple’s vga camera is as good as samsung gs2s 2mp camera 😉 and   apple’s 8mp camera means samsung 16mp camera :)) anyways choice is yours Peace.
    Samsung galaxy s2 and iphone 4s owner 😉

    • StanStanmenson


      “just open 5 application at on etime  and you,ll see  galasy 2 starts
      laging on the other hand apple iphone 4s never lags you can open 15
      application or more at one time It can never Lag ;)”

      The iPhone 4s has 512 mb RAM.
      The Samsung Galaxy S2 has 1 gb RAM.

      And your saying iPhone can run more apps without lagg when half the apps just turn off and aren’t even running.

      iPhone 4s and the rest of Apple’s Crap is just a bunch of rich nerd show-off wastes of money.

    • Bogdan_ha

      because 15 apps are not really multitasking, they always reload when you go back to them, so yes 1’000 apps in iPhone will never lag, because, again, they are not multitasking!!!

    • Bogdan_ha

      how can a tiny clear screen be better than a big clear screen?? How can clear 4-point fonts be clearer than 6-point fonts?? how can face-time-only can be better than any video-calling. Sorry, I am shopping for any of the 2, if you can answer this questions I will have a base to decide.

  • ty

    your a loser Mr Kriminal. Look up all the comparisons on youtube, s2 boots quicker, surfs the web quiker, has a far bigger screen. You can remove the battery and use spares!! you can root the phone and acess its processor voltages and overclock it to be even faster. the graphics and processor crap all over the iphone. Plus the gorilla anti scratch/crack screen is far better than iphones joke of a screen. Everyone i know that has had an iphone has broken the screen. they are over advertised, overpriced pieces of junk. Your an idiot for buying into apples marketing.. omg they even sell the 4s based on an app. Siri is SOFTWARE not hardware lol. Android has one identical called Evi. look it up. Face it dude, Iphones are overpriced pieces of junk sold to sheep. wake up

    • Pineda626

      Its a phone …it makes calls…texts….and and has a camera . Thats all you need

    • Sebastian

      The best I heard. What you say about the battery is very important. When you lose power as we have in the North East because of hurricane Sandy, having multiple battery is a plus. All my iphone friends were stuck.

  • Kristinacua

    I have galaxy s2 and iphone 4s. I prefer my S2. You’ll only understand once you have both.

    • Jonathan .R.

      I am going to buy i phone 4s or 4 but now i have sgs2 is better if i shift phone to iphone?

  • Joseibarra_gonzalez

    what kind of review is this? Just because iPhone 4s is a later model doesn’t mean its better.

  • Voicila43

    Iphone processor is made by samsung. 40% pf the iphon 4 and 4s. Is made by samsung. For those that apreciate more iphone then samsung, they actualy apreciate samsung. So, who is the winner?

  • Brian Jack

    What are you talking man…. How the hell 4S wins.. are u mad..

    How in the world u think iOS is equal to Android ?

    Camera : 8 + 2 is far better than 8 + VGA.

    Display : 4.3 Inch AMOLED is better than 3.5 inch Retina. Resolution matters but AMOLED makes up for it.

    In my opinion 4S dont have a chance near S2.

    Loosers :-)

    Apple : If u wanna beat S2 bring somthing thats worth buying 😛

    • Jonathan .R.

      I think the both phones are good :)

    • Pineda626

      Its 1080p display on 4s damnit! Jeez you huys are terrible. And the 8mp camera on 4s is a way better camera in terms if optics.. Mp isnt all that matters

  • Gmail

    Yo boys i sing song
    soup song ,flop song
    y dis apple y dis apple lags
    white border apple havee
    but inside black

    • Amon

      Great Sense of humour, Appreciate.

  • Impartial ?

    As you can see…,these people are right! although nothing said about the sdhc cards? Or flashlight?just other little things I find useful…

    .oh Mr reviewer, are you going to change your result based on the comments from your target audience? The facts are there now Question is… Is this an impartial review or a soapbox stand further brainwashing new,phone buyers by being economical with the truth ?

    Galaxy s2 root standard kernel
    Htc desire villainrom same ram as iphone 4s haha

  • Azharp_94

    i really want to get a s2 but will they work well with my dre beats? someone plz answer??

  • Farid200398

    which phone is best iphone or samsung galaxy

    • Rey

      Erm, read the post?…

  • Andin1234

    Im buying an iphone 4s cus i think it looks cool has cool accessories. If you have a mac an ipad or some other apple device it might be a bit smarter to get the iphone 4s cus of icloud and itunes. But that’s just my opinion get what ever you think is better the reveiw is one persons opinion not yours.

  • Thereverendblackgrape

    I got an S2 after having a iPhone 3GS.
    Big mistake. Sold the s2 on eBay and spent another 200 quid on a 4S.
    It’s the business. Unless you love Android then get an IPhone. Texting is so much better too

    • Pb

      texting is horrible on the iphone. texts take ages to get through and its just generally a horrible phone. sure it might be a great camera but tbh if i wanted a camera id buy one

      • Derrick Yeboah

         This is true. The SWYPE key on GS2 makes texting a breeze.

    • Jonathan .R.

      when i was going to buy new phone i did not know which phone to buy my father had already samsung galaxy s2 and i wanted the iphone 4 he said android was better and now i hae got the sgs2 it is a good phone but sometimes it laggs and feels cheap sometimes i want the 4s sometimes not

  • Tefen7

    Unless your an apple junky then the S2 LTE is far more superior then the 4S due to it’s much faster processor and much larger screen size. Who cares about a small resolution difference if it means a much smaller screen. The resolution on the S2 is plenty enough to watch HD videos and play HD games. When watching a movie anyone would prefer a larger screen as to be less likely to get ‘tunnel vision’ and have motion/visual sickness issues. It’s a very logical hands down that the S2 is a better phone all in all.

  • phones

    samsung galaxy is best

  • Triggahapy1981

    I found that the voice command system available on the s2 (accessed  by a double press on the home button) was just as effective as siri for commanding the phone to do things such as sms and taking memos as well as asking for nav instructions etc….

    • Ibrahim_993_fbi

      exactly, you could speak and the device types what u speak and the compose it as sms which is good, imagine that u are driving and u need to text isn’t that amazing ?

  • Rajeev

    You have made some mistakes my friend. Firstly iphone 4S processor has the best GPU on the market. Even the SGS2, is clocked at 1.2GHz, iphone 4S is still better. Secondly concerning its camera, Iphone 4S takes better pics in dark than SGS2. It is currently the best camera phone on the market. But very nice review. The SGS2 is still a very good phone. Some people say they are disappointed by the design of iphone 4S which is same as iphone 4. Though it is still one of the slimmest smartphone with a very premium feeling in your hand. The glass makes it look absolutely gorgeous while most of the smarphones comes with plastic. I have a SGS2 but am going for iphone 4S.

    • Petugi

      well rajeev, nokia n8 takes better photos than all other phones

      • Derrick Yeboah

         True! 12MP with LED

    • Victor VA

      That clock speed is for the CPU which has nothing to do with the GPU. And I’ve seen Cyber-shot phones taking way better photos that iPhone 4S (yeah I have a friend with a Cyber-shot phone and another one with an iPhone 4S).

    • Derrick Yeboah

       After going for the iPhone 4S, you may be very disappointed because the difference will not be much. I own both phones and I know what I am talking about.

  • The-pg

    The Samsung Galaxy just feels so extremely plastic… No bueno! Also the display is MUCH more grainy due to low resolution compared to the iphone.

    • Derrick Yeboah

       Are you sure you are talking about Galaxy S2? Have you actually held one. I thought it was plastic until I got one. Plastic but very well done. It makes the phone light and comfortable. It slides perfectly into my pocket. On both, images look sharp. If you see a grainy display, then it is not a GS2

  • jen

    i would like to point out Siri is kind of deaf. by the time you ask her to send a text, you could have just done it manually yourself! it can’t pick up what you say accurately in public.. nor does it contain UK maps. so tell me… what is the point of this function.

    • Mahi S Nair

       yes..yes and yes :-)

  • Jon

    Jen, I love Siri more than I love you

  • Sadist_sad

    i have both phones but S2 is way better than Iphone, Simply saying iphone restricts users freedom while S2 respects. If there was no s2, apple wud not update their product and force us to buy the same crap phone over and over again. S2 show us what a mobile device cud look like. S2 offered us many features of our choice apple always offered us what they like in their phone in high price.

    • Mahi S Nair

       really really nice response :-)

  • LTMO27

    In response to Sadist_sad’s observation…I couldn’t help but giggle at that.  Is it any surprise that Apple would restrict their user, while any other manufacturer worth their salt grants freedom?  That restrictive attitude is why I never have been and never will be an Appleite.  Give me liberty or give me anything-but-an-apple-product!

    • Mahi S Nair

       well said too..:-)

  • chewy

    I prefer Android but there are two areas where the 4S wins –

    SGS2 camera is good for a phone but no way is it equal to the 4S. Reasonably close in still photos – but 4S definitly better, especially in low light. And 4S videos are a lot better – 4S has way faster autofocus, which makes a big difference (unless nothing moves). The 4S also has an image stabiliser that makes the videos look much better too (not jerking around).

    No mention of reception – the 4S is definitely better here. The SGS2 is OK and average, but the 4S has very strong reception. Could be important if you’re in a weak signal area.

    As I said I prefer Andriod, but the above 2 things might be important to some people.

    • Mahi S Nair

       well said :-)

      • Redhawk211

        He is wrong, they are extremely close in still pictures but if u adjust the s2 ISO to 200 it turns out better that. The iPhone 4s camera but the galaxy s2 video beats the iPhone 4s because its slightly clearer but the audio is so much better on the video of the s2 test it and u will see I am correct. No offense to the great camera on the iPhone 4s

    • Darshanprakash

      s2 is better

  • Motious

    i bought both phones and sellotaped them together back to back. i disabled the secondary cameras and cloned my sim so both ring when i get a call. i can only answer one per call but thats ok. its hard to keep the sellotape off the bigger screen of the sgs2 but i’m currently testing a clear adhesive resin that should permanently fix the glass to the plastic.

  • rakeshsharma rakesh

    but i like samsung beacause low price best result

  • Roger

    why are there iphone 4 and samsung galaxy s pictures instead of the samsung galaxy s2 and iphone 4s pictures ?

  • Mahi S Nair

    first of all, u got the wrong picture of the device u wanted to compare, how is tht for a first impression bro ?? considering whn it was released and how good it is, i guess galaxy s2 is a big time winner; for the first itme i saw something bigger than apple n i guess 2012 will be no diffrnt, galaxy s3 spec rules iphone 5 big time..

  • Devres8000

    You’re on crack. The iphone has a better display?!?!? Are you serious? You are absolutely WRONG. It is a fact that the Samsung display is the best out. Forget the specs, you show an iphone person the display on a GS2 or a E4GT and they are amazed at the brightness. The clarity. The iphone HAD this best display say…3 years ago when it came out. You can’t say that the 4s is better than the S2 if the S2 is better than the 4, because it is the same damn display.
    Now ever since the new updates have come out the GS2 is untouched in speed. I just set benchmarks higher than any phone or tablet.
    As far as Siri goes…it’s a fad. I have yet to witness anyone using it except to show it off. So if you wanted to give your unbiased opinion what would it be. Because you are OBVIOUSLY bias.

    • Nicolas Scott Howell

      agreed. I cant even use Siri without getting really pissed. not to mention i compared my 4S’ screen to my friends ATT GS2 with a 4.3″ screen and now i’m beyond jealous. 

      • Redhawk211

        Also the SGS2 doesn’t use sub-pixels in its super amoled plus display and is full rgb technology so even if the original only has a 800×480 screen it still turns out sharper and clearer and its has brilliant color display so… iPhones retina display screen can suck it.

    • Pineda626

      Iphone 4 doesnt have a 1080p display like 4s idiot

    • tomo008866

      You’re angry. The iPhone has almost as many pixels as the iPad and that already has loads and look at the size of the iPhones screen!

      The retina display makes it even better and the size of the screen is perfect. I don’t know what you’re on about, maybe you haven’t used the iPhone 4. I think you’re talking about the first iPhone…

  • Jsrevor

    Am i the only person thinking about the fact that both phones can be unlocked?
    Couldnt iphone 4s be “jailbroken” to surpass gs2 while the android can be pushed to surpass iphone? Only real difference is the galaxy comes uncaged while iphone you have to crack and deal with penalties. So both phones have a hell of a lot of potential….in the right hands. So unless everyone suddenly got a geek itch to scratch and decided to push both phones and THEN compare apples to apple, we can only argue about the set variables out-of-the-box whithin the variables of providers’ variable network speeds. I know cameras are important but these days people use the internet more than they wash their hands. I have to agree with some in that as long as my phone can take decent pics and HD video, im happy. When it comes to cameras, screen size/ brightness, etc… its all preference and therefore arguable. Both phones are outstanding and i intend to try both and see for myself to see what they can handle.

  • Iura

    for me the winner is SGS 2 because :
    1 – bigger screen
    2 – Android OS 
    3- better price.
    4- better design

    • NewWorld

      Not to mention SGS 2 has even more great qualities:
      (1) Gorilla glass/ shown on the drop test/ and scratch test
      (2) Longer battery life
      (3) Faster processor 
      (4) Lighter weight phone
      (5) Better picture quality
      (6) More apps and free ones
      (7) Better assistance app. than SIRI
      (8) Better front facing camera vga compared to 2m on Galaxy
      (9) Built in 5.1 sound decoder 
      And the list can go on even more! :-)

    • NewWorld

      Not to mention SGS 2 has even more great qualities:
      (1) Gorilla glass/ shown on the drop test/ and scratch test
      (2) Longer battery life
      (3) Faster processor 
      (4) Lighter weight phone
      (5) Better picture quality
      (6) More apps and free ones
      (7) Better assistance app. than SIRI
      (8) Better front facing camera vga compared to 2m on Galaxy
      (9) Built in 5.1 sound decoder 
      And the list can go on even more! :-)

    • tomo008866

      I prefer the iPhone because:
      -iOS is more advanced, secure and stable.
      -Better design than S2
      -iOS has better UI
      -Perfect screen size (not too big and not too small)

      I’ve seen a lot of iPhone users happier with Android phones and vise versa. It’s a matter of opinion and I prefer iPhone and iOS over Android.

      • Larry

        I have to agree with tomo008866. It’s all about what you want. Having owned both, I will say these general differences between the two platforms:

        Iphone is more stable and rock solid performer in terms of OS, but it is also more “locked down” so to speak. I found it restrictive and uninviting.

        Android is more customizable, plays nicer with others, and you can add storage space and swap batteries. But it’s also a little more buggy and isn’t as solid an OS.

        Had the S2 for a day and already experienced a few errors with the NAV software and a weird error when it rebooted. You don’t get that with the iphone. Plus the battery life on the S2 in my opinion is not as good when compared to the iphone, but I have been using it a lot since I got it.

        Being a computer nerd, I find the “plays nice with others” aspect of Android more appealing. And it is easier for me to get my stuff from the phone to the computer…even my iMac.

  • Janjansen

    iphone is to expensive and you have to pay for so many apps

    • Janey

      Dude, you have to buy apps for Android too.

      • Darshanprakash


      • Robot

        Yeah but example……whatsapp android free, apple, 60p approx? and thats just one examply there are many….

        • 4s lover

          because it was free on app store for an year

      • NewWorld

        I have downloaded so many great apps, and never paid for one! Cannot do that with an iPhone.   

      • NewWorld

        I have downloaded so many great apps, and never paid for one! Cannot do that with an iPhone.   

        • tomo008866

          I’ve never bought an app for my iPod Touch. I’d much prefer the iTunes Store over the Android Marketplace. If it’s the same as iPod Touch then it’s better and has more free apps than the Android Marketplace as a whole. I’d prefer to use my iPod Touch over my Samsung galaxy S2.

          • Anonymous

            umm ipod touch? Thats not even a phone…

          • Diane

            no, but it’s just like the iphone without the actual “phone” part.

  • Nicolas Scott Howell

    how is the screen on the iphone better?!?! My friend just got the GS2 on ATT last night and we compared my white 4S with his GS2, which isnt even the skyrocket, and everything about the GS2 seems better than my 4S, to the point that i’m fairly confident that i’ll be getting one too.

    • NewWorld

      I had the iPhone, you will be happier with the Galaxy S2. My friends showed me the way too. Plus it was only $80 at Sam’s club. 1/4 of the price of my iPhone, I was a sucker too, now I research everything.

    • NewWorld

      I had the iPhone, you will be happier with the Galaxy S2. My friends showed me the way too. Plus it was only $80 at Sam’s club. 1/4 of the price of my iPhone, I was a sucker too, now I research everything.

  • Kitchens Manchester

    Nevermind the galaxy or iphone come and have a look at some beautiful kitchens!

  • Sagar Bhakta

    you are an idiot, who ever wrote this article. no idea about technology 

  • Victor VA

    Had never seen such a retarded article. You said that the already beaten iPhone 4S’ Retina Display (since you said the SGSII had the best display in the world even against the already launched Retina Display featuring iPhone 4) now beats the Galaxy SII’s display. How does that make sense? Another stupid argument you gave is Gingerbread not being the newest (it seems that newer means better to you as well) released version of Android and therefore (in your logic) making it inferior to iOS 5. WTF? You’re not comparing Gingerbread against ICS, but the first one against iOS 5. The last idiotic conclusion you came up with is Siri simply making iOS 5 better (overall) than Android 2.3.

    • Fadkar

      That wasnt the last idiotic statement, the last one was saying that the iphone is betterjust because the gs2 has been the best for too long. LOL

      • Jstuxx

        I agree with that, he might as well say mac is better because microsoft windows has been the best for too long

  • Jonathan .R.

    I have a sgs2 but i  am going to buy iphone4s or i phone 4

  • Jonathan .R.

    The sgs is a gooood fast and slim phone i like both of them but iphone4 or 4s is camerea is much better, i like i pohone is design more.
    That is why i am going to buy i phone 4 or 4s to see which is best :)

    • NewWorld

      The rear facing camera are both 8m, however the Samsung has more features for the camera mode. Also the front camera on the iPhone is only a vga, and the Galaxy is a 2m. Make sure you are doing your research before making comments/ buying a product.

    • NewWorld

      The rear facing camera are both 8m, however the Samsung has more features for the camera mode. Also the front camera on the iPhone is only a vga, and the Galaxy is a 2m. Make sure you are doing your research before making comments/ buying a product.

    • Redhawk211

      You are wrong about the camera, I’m not saying the iPhone has a bad camera because its one of the best however the galaxy s2 camera is much better with its video capabilities having better audio quality than iPhone 4s. And if u put the Samsung galaxy s2 ISO at 200 instead of automatic it turns out better than iphone camera

  • DMH

    My opinion is based on a) reviews by tech reviews online, b) personal opinions of friends, c) the comments here and d) how the two phones compared when I checked them out at the store.
    Most online reviews are slightly in favour of the SII, but cautious not to diss the iPhone. Hard-core tech companies are more openly in favor of the SII. Specswise, the Galaxy SII seems better.
    The SII is the choice of tech-savvy ppl; it’s the dream-phone of all the IT staff in our company (both hardware engineers and software developers). It’s also recommended by a senior manager in a very respected telecom company (and they promote blackberry, not Samsung). I have met only one person who prefers the iPhone; but he’s a professional musician, so he based his opinion on only two things – the iPhone screen resolution and how iPhone helps record and share his music – the latter is a requirement which only a narrow segment of users would care about and I’m not familiar enough with the SII to tell whether SII can do the same thing. From the comments here, most SII fans know what they are talking about, at least they give valid technical reasons to support their claims, whereas very few of the apple fans make justified arguments. For the record, I have neither an iPhone 4S nor a Galaxy SII, but having checked out both at the shops and with friends, the Samsung Galaxy SII seems way better.

    • Larry

      I have to agree with DMH. I have used both Android and Apple phones. I have recently decided to try a Galaxy S2 due to hating how difficult Apple makes it for me to get files from the phone to my local hard drive. Android allows me to just use a file browser and add my LAN shares, then I can just wifi stuff from phone to PC and back again. You can do this to some extent with the iphone, but with paid software. And in multiple steps.

      I use a scanning app for the camera on a daily basis, and it was far more convenient a process on Android than on the iphone. Admittedly, there were a couple of more features on the Apple scanning app, but it wasn’t enough to make me not want to switch back to Android for the ease-of-use factor.

      Android simply put plays better with others. Plus, I happen to love Samsung’s Allshare aspect. I can play my phone movies etc… right from the phone to the blu ray player wirelessly. It’s flawless on Android, but not so much with the iphone without converting the file first.

      App stores….. Not nearly as many free options on the App Store as with Google Play. And no try out period? Are you serious? I wasted probably $20 on apps that didn’t live up to their ads. I believe on the Google Play store, you have a small window of time to reverse a transaction before it’s permanent. Plenty of time to gauge an app and whether or not you like it.

      Having used the iphone for 4 months, I will give it this… it just works. Flawless connections to the internet and map apps, and they quickly come up. I’ve only had the S2 for a day and already have complaints about the connections not being very solid, and Google navigation errors. Though a simple reboot fixed those, you have to decide what you want more, and what you’re willing to tolerate with regards to both brands shortcomings. Battery replacements and storage upgrades are a big plus for the S2. Can’t do either with the iphone.

      Going to test the S2 for a while longer before making my choice.

  • Jonathan .R.

    I like Iphone is good cam

    • Anonymous

      Their basically the same…

      • Joshua Nathan

        They’re, not “Their”.

  • Ron

    Let me guess, the writer of this “review” is 17 years old.

    • paul

      Sounds like the writer of this review is an iphone user to be exact, the galaxy s2 is worlds apart in everything it does, my mate who, like a lot of people has an iphone and he is gob smacked at what my galaxy s2 does. I couldnt use an iphone there still useing the same old same old technolgy with a few bells and whistles like trinkets on a xmas tree. Siri, Vlingo was an app released a year before on android which did the same thing but better. If a person keeps doing the same thing time after time after time, thinking theres nothing more out there. All i can say is,Get out a bit more iphone users and you will see theres more out there, its a big world.

  • Ella

    its about money. It’s not ONLY about knowledge. If you can sell such a fantastic phone like samsung galaxy smartphone with reasonable price and not EXPENSIVE price, I guess samsung phone has much more astratage. You can sell a great thing for millions of dollors but it wont be for are losing the market.

    • Appleftw

      I wouldn’t be surprised that the galaxy s2 is much cheaper considering they use cheap materials…(plastic, plastic and more plastic). Oh only reason more are sold is because people like you make $8 per hour working at maccas and not having enough to buy a more expensive phone :).

      • Redhawk211

        Wow arnt u a stuck up apple fanboy in the end Ella is smarter than you because they got a much better phone than the pathetic iPhone 4s for much less. Yes it is made of cheaper plastic but crushes apples iPhone 4s in every other way… so way to go apple fanboy!!

      • Julope6

        You are a stuck up fanboy. Get that stick out your butt. Lets drop our phones from the waist and lets see whose survives. My S2 will be scuffed, while your screen will explode fruitb****

  • thatiPhoneguy

    iPhone 4s is the best i have one and i love it so yeah

  • Foxylady_000

    I love my samsung galaxy S2…

  • Dustan H

    I use to own an iphone then I tried the sgs2 and can never go back to an iphone…it would be like down grading!!!!!

  • Shokeen Ashish007

    Iphone 4s is the best

  • Shell644

    I think the samsung galaxy s2 is an extrodinary phone. I don’t take nothing from the iphone 4s but, I prefer the lighter and faster s2. The screen is outstanding. and its a resonable price. thumbs up s2

  • Wow, Really?

    So let me get this straight, the reason that you picked the iPhone 4s over the Samsung Galaxy  SII because the Galaxy is awesome. So awesome for so long, that it needs to be arbitrarily replaced, because it couldn’t possibly be that awesome. WOW. GOOD ARGUMENT. 

  • Wow, Really?

    So let me get this straight, the reason that you picked the iPhone 4s over the Samsung Galaxy  SII because the Galaxy is awesome. So awesome for so long, that it needs to be arbitrarily replaced, because it couldn’t possibly be that awesome. WOW. GOOD ARGUMENT. 

  • Jonathan .R.

    Samsung Galaxy S II is much better than Iphone 4S it is cheaper, faster and slimmer. It has better battery too!

  • CCross

    well the review might be stupid, but iPhone 4S is still way better, so why complain?

    • alb

      iphone 4s siri is a rip off of androids vlingo which was released a year earlier than siri, and according to the techsperts was and still is superior, google it and find the truth to apples old siri. Samsung galaxy s2 is on another level to apple

      • Jstuxx

        Apple didn’t rip SIRI off. SIRI was a research program which was bought by Apple.

        • Avin1996

          heyyy cud ny1 help me out as i hav to buy a smartphone nd cnt chuse betwen iphone 4s n samsung galaxy s2 i want to know wether d downloading of apps music is easier on wich device! cud sum1 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me

  • CCross

    well the review might be stupid, but iPhone 4S is still way better, so why complain?

  • NewWorld

    I had the iPhone 4S and now the Galaxy S2, There is no comparison between the two. The Samsung Galaxy S2, wins at every level. I was never so unhappy with the short battery life, dropped calls/ poor reception, and dropped my phone from lap height and it was done! I have learned before I buy, never follow the crowd. I would rather pay less for quality and durability then a name brand that falls short in every direction. I paid $80 for the Galaxy S2 (Sam’s Club) and $399 for the iPhone, what was I thinking! When I had the iPhone I told everyone it was the best and acted stuck-up, even with all the problems it was giving me. Now I know why the Galaxy S2 users looked at me like I had no knowledge, and never took the time to research the phones. That is like having the worst made car in Consumer Reports, “BMW” but still buying it because it is a name brand. (I did that too, finally returned off the showroom floor car for the lemon law, don’t get one unless you like money pits)

    • tomo008866

      I bought it for the design and the OS. I don’t like Android. I prefer iOS and WP7. The iPhone 4S does have great specs also.

  • Faith

    I have an Iphone 4S and so far the only thing I like about it is the camera.. I should have listened to everyone who told me to get the Samsung.  I wanted to to know what the hype was all about. Very disappointed. I keep getting messages the my voicemail is full when I only have 4 messages on my phone???

    • Sachinjuyal

      Hi Faith,
      Your voicemail messages are not saved on the phone, but they are saved on ur phone network provider server, which might have limited the space of voicemail to 4 message so u need to delete from there, nothing wrong with ur phone memory.

  • Faith

    I have an Iphone 4S and so far the only thing I like about it is the camera.. I should have listened to everyone who told me to get the Samsung.  I wanted to to know what the hype was all about. Very disappointed. I keep getting messages the my voicemail is full when I only have 4 messages on my phone???

  • troll69

    i used to have an iPhone but then i took an arrow to the knee

  • Caseybugeya

    iphone 4s’s are the absolute best choice. Samsung galaxy 2’s screen arnt anywhere near as clear as the iphone 4s. Infact it is so disappointing how unclear their screens are and how slow they are too.

    • Bryce

      How “Slow” they are? You’re an idiot. Look at the specs to both of them, and the one that proves faster is the Galaxy. They have unclear screens? LOL

      • Jovani

        What good is better hardware with out the software to know how to use it s2 is slow

        • Hades

          android is the best platform… how funny you are… hahaha

          • Matty8181

            It’s funny how samsung users tout better HW specs pertains to better speed!  I have used android and ios devices, both have their ups and downs, however I would say that processor speed is nothing when compared to how the device functions with an OS.  The iphone 4S in my opinion operates far quicker than an S2 (and yes I have used / seen / touched one!)  Ios for me is by far a superior platform.  Android has a major issue with app developers, few want to develop anything new for android, this is sad but IOS is by far better for apps! As for customisation I found wih andoid that widgets drain your batter and I got fed up of having to disable features just to preserve battery! Thats my piece, not an apple fanboy, just saying it how I see it!

    • Nimmu

      m agree with u my frn…. and wts the use of big screen…. main thing is clearity.. and 4s is handy… 

    • Travis Graves

       im sorry itss pretty much unanimous that the gs2 has the worlds best screen sorry buddy

  • None

    check  galaxy S3 hi is on european market from may last year

    • Gust

      check apple iphone 5 hi hi hi

      • Hades

         disappointments you’ll get… hihihi

  • Cormaclawrence

    thxs for that help but i think i will still go with the galaxy s2. And a qustion does the galaxy s2 have a siri thing its self. Also can the galaxy or/and the iphone have a speacial thing that you say something and it says it as a text? anyway thank u so much that really helped!!!!!!!!!!!! :) 

  • Johnyvicario

    Iphine is great but the s2 wins in every level I mean the iPhone doesnt even run on 4g and lets say u u are into music and downloading … The iPhone requires you to use iTunes to sync music and if u want to download directly to your phone you gotta pay with the s2 and pretty much all Android phones you can use your favorite file aharing sites and have the music straight to ur phone the iPhone takes for ever to buffer videos on YouTube the s2 due to the blazing 4g bearly ever stops to buffer not to mention u can drop it once and it has a good chance of surviving its a matter of taste and smarts ppl who want a phone with looks get iPhone if u want performance the s2 hands down

    • Jstuxx

      Just a note on dropping phones also have internals which if you drop it and the externals don’t break does not mean the internals are not damaged

  • KLM

    S II is better if you are a creative persons which need more personalization in your gadget .  Iphone is for persons used to use one thing as it was received .

    • Silverpants

      Ever heard of jailbreak kid??

      • rob

        funny you talk about something that can void all warranty on your phone. i rather stick with something i dont need to break into rather than taking a risk and jailbreaking my phone to try and do something another phone already does period

        • Ssajaf

          hey man who told u like that it wont void ur warranty…hehehe..u can also unjailbreak ur iphone by restore option in itunes…cydia in iphone after jailbreaking will help u much more better to bring millions of cracked apps

          • Erlend Helgesen

            what do you do if you brake it while it’s jailbraked and you can’t restore it before repairing it? 

          • Hades

            hahaha… true true

        • Robert

          I have also had both phones, and just sold the Iphone 4. In my experience, The SG2 Skyrocket which I have is an awesome phone. I deliver for a delivery company and they use delivery software and they can’t even make any for the Iphone because “Apple”, considers it a security risk. Just because the software has to communicate with the phone constantly. But the software will work with the “Blackberry, Android” phones. The Iphone 4 is heavy and smaller screen considering that the “WHOLE” Iphone itself will set right on top of the screen. I like the sg2 for the lightness and the speed. And able to use it for my place of work. That eliminates me from having to carry 2 phones around.  But there are programs that are coming to the Android software that are on the Apple software. Which is great. But as for battery life, I can say I go from 7am – 6pm give or take and that’s running the delivery software that runs in the background of the phone the whole time. But as the choice here it’s clearly the SG2 Skyrocket for me, :)

  • Thtskylineluvr2186

    Ive come to a conclusion.. iPhone users are haters for real. They have no clue as to what their smartphone is capable of. They make claims that their iPhone is so much better than the Samsung Galaxy S2. But can’t ever prove it or tell you why. As stated so many times in these comments. The SGS2 is clearly the best phone and also has a “Siri like” application you can download from the ever expanding Android Market. That’s all I have to say. Or for lack of a better term/statement.. That’s all I need to say!

    Sent from my TECHNICALLY better; Samsung Galaxy S2 😉

    • Thescherzingers

       Ha! Your conclusion is just your opinion…as I am an iPhone user…BUT not a hater. I am switching to the Samsung Galaxy! :) I do like the iPhone4 but I have had issues with it as Im sure many others have. I like how light the S2 is along with the features and the HUGE screen. Of course I do not know of all of its capabilities, but its nice to know that someone (you) are so positive about the phone because it make me feel Im making a wise decision. :)

    • Jstuxx

      Not all iPhone users are haters and not all iPhone users are saying their phones is better than SGS2 but it is what they chose and it is better for them. Whats better for you is a different question. Its like trying to prove to a cyclist that a surf board is better, some things are better for some people and some are better for other people.

      So everyone please stop saying your phone is better than the other phone, its better for you not for everyone else.

      I’m starting to think people are constantly arguing because neither are satisfied with their phones

  • Nick

    Another fan boy

  • Sai Ashwin

    S2>Iphone, iphone is really a great phone with a great OS but Android is the best in all ways

  • Bern

    I’ve got both, but my samsung is way better than my Iphone. I’m about to sell it.  besides, too fragile and almost the same as the iphone 1.  they are both good, BUT SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 IS MY CHOICE.  

  • Joe

    People why does it matter? I read this to get a picture as to what phone i shpuld get. My friend has an s2 skyrocket so I played with his for a while and found it just in terms of what you can do with it the better phone. But I compared the 4s on 3G and the skyrocket on 4G, both full bars, and the iPhone 4s was a tad bit quicker, not enough to notice anything huge, but it was quicker. The main reason I got the 4s was because I really like the two chunks of glass on the front and back with the metal on the sides, not some plastic not so well made phone. But think of it this way, if you take the quality ans screen of the 4s and mix it with the mad capabilities of the skyrocket, leaving a few things out from both phones, you’d have the best phone ever. For a while

  • sara

    people get iphone 4s and i made a mistake and got galaxy s2 and i have to say this phone is just horrible now every moment of my life i am regarding my decision of getting it at the first place. the camera is so worse and the  battery life urgh
    i wished i could reverse up time and get the iphone 4s :(

    • rob

      i guess you have not taken a look at the pros and cons of an android vs the iphone. it is very clear the iphone has a smoother operating system, but you are limited on what you can do. everything with the iphone, you have to clearly use apple products only. you can upload music at a friends house on your iphone and go sync it at your home with itunes unless you want all that music you just programmed in to be erased. you cant customize your phone to meet your needs. Android however, lets you choose almost any option you want to customize your phone. But you have to look at it in one of two ways, if you like customizing your phone go android, if you are more on simplicity and smoothness go iphone. half the cell phone consumers buy off popularity and have no regard for functionality, most people get the iphone cause it looks cool and everyone else has one. i think you made a good choice in the galaxy s2.

      • Enderetnad

        I just have to say I like your comment out of most of this rubbish. You have the most unbiased opinion I’ve seen. I for one will be going with an iPhone because I just want something simple and smooth. I’ve had an android for 2 years now and it’s nice to tweak it and download all the little goodies I want but it gets frustrating after a while. Specially when certain apps don’t work, update issues, and a variety of options that all do the same thing, i.e. two facebook apps. Now I still love android for its openness but that can be a burden towards it too. Just thought I’d share my thoughts. 

    • Thescherzingers

       Sara….if you have never had the iPhone, then clearly you do not know that the iPhone also has a short battery life. I would like to know if you have because I am considering purchasing the Samsung Galaxy S or S2. I had and iPhone 3 (which I grew to dislike because it was became so slow) then purchased the iPhone4, which I still like, BUT has locked up on me a multitude of times and I get aggravated with it for many other reasons. So dont get so frustrated as I had to keep my charger with me at all times!! :)

      • Nimmu

        same problem i faced with S2 and Note… poor battery life…. and now i changed my S2 …. nw m hapy with 4s.. battery life is superb…. and one more thing about 4s.. 4s takes less time thn S2 to recharge the battery…. and many more problms which i faced in S2… when i clicked few pix with S2…. the color of things was totaly diff in display…. tht sucks……. 

    • Christyana1

       wow Really? i’m in the process of getting either Iphone or s2,and so far people been saying exactly the contrary of what you saying…

      • Julope6

        She’s probably clueless. If she can’t figure out a iPhone, then she is just stupid. Android is for people who know what they want, not what they been told to

  • Fadkar

    WOW siri?? Really? Your going to choose the iphone in terms of software just because it has siri? Android has had voice command WAY before siri came out! It can practically do the same thing except android doesnt talk…which wont be a problem with “google assistant.” a program that will allow the phone to talk back with you.

  • Dave-Ice

    iphones and all there little fan boys are gay. why would you not pick the galaxy s 2 it is clearly the better choice. it has a better processor a bigger screen and its capable of 4g speeds not to mention it is slimmer and lighter.

    gs2 all the way

  • Patrank4

    Samsung S2 ive got. best phone i ever had.

  • kanamits

    what is the best smartph0ne? wh0 w0n the best sm0rtph0ne in WMC… WMC is the 0scar awards 0f the t0p m0biles in the w0rld… They c0uld tell what smartph0ne is the best…

    there are things that I hate m0st in i0s… FYI i had an it0uch 3g and SGSL and I am an IT…

    Based 0n my experience, itunes irritating me. I can’t make presentati0ns 0n my ip0d 3g, with 0ut itunes n0r getting files 0n a c0mputer with0ut using itunes.

    I l0ve my sgsl, f0r i can sync my ph0ne thr0ugh wifi, sd card, bluet00th with0ut using itunes 0r kies, and exchanging files with my c0 w0rkers thr0ugh bluet00th… in my it0uch 3g, they can’t disc0ver my device.

    andr0id > i0s

    i think

    s2 > iph0ne 4s

    what d0es the 4s can d0, that the s2 cann0t?

    what d0es the s2 can d0, that the 4s cann0t?

  • Guest

    i thing so apple iphone 4s better

    • Nowayjose

      I think you’re an idiot

  • DrewRoo

    Just replaced my old HTC Wildfire (seriously slow), with a nice new iPhone 4s, running on T-Mobile UK, guess what…… No Service, where I live is a weak signal area, and inspite of the 4s dual antenna and ‘cool’ design, its ability to pick up the carrier if the signal is weak, is nothing short of appalling. So I am now back with the HTC, also tried an old Nokia N97 mini, no problem with signal, iPhone 4, signal ok but weak and kept dropping but at least it picked it up again. So here is the dilemma, after trying every possible tweak, update, running option, I’ve drawn the conclusion that the iPhone 4s isn’t as good as people make out, AS A PHONE….. Don’t really give a monkey about voice stuff, apps, gps, although a bit of internet is useful, emails are handy, games are pointless…..

    Why do no reviews ever just look at how each phone on the market copes with signal and call capability, how does the phone cope with text and picture messages. It is after all a phone, not a PsP or mobile XBox. I run a MacBook Pro (and would use nothing else), an iPad2 (brilliant coffee table companion) and an iTouch (2nd gen, brilliant). Its not an Apple thing, this is about a piece of equipment doing what it says it will do. But to date no one on the review sites or forums seems to be reasoning, beyond fashion how fit is this phone or that phone for purpose???? Take a look on the Mac Forums, look at iPhone 4s signal problems……

    If you want to do something useful in a review, actually review the phone, sadly today I returned the iPhone back to my carrier, I will be getting a SGS2, tempted by the iPhone 4, but just really need to get and make calls from home!

  • Connorr

    Have Galaxy S2 and all i can say is it was the best choice i made. This Smartphone is a guide to pure Success

  • Psearth

    Two words why google phones are better than the iPhone. Free mp3. You can get and tweak anything you want on your Android phone. IPhones don’t allow you to be creative.

    • C Davies972

      I got the Galaxy S2 in white and it’s the worst decision I could have made.
      So big and the clock is surely for the short sighted.
      I want an iPhone 4s but this Samsung is worthless now.

      • Hades

         hahaha… you don’t know what you’re talking… the clock is big? hahaha… obviously you don’t own a sgs2…

      • Michaelmuyunda

        when you bought it you should have known it was big . have you ever thought of using the android market to get a different clock . 

  • Disizrohit

    I got iphone 4s and i found it pretty complicated. I am not satisfied with it.

  • fdaddfas

    haha all people saying the Gs2 is slow, hello fast processor in it, of course its gonna be faster.  I cant really notice any different between the screens, both seem pretty good (clarity wise) to me, the size is a huge difference.

    I am looking at a new phone, and reading this it seems split 50-50 Sg2-Iphone 4s.  Its really personal choice.  and at the moment, for me, looking like a Gs2.   

  • Jazmyne Salazar


  • Calvin Tran

    just got the samsung s 2 i think the phone is much better than apple…but in a way..they are both equally good. you are either a Apple fan or a Android fan. =] 

  • Saroj Mahanta
  • Matt
    • Fruityzac

      i would but i dont go near android anymore because i have had many  bad experiences with android

      • No

        what a helpful reply. You are truely amazing

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    samsung companies are very friendly for overseas users

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    Samsung companies are very friendly for overseas users for those who are unkind Korea

  • Eric Y

    I have the newest 
    Samsung Galaxy!!! And i think its the best phone has ever made in the Galaxy!!! It even has the fastest internet, and i also like the market where you could download anything!!! (: so Samsung Galaxy is the phone i vote for!!!

  • Eric Y

    iphone 4s is the worst phone ive ever got!!!! Galaxy Samsung is the real deal!!!!  (:

  • Ashes34

    Don’t forget the iphone has a lcd screen compared to a amoled screen for the s2.
    Additionally the iphone have integrated many features from the s2.
    An older phone silk comes close to beating a more recent version from iphone….with the s3 round the corner iphone really have a run for their money (something that is already overpriced)

    • Jstuxx

      not being a fan of anything but iPhone 5 is also coming round the corner

  • JayRoe111

    iPhones suck. Because Samsung and
    android don’t put stupid restrictions on their phones (unlike
    apple) the SII can do so much more. And the iphone lacks hardware
    like a removable battery or a micro SD card slot. The iPhone cant
    reach its full potential and knowing apple it probably never will.

    • Bill Austin

       No they want you to buy the cloud humbug!

  • JY

    I got an iPhone 4s and my wife just got the GS2 today.  Those who claim the 4s screen is better, go check your eye sight.  I’ve never seen such an awesome display on any device.  I’ll be getting one soon.

  • techgeeky

    I switched from Iphone to Android! Got a Galaxy S2. I used to be one of those individuals who was hard core apple and I was ignorant to how awesome android really was! I’m starting to see a trend, people who are really into technology are moving over to android, and apple is more of the simple smart phones for the older generation! Anyone who is young and owns an apple, I challenge you to try out a Galaxy s2 for one week and your eyes will be opened!!! It’s the most amazing phone! Its hard to except that anything can be better than an iPhone, but theres not even any competition.

  • Bill Austin

    Apple sucks! I am going to android I recently bought a new computer there was no way to transfer my Itunes over to my pc and when I dl the latest software I lost all my music over 3000 songs and pictures So I am not too impressed with Iphone! or Apple!

    • Yanzi1233

      lol noob , i think u had sync 1 song for overwrite 3000 song 

    • Whalerider

      Same…anything that has to be sync’d to Itunes that has  an “I” infront of it sucks!

  • layne fulla

    I loved the thread! Ive never used either both of these phones but I might go with Galaxy s2, I like the 8mp it sounds promising.


    • Obliex

      The best mobile phone until this moment is Nokia Xpress music and none of you can deny this….in terms of style, light weight, design, vocie clarity and the actual function of a mobile …make calls….

  • Morten

    Iphone screen brighter than the samsung? Have you even had them next to eachother? The screen on the samsung has a waaaaay higher contrast. Your entire review seems biased towards appme. You say iOS is better because of Siri? Cant get much more biased than that. Horrible.

  • Joe Murtagh

    I have just been forced onto an iPhone as Samsung refuses to accept their phone is not compatible with Three, Orange or T-mobile in more remote areas. iTunes is now totally compatible. My movies stream perfectly. I can receive calls where previously four- five bars gave me no coverage.The screen is smaller ok but the phone functions perfectly all the time. Everything is designed to work on the iTunes fomat from my Yamaha amp to my Denon micro in the Kitchen. I can now operate a home network effectively. Anything from my old Windows based laptop to my mac and iPhone now work seamlessly together. I wish I had paid more for the contract phone. I had to buy the iPhone sim free. 

  • Biggpapa058

    I had the original iPhone and then the iPhone 3gs and was a die hard apple person the sales man at AT&T talked me into trying the sg2 saying if I didn’t line it I had a month to return it for an iPhone 4s. This is the best phone I have ever owned. The swype text alone is worth getting my vote over the iPhone. Samsung and Android is were its at.

  • iPhone application development

    Now custom programming on ICS for SGS2 is more flexible
    since on a kernel source code different strategies and APIs (Application
    Programming Interface) can coexist in the system. Thus, this rollout from
    Samsung will enhance the innovation on this new update!

  • Rluong55

    Can’t forget that the apple Iphone has a phone camera and the Samsung Galaxy SII has digital camera

  • Gangsterben85

    galaxy is a very good phone! very fast, but the thing is, the android is very hard to use, on the other hand the iphone is one of the most simple phones to use. very very basic.
    for my choice ill go for the iphone 4 s, its more popular and heaps more easier.

  • Major

    What a biased review lol…

  • Arunava93

    iPhone 4s is the best smartphone around . It’s gpu is one of the best performances I’ve ever seen on a mobile device . So in gpu department it can easily take on any smartphones and even though the CPU is slower than the galaxy s2 , it proves that CPU speed doesn’t matter these days

    • Grimlinman

      How does the CPU speed doe not matter unless if the CLOCK CYCLE treo (processor, memory, counter) mechanism has changed.  

  • Joewrafter

    I am very suprised that your review does not compare the iphone and the Samsung in relation to making and recieving calls. This is what a phone is for. I have an Iphone 3 and the coverage is very bad so I would like to know is the iphone  4s any good in this respect.

  • Andrew

    All what the android is is a relica of the iPhone. Also, you have to try both phones before you can conclude which
    Hen is better.

    • Cathryn Keane

      I have tried both and the Samsung S2 wins in every way!

      • Carl29


    • Bruce

      You forgot that iphone is build with samsung parts…?

  • Ashrayashrestha

    Iphone is farbetter than samgsung

  • Elvis_jerome

    Bias apple dork

  • Nilesh956

    Only because Apple has upgraded its screen Resolution & added new feature called Siri does not mean that we spend almost double the price of S2. I think S2 is still better keeping in view that it got same features in very less price. Who are spending 600$ only for upgraded screen resolution & Siri do not have value of their money.

    • Grimlinman

      It is totally justified because Chairman Jobs SAID so!!!  hahahaha

  • Hubie

    this discussion reminds me of two young children in jerusalem:

    The first was jewish and the other one was arab, both had an argument about their religion,
    I heard the jewish child telling the arab one: The judaism is the worthiest religion in the world, and our god shall be praised by everyon. The arab child replied: No, allah is the greatest and the only god, the Islam is the only true religion…

    I didn’t hear about a valid argument of either one of the childs and don’t know wether or not their beef came to an end… but I heard of some islam bomber killing innocent in jerusalem the week after and some jewish bombers bombing houses of innocent thereafter… well, guess this is what has to follow…

  • Hendry007

    why not s2

  • Araceli

    i think the s2 is bttr in a way but there both really good fones

  • chiks

    i think the 4s is the one for meh! 

  • Simon

    So the reason you gave it to the iPhone is because its newer… wow, what an expert!

  • chiyoko

    I would prefer you come to no conclusion at the end instead of coming up with a rather non-sensical basis of comparison called “who is faster to develop a new product” factor.


    tried both iphone 4s is better , faster at web browsing and camera make better shots. But if you like android then the galxy is the best phone based on android,

  • Jstuxx

    I don’t understand people trying to convince other people that their device is better than theirs. Can’t they just accept that all devices have their pros and cons and the people who have chosen them have chosen to live with them. Its like trying to convince people who live in Canada that living in the USA is better and vice versa. I am actually sick of hearing the word fanboy, every one calling each other fanboys arguing about which device is better. Which device is better is a matter of opinion.

    Who said a bigger screen is better, if you have a 27 inch cell phone compared to say a 4 inch your now telling 27 is better. Some people will prefer a smaller screen with a smaller phone but some will prefer a larger screen and don’t mind a larger phone. Again a matter of personal preference and opinion.

    Some people don’t want a super slim phone, they may prefer a phone which is thicker which may feel more solid where a slimmer phone will feel flimsy and fragile. Others will prefer a thinner phone which does not take up as much space. Its up to the user which is better, at least not all devices are the same thickness so be glad you have a choice.

    Some people prefer a locked down OS which only approved virus-free apps can be installed while others want more freedom and customization and the ability to add apps from external sources and have unique apps not found on the app store/market.

    Some people are not as clumsy and are more careful with there phones. I agree iPhone is rather fragile but if your careful or willing to put it in a case then so be it. Some people may not like the plastic feel of some phones so they may want something different.

    Not to mention the iPhone breaks some people’s budget where the galaxy is cheaper and easier to find, iPhone is only a approved carriers or istores where the galaxy is available almost anywhere at lower prices.

    By looking at all the points above, I don’t need a huge battery/space hogging screen and the 3.5 inch screen is ok for me. Yes the samsung galaxy s2 is bigger and therefore slimmer to make it easier to hold. The iPhone being smaller making it the same thickness would have made it harder to hold. Personally I don’t care about a few millimeters and the iPhone is slim enough. I have no problem with a locked down OS, coming from android a lot of the apps either crashed my phone or did not work well. Could have been a problem with my phone so not saying anything against android. I personally don’t have the need to install apps from external sources so I prefer the iPhone in this case. Also I am not so careless about my phone to drop it everywhere and I prefer the feel of the iPhone over the galaxy. Anyway this is my preference and is what I prefer I am in no way against android and for most people android might be a better choice and for some people even blackberry or windows mobile might be better than android or iPhone.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with a lot of your post. Except the screen size. For eg., if they kept the iPhone 4S the same size or increased it by 0.5″. AND… they drastically reduced the bezel, that would give you 1″ more of screen real estate. It would feel the same in form-factor size where you would not notice. But you WOULD notice the difference in DISPLAY size. As an experiment, if they gave you this (imaginary) iPhone for 20-30 days and then took it back abruptly, you would immediately feel the difference when you went back to the smaller screen.

      The thinner phone is not a perfect eg. because the benefit of a non-thin / solid phone is sturdiness. There is no drawback to such a user. A bigger display IS a better visual experience. The drawback is comfort. One cannot argue logically that a smaller display is a better or comparative visual experience. One can argue it is more comfortable to carry.

      For eg. a 27″ TV is less enticing than a 40″ TV. But you would choose the 27″ because it was cheaper or did not fit in your cabinet or your viewing distance was too close. Most normal people would not choose a 27″ over a 40″ TV (assuming the price and size considerations did not matter) because they saw no visual benefit.

  • Trav

    iphone 4s all the way apple is a standard above the rest…samsung plastic…come on you pay less for less!  ….and most of you who bought the samsung over the iphone came purely down to android apps being free…again cheap people will pay for the cheapest product which is enhanced by another pleasing aspect of free apps once again allowing them to spend less…vital mistake is that nothing good comes free.

    • jay

      They chooses s2 because its worth better than the IPhone 4s,
      cheaper price does not mean its bad in quality and also not all expensive things are the best in performance.

    • Grimlinman


      I think that you need to be screened for over-dosage on the Apple coo-lade at the Apple cult bar.  Take it easy bro….  Think for yourself.  Steve jobs –your leader– already passed away.

    • Anonymous

      I got a Galaxy Note. I pay for apps. Not all android users are cheapskates. Secondly, some developers choose the free (ad supported) model because they gain by ad revenue on a constant basis as opposed to a 1-time fee. Depending on the app and usage, it is arguable which can be more profitable.

      Only the back is plastic. And I have it in a wallet case so I never see the back. The plastic argument is relevant for cheaper Samsung phones. They use a much better quality plastic for the Nexus and the Note. And honestly, I would not want glass there. I would not mind a slick aluminium panel. That would affect radio performance though. So perhaps the knock should be on Samsung radios (perhaps) not being as good as say, Motorola.Many of us don’t care about Apple. And detest their Orwellian world. They make good quality products and very good interfaces. But limit your choices. I compromised a little on the quality ( not as good as the iPhone 4S build, but so good, I could not care; and most won’t). I compromised a little on the UI uniformity/consistency. But I have a device that gives me a gorgeous display and allows customization. It gives me a sense of identity. All this without having to hack a new kernel/rom onto it. Or jailbreak.

    • H1a8

       Another idiot post. I have both phones and the s2 is superior in almost everyway. No ones chooses android because the apps are free (all of them aren’t while thousands of iphone apps are just as free too). That’s not only the dumbest logic but it is clearly false.The iphone restricts you so much. I would pay far more for an s2 and a iphone 4s.

    • Lhill8181

      Oh yeah, take a look at the drop test for both, I phone busted in every way, screen shattered, not working any longer, the gs2 plastic barely had a scratch, and the screen was not phased. The iPhone is a heavy, clunky, piece of crap they tried to make look nice, glass who the hell in there right mind makes a phone that will get DROPPED of glass, great job apple.

  • Trav

    and as for Jstuxx thats life ! ride a bicycle instead of a car..listen to radio instead of tv and use a phone with a cord attached, u will just get left behind ,,,everything works that way…they only bring new technology out for thoes who ask for better simpler and faster things hence why u now hopefully wipe with toilet paper and dont sh1t in a hole.

    • Jstuxx

      I don’t understand what this has to do with my comment

  • Manishsoni4404

    Why not s2

  • John Doe

    I-Phone is for americans that have no clue on how to use or configure a device. No doubt the 4S is good but it is no Smartphone. In order to be smart, one should be able to change everything on the phone. Its a phone for people that usualy say ” uhhhh what does this button do! ” Dumb rednecks that never ever learned how to use software or hardware. And by the way, why would i ever want I-Tunes when i can download music free and play mp3’s or pay for software.  

    • will23987

      All you need to do is jailbreak it and everything becomes customizable.  And even with an ipod or iphone who the hell uses itunes for music.  You get music and change anything you want on the phone for free.

  • Guest

    Galaxy S2 is slower than the iPhone 4S… there’s hundreds of benchmark tests to prove it.

    • Lhill8181

      Funny I have run most of them and my gs2 dominates my iphonev4s, don’t know what your talking about plus galaxy s2. Has 1.2 exenos SOS and a full gig of ram, the iPhone 4s has a 1 .0 processor and 500mb of ram, hardware is not even close. I need the stuff your smoking. Lol

    • shakeel khan

      benchmark tests? benchmark tests only provide small info you do know that?
      and its proven that the s2 has a 1.2 ghz processor while the 4s has a 1ghz processor.
      the s2 also has a whole gig of ram when the 4s only has 500mb.
      you also have to think about how the phones are going to run under pressure in the everyday life of a person who will use the phone normally right?
      so if there are 50 apps open in each I’m pretty sure i gig of ram would be better than 500mb and I’m pretty sure the s2 opens 2 apps at once (if possible) quicker than the 4s
      anyway there are probably no benchmark tests where the 4s is better than the s2 and if you did look at one then they’re probably wrong

      im a s2 user and i think both phones are great but the s2 is actually a lot better

    • The Movie Maker7

       sorry , but this is bollshet , samsung s2 has a 1,5 ghz dual core , so the question here is are you ok , or do you need to visit a doctor

  • carlos444

    “I think the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone for too long, and now a new device should come to replace it. Apple’s latest “child” can be this new device so… the iPhone 4S is my choice.”

    Genius review… cant wait for the next words of wisdom.. in a nut shell, because in your opinion the Galaxy S2 has been the best smartphone too long the iPhone takes the crown.

    A poor review at the least.

    • the truth

      Nail on the head carlos444. The reviewer stated that the S2 was superior in every way, yet oddly chooses the 4S in the end. 

    • Paraq

      Right on dude.  I was wondering about the dumb conclusion of the author that you pointed out.  I was wondering where he was going with that absurd conclusion.    

  • Mann

    Dude, be rational while delivering a verdict. You decided ur chpice much before the you wrote this. this can be seen when you call a draw in the camera comparison. how can you compare a VGA camera with a 2MP camera? I know that iPhone is good and Galaxy S2 is a little old, but your comparison is not as good as expected. You Suck Mutherfucker.

  • DannyFulton98

    I think apple is better than Samsung but the s2 really is an amazing phone my dad has it and I have the 4s but the s2 wins for me

  • Spark911

    For iphone 4s three things SIMPLER FASTER BETTER. Then every phone.the most amazing phone ever



  • Doni

    I have got both of them I have the s2 for 6 months and the 4 s for about 3 months and I can tell u the 4 s is the best phone ever made..those they have both they know what’s better

    • Lina

      I need to buy a phone……….but im so confused…………can you tell me the difference between them?………..plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!

  • You

    S2 fuckers

    • Stalin Win

      Belive me, I phone 4s is the best……….. 

      • bruce

        Iphone is only for spoiled children with any knowhow…

        Everything has to presented on a golden plate…

  • F.Spencer

    I have the sgs2 and i have to say it is the best phone ever created to date and for those non believers and devil worshippers to this so called joke of a brand called ‘apple’ can get f*ucked. 26% percent of the iphone is from samsung, so much for all this innovative crap apple feeds its worthless users. I could go on for ever about this but to cut a long story short anyone who festoons themselfs with a 4s is a certified mug and i will even tatoo it on each and everyone of your foreheads, for free! apoligies to anyone who may take offence to this subtle jesture of ignorance.

    • Lhill8181

      I love it, you are so right the iPhone 4s is all Samsung out dated hardware, 75 percent of it, the iPhone 4s is like the galaxy s-2

    • Spell-bound

      Great one for a laugh there F.
      You only show your own ignorance with your rant.
      You can’t spell ‘apologies’, and you can’t spell ‘themselves’.
      Definitely a true android user.

  • Wolfpack – Alpha 7

    i really want to get an S2, im a hardcore apple fan … but to me the launch of the iphone 4s was a joke.. just buying some time to launch the real deal.. this summer hopefully, but until then, im rootin for the S2 !!

    • Lhill8181

      An iPhone fan that is realistic and can see a better product regardless of who makes it I am impressed.

      • Lila444111

        So am i…. Maybe you can give rehabillitative classes to the other iPhone droids out there?:)

  • devilmark

     if u want more fun of customization choose s2(android) i only hate SGS2 because of the size.. cant text in one hand! not even fit to pocket! and 4s is more easy to used! u can jailbreak to be like s2! much smooth in games specially HD 3D games.. some games wont run normal in S2.. if u have battery problem, u can chnge battery also.. dif is u have to unscrew first the iphone! lol. fast internet? i agree S2 faster.. but not fastest.. at least in iphone 4s it wont lag. XD satisfied w/ design.. easy to break when it drops? buy bumpers or cases.. or be more responsible in ur phone! s2 got gorilla glass but try to drop it 30flr high, if is not break the glass im sure the phone will not functioning well.. hahaha…
     one more thing.. why iPhone is the best among Android?.. yes iPhone got the Samsung board, retina display of LG, lens of Sony.. that’s why it is expensive.. iPhone combine all great parts of the other company’s, they pay for the rights so still legal! at least all best combined in one phone.. not included crappy parts of one’s mobile! lol.. and iOS  better than android.=D

    • Lhill8181

      Dude your nuts, the iPhone 4s plays games and 3d games better, that is absolute crap, the gs2 destroyed it in graphics, way smoother, faster, iPhone only has 500 MB or ram, gs2 has a full gig. This is one of the most bogus things I have heard. You can text with one hand with the gs2, I do it everyday, and I have average sized hands . Oh and you don’t need a magnified glass to see the screen on the gs2 . Wow the gs2 is a powerhouse, it does everything better, try loading 3D buildings on Google maps on iPhone and gs2, see what’s smoother and way faster. See for yourself.

    • meh

      jailbreak just to be like s2?
      so much win for the s2!!! 

      change battery for iphone? 
      sure, i’ll just have to bring a screwdriver with me anywhere i go. 

      better game in 4s?
       Lhill8181 has explain to you. 

      buy bumpers case for iphone and try to drop s2 from 30flr high?
      what an unbiased suggestion!

      retina display?
      old technology and it is not the best anymore!!!

      ios is better than android?
      then you should never mention jailbreak. oh yah, transferring file between ios and computer is a pain. i can’t transfer my file to my friends if they don’t have i-tunes installed on their computer.  


    • meh

      oh, you forget to mention the storage extension too, FYI, SanDisk has release the 64G micro-sd card sept last year, making 32G and 16G internal storage s2 to maximize the total storage to 96G and 80 G respectively.  

  • Best Smartphone 2012

    Galaxy S 2 is better. MWC 2012 proved it.

  • Erlie_bernardo


  • Sivakarthik Parimi

    what ever it is…iphone is an iphone nothing could beat it

    • Koku

      It is a “Flat” phone, if I might say.  This is just my opinion.

    • Cdchou22

      thats the most biased comment i have ever heard, iPhone is NOTHING. Your just following the bandwagon, if everyone had gs2, you would be saying otherwise

  • adii

    No one can
    beat samsung galaxy S2

  • Lady Bear

    i am confused which phone to buy…………….. plsssss helpp

    • Lhill8181

      Take it from a person who owns both. The galaxy s2 is the BEST phone on the market right now.

  • Lady BEar

    i am confused which phone to buy…………….. plsssss helpp

    • Brian Soku

      Go for Android.  You’ll be very happy.  Trust me, and…. you won’t be held hostage to the iPhone Apple cult.  The quality of Android stays the same.

    • James

      Here is my story, I had a galaxy s2 it was amazing! But i had a bad fall with it and it broke, i tried out the iphone 4S just to see what it was like, sold it 1 month later, its to restricting and boring, in my opion its an old mans phone, im waiting for my HTC one X 2 arrive :) oh and also have a look at windowsphone 7.5 its also very good! But doesnt have the apps. I think android is the way to go! In the end its your choice!

    • Samsung

      buy a samsung, not an apple paperweight

    • Naggi92

       Samsung s2 is better than i phone .

  • Phone fan

    HTC One X. That is all.

    • Lhill8181

      Looks to be a great phone, I do think the galaxy s3 will give it a run for its money, all these phones smack an iPhone 4s or 5 will not matter

  • samsung repair service

    Running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, you get seven homescreens customisable with widgets and shortcuts. Swipe down to quickly activate WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and Auto Rotation settings. Phone, Contact, Messaging and Application settings along the bottom are static when you are browsing the homescreens. Like other Android phones, press down to customise with Shortcuts, Folders, Wallpaper and numerous Samsung widgets.

  • Bubba Army

    Your an idiot…Galaxy S2 rocks that paper weight that apple put on the market

  • Jay

    Galaxy s2 rocks!

  • Tandooridick

    na iv had my fair share of the forbidden fruit im marrying sam

  • Paraq

    I played with an iPHone from here and it was awful. I found iPhone to have a dumb interface, locked everywhere, less option, and certainly a horrible integration of necessary apps like Gmail, cloud docs (Google docs)…etc

    I am going back to Android. Ice-cream Sandwich OS or Gingerbread are the real deal. Processors on higher-end Androids are much much faster.  

  • Grimlinman

    Apple users, Android phones are a good exercise for your brain.  They will help you in later years.

  • Kgmacgill

    Iphone has built in memory…no upgrades here.

  • sharon

    new iphone 5 will distroy samsung s2.sure

    • Lhill8181

      Don’t count on it, also don’t forget about the s3. It will distroy all. You can always tell a apple fan, they would compare iPhone 5 to a g2, shows they don’t have a clue, g3 is around the corner.

      • is my name

        Yeah, and you can tell an android fan, their simple braincell can’t spell even simple words. It’s ‘destroy’, not ‘distroy’.

        • Lila444111

          Dude, one spelling mistake as opposed to the apple fans’ chronic atrocious grammar doesn’t mean we galaxy/android fans have simple braincells:). Quite the opposite, actually.

    • meh

      We are comparing 4s and s2 here, seem like you admit that 4s is no match for the s2 and are forced to bring the yet released iphone 5 to back 4s up. Anyway, by the time iphone 5 is released, we’ll have s3 on the market as well. Oh, not to mention, s2 is months older than 4s and still able to kick newer iphone 4s ass.  

    • Youdumbclown

      dream on. apple is fucked, just like the idiots who believe their marketing manure

      • Lila444111

        Lol. We need to remeber to be nice to Steve Jobs’ iPhone zombies guys, they honestly don’t know any better, the poor sods… They can’t help it, they were born that way:) also, im on the brink of buying one of them, i know galaxy is by far the best, but i love my friends’ i phone apps:( what do i do…. Suggestions? Has android caught up to apple apps?

  • Lhill8181

    In my opinion you don’t know the galaxy s2 very well. The camera is better, a full gig of ram, Samsung has a version like siri that works just as well. Performance wise galaxy s2 is so far superior, and the screen is also so much more clear. Battery lasts way longer, its a 4g phone which is way faster, free music maps, torrents, I own both the iPhone 4s and galaxy s2 and sorry, the iPhone does not hold a candle. Not even close. You have to talk to a un biased person who really cares for the better product, apple fans can’t see another product being better, that’s a apple fans biggest problem, you could take a child’s plastic play phone, slap an apple logo on it and its the best phone. Play with both for yourseif

    • Skills

      Hi Guys, ill give my 2 cents worth. i buy and sell phones online and i have had 3 x @1e9f0bbb15ef668da5148a01578fc17c:disqus s and 2 x i4 and 1 x 4s. if very simple, if you are a technophobe and want a smart phone buy an iphone! if you are tech minded buy the SGS 2.

      good/bad points below.
      iphone charge time 1.5 hrs sgs 3.5.
      iphone has way better keyboard.
      galaxy is $400 cheaper than 4s 16gb (nz)
      galaxy has Google maps with nav now with live traffic, iphone doesnt.
      iphone apps are much better.
      Iphone email intregration is way better (biggie for me)
      Siri is a gimmick.

  • Dube raju

    good job bro.Thanks a million for this article

  • Dan

    What a load of horse manure his final conclusion is just because the Galaxy has been the best for too long !!

  • Mememememe

    What a load of ‘mind my french’ the conclusion has no merit

  • harsh

    comparing s2 with iphone4S (not 4)… 
    i wanna compare s4 (if it comes) with iphone 4…
    wait till u c apple go down to grave…

  • CoolJoshido

    iphone has up to 64GB, its easier to comprehend also it has the different variety of apps.

    • justneel


  • Trtmrt

    If somebody is confused and can’t decide which phone to buy, then he definitely deserve to have iPhone FOREVER. :)

  • Gaurav Garg

    Its Really Awesome Phone. I am Also Using Samsung Galaxy S2

  • Jack

    The iPhone wins because it is newer.  The s2 was better then the iPhone 4, but now it is almost a year newer.  When the s3 is released, it will be better than the 4s, and when the iPhone 5 is released it will be as good, or possi bly better than the s3.

    • Jamesjohnstone

      What a stupid answer. I have a 4S and S2. The S2 wins hands down because it is a better phone, both feature wise and because reliability. I suggest you pull your head out of it’s hole and look around, before making foolish comments, that make you a laughing stock.

      • TechTheNoob

         Couldn’t agree more with James

        • L_Balseca

           Totally Agree.

  • kid

    Samsung Galaxy S2 P-E-R-I-O-D.

  • MDL

    I think the best comments of all to look at are those who have both an iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2. In every case (or close to) the owners suggest the Samsung. It shouldn’t really get any clearer than that unless you go out and play with them both yourself to decide personal preference. 

  • MDL

    I think the best comments of all to look at are those who have both an iPhone 4s and the Samsung Galaxy S2. In every case (or close to) the owners suggest the Samsung. It shouldn’t really get any clearer than that unless you go out and play with them both yourself to decide personal preference. 

  • krissy

    a virus-free smartphone is the best choice for me ^^ i choose iphone4s

    i’d rather have restrictions upon downloading apps from apple store than have the freedom to download from anywhere with an S2. i hate files getting corrupted. i hate reformatting over and over again. although i really want a Samsung Galaxy SII because of all the freebies from the Android Market, my primary concern is the protection of my files inside my phone. so Iphone4s it is!

  • Hoggz Photography

    I have the 4s & the S2 and use both on a daily basis. I love my 4s, but the S2 by all means run circles completely around the 4s. The only thing I can say bad about the S2 is there’s no way to my knowledge yet, to turn off the shutter sound to the camera. It is very annoying, but the sharp images it produces, counteracts that. 

    My 4s is for business, and the S2 is for family, friends, and entertainment. S2, Netflix and me was a tech menage-a-trois made in heaven.  

    • Chris Clarke


      Depending on the version of the S2 you are using, you can disable the shutter sound on the camera by opening the camera, selecting the small gear in the top left corner (bottom left if in landscape mode) and scrolling down until you see “Shutter sound.”

      I’m using the most recent version from T-Mobile (as I understand it, there’s a different version for each carrier, so results may vary).

  • Chris Clarke

    Also, the most recent version of T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S2 is using dual-core CPUs purring at 1.5 GHz.

  • cellphoneinn

    The main deviation comes in the operating system provided by both the phones. While Android is flying high and Samsung doesn’t leave the Galaxy Series handset, the Galaxy S II phone with TouchWIZ 4.0 has broken the records and it’s the best Android mobile phone to possess. Android OS is liked by everyone because of its open source and easy customization. It’s pretty straight comparison, the iPhone 4S locks you with iOS 5 which is completely revamped with message notifications, new camera app and other changes. The Android 2.3 looks stale when compared to iOS 5. However a clear-cut comparison between the best operating system depends on the preference of the users whether to go for open source or be with iOS.

  • guest23

    nokia 3210 better

  • doy

    walang kwenta maraming tarantado sa pinas, sayang pera mo!

    • ahrmpf!xD


    • Freeform

      Right on!  Dude!

    • Jenith Kalind

      Yup! You got it nailed right on the head!
      translation from Malaysian to English: This reviewer sucks a$$. galaxy S2 is popular all over the world!
      (Seriourly, I have no clue what doy said!! LOL)

  • Walsh30303

    both phones are good phones check youtube reviews for spec of the phones but check more than one review as sg fanboys will say theirs is better and iphone will say theres is better, i went through every review and debate i could before i got my new phone i had come to the conclusion that s2 was better but by a fraction they said pages load milliseconds faster, apps open 2 seconds quicker i thought so what its 2 seconds i can wait, however id had an iphone previously and at the time had a galaxy, i prefered apple myself due to ease of use so i got it and all the tests my iphone hating brother knew would supposedly beat my iphone didnt!! android is fully customisable and can be great you can get all your paid apps for free but it doesnt do anything iphone doesnt except nfc and 4g, 4g is out over here in the uk for 2 years by which time iphone 5 will have 4g and prob nfc but for now you can get an nfc adapter for an iphone, if its that important and most newer bankcards are nfc anyway, any apps on apple but not android and on android but not apple guess what wait a while and they are on both, any developer has to release an app for both  platforms or they can be sued for unfair competions laws, they are both good they are both different and lets face it they both still need to be alot better, yes siri is a gimmick and yes it can struggle with ambient noise or an accent but it  is a life saver when u learn to speak to it right, most of the time just remember talk to it like an actual person dont dictate just talk, but u can get speak to it assisant on android it does the same except it cant show u ur emails just yet and u need to press more than one button to activate it then generally press the button again to confirm, iphone screen is better res but smaller android is bigger but lower res, cameras rear are nearly identical sound on iphone is far better but iphones also have docking stations nobody else does yet u would have to use a jack lead, not the same kinda style, 42 is fragile with its glass casings but protect it in a case, s2 fans say yeah but why hide it, to protect it you fools and i know u all got cases for your s2’s u may not need it for the same reasons but u like to keep things protected and scratch free and accidents do happen, iphone is easier to use its like nokia used to be anyone can use one but s2 is adaptable to suit any need no restrictions but u can get virus’s and app quality is very poor on alot of apps however some apps are great yeah they have google maps but i paid for tomtom and i dont regret it its far superior to google maps in everyway its a designated satnav company and its one of the first yeah iphone doesnt have google maps thats cos its rivals are google and that wouldnt be good business sense would it, final point, s2 fanboys samsung copied iphone hardware plans and designs hence why they got sued for it but the units were out on the market so un recallable, they are both just money making companies pick wwhat you want easy to use or easy to customise its that simple

  • mario b. basilio

    I am more sensitive to color which samsung galaxy sii provides for my satisfaction.  Although the iphone 4s has more resolutions with samsung galaxy sii but the icons of the iphone 4s seemed not to be good perhaps the graphic artists of iphone 4s have not yet design new
    icons and still using previous icons in previous models…

  • Troll McPiddlesby

    I can’t help but feel this review is kinda biased towards apple…

  • Jane

    So  what is the right anwer?

  • Jane

    So  what is the  right answer?

    • Jawad Hannan

      gs2 is the right one

  • Sijinsamuel7

    stupid article…………..

    • Jawad Hannan

      not stupid galaxy s2 is the best smart phone in the world

  • Lmadson94

    ur stupid iphone 4 s sucks

  • tim

    samsung: cheaper, bigger screen, slightly better camera than the 4s trust me, customizable

    iphone 4s: more apps to choose from, much easier to use & navigate, the design is better

    if they were the same price iphone 4s would win but since galaxy s2 is quite a bit cheaper it’s a tie. the screens are a tie as well, galaxy s2 has a bigger screen while iphone has a better resolution. 

    • meh

      Storage? 4g vs 3g? NFC? Battery? Durability? 

  • bluestar

    Samsung S2 is the best :)

  • Cazcad

    thanks for this camparison,  very informative

    • Jenith Kalind


  • pottscotty78

    proper apple fan boy review! never mentioned the fact the s2 kills the iphone on battery ( and yes I have owned both but got rid of the iphone 4s ) there’s no flash player on iphone and also that you can do little things like swiz the home screen to panoramic and get a graphic equaliser with ya tunes. Only thing iphone really wins on hands down is’s sound quality can’t be beaten. 

  • psyscorpion

    Bad review… Reviewer is clearly inclined towards the iPhone. Why a draw when Samsung has a super good 2mp front facing camera? Hardware and design wise Samsung clearly leads. what’s the use of having such high resolution screen on a tiny 3.5” screen?
    apple is good for its siri and good quality apps that’s it. It is hard to say that the s2 will be outdated soon as upgrade to the new OS is almost out.

  • Devil1996mohit

    i use samsung galaxy s2 and its awesome and cool apps ……….battery backup also good

  • FONE

    samsung S2 supports 4G but iphone only 3G

    • Shah R Sourendre

      What’s the use of 4g?
      A marketing proof?

      • Jenith Kalind

        Dude, what’s the use of 4g? what’s the use of faster processor, better RAM? No use … no use for a dumb fanboy cuz your brain is too slow to handle the speed! muwahahahahhahaa!

  • S2user

    I went from a 3GS to the S2 and I’ll definitely be dumping it for the iPhone 5 when it comes out. The S2 isn’t bad but there are a few simple things that are just so frustrating that I sometimes want to throw it. It’s already been in for repairs once because the USB connector died after some weird glitches (the first phone out of 8 that I’ve ever had to get repaired).

    Battery performance is unpredictable, 2 other friends have the same issue which leaves you with a phone that you just don’t feel like trusting to be usable the next time you pick it up. This also stops me playing games on it like I use to when waiting somewhere. I haven’t bothered loading music on it because of this reason. I went from an all round smart phone to a email, text, voice phone

    • S2user

      And the S2 just doesn’t do text boxes well which is VERY annoying. Trying to get the cursor to a specific spot to edit text is so so much easier on iOS. The text box doesn’t scroll to show what you are typing all the time and over rides where you put it, typing blind not so fun.

      I do love the camera and customization and apps like handcent.

      I’m patiently waiting to use a smart phone again, until then I’ll have to put up with the S2 and carry an iPod touch around everywhere I go for music and games.

  • Brokenlegs

    I don’t think this article is biased toward the iphone at all, both arguments make good points. I had a 4s but recently change to a s2 after the iphone died. I do however think that this is a much better phone, or tool really in today’s hi-tech world. It just feels much more grounded and up to date to me

  • Motivator Bt

    I have a s2, regular price $500 from sprint, the 4G depends on what size gig one wants, less expensive, smaller screen, faster processor….it boils down to how much one uses their phone and how much they want to pay for it



    • Android Geek

      Lol yeah, you should stick with the Iphone, its made for people like you, who have no brains and cant even write correctly, lol, please stick with your precious overpriced gadget, i would feel bad if an idiot like you would own the same phone i have.

    • Jenith Kalind

      Dude, looks like your iPhone is stuck on a caps lock mode. Apple must have locked it. The only way to break out of the curse of lock is to jailbreak it or… get S2 :)



  • Matthew Hender

    use are all dickheads, the sony ericson s500 kills the iphone and the S2 you fkn muppets

    • Old school

      LOL, I use the have the Sony Ericsson s500. I love that phone, but iPhone 4s destroys it in so many aspect. I miss the old times, now technology is improving dramatically. Can’t wait in another decade, I wonder what phone will look like and there specifications!

  • The Movie Maker7

    i have samsung galaxy s2 and simply he is the best phone ever been created to date , i just love it (iphone) is just a jock around it  

  • Ashwin

    I am a big fan of Apple products… they are classy but in this case I will make an exception… iPhone is not that good…. S2 is actually the best smart phone ever created…. so there is no way in which iPhone can beat S2… the review is stupid… 

  • Isabellebjv

    Wow… of course you people will think that this is a bad review if you like your Galaxy or other phone… This guy took the time to write his own opinion of both phone. You do not have to agree with him  … SHUT UP!!!!!! We live in a free country where people can have their own opinion… If you do not like the review… well move on and go play with your Samsung phone!

    • meh

      Then tell me what is the comment section are for? Writing poem? i make my choice mostly based on users feedback instead of review writer on net. You know why? because there are many writers who get paid from company to write a review in favor of their products. I know there are authors who write review base on truth too but it is almost impossible to distinguish between them. 

      Of course people can have their own opinion but must at least base on real fact. Now 
      tell me how can a professional reviewer say a certain product is better than the other
      just because it is newer while the other are on top for too long?

      And lastly, here is an open community. All people have their right to critic others 
      opinion as long as no insult is involve. Just as you say, we live in a free country (open 
      community in this case), you have no right to ask anyone to shut up. 

      • Jenith Kalind

        “Writing poem?” LOL! best comment of this page!!!!

  • Msamreth

    I dumped the iphone 4s for a galaxy s2. Apple seems to have better apps. Easy to use BUT it runs on a 3g network. And the Galaxy runs on 4g network and my processor is 1.5ghz not 1.2 like this review states since i have a t-mobile galaxy SII. easy of use, software and apps go iphone. But as a phone on speed, price, and a 4g network go Samsung. Samsung Galaxy SIII is coming out soon faster and better. Also i believe the iphone 5 will finally have a 4g network when it comes out. Until then ill pick Galaxy SII

  • maria

    I have gone from the iphone to galaxy s2 and can honestly say that I am not sorry.  The Galaxy is a joy to use and really quick to load when browsing.  I won’t be going back.

  • craig

    what about the galaxy s3? Released today? I am in the netherlands and hoping so. I much prefer the android system with samsungs. 

  • vicky

    meh what ur telling is correct but my opinion is galaxy s2

  • Tuka1

    Just purchased the Samsung gs2 and it’s everything and more, in my opinion the Galaxy takes the prize hands down.

  • Nigel Brown

    lol all the apple fan boys on here ,, do they know that apple use samsung displays? lol well on the iphone 2g 3g 3gs and 4 they did anyway

    • asdfasdfadsaf

      Yeah, they used Samsung displays until the 4s, which has a far better display than any Samsung phone.

  • Rear View Mirror

    to prefer an inferior samsung display on the iphone to the superior one on the galaxy shows this joker to be a total fanboy.

    • Mantas

      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. I have the original iPhone 4, and the gf has the Galaxy s2. The iPhone’s retina display is much clearer, and when scrolling through web pages it does not blur like the S2. The S2 is a still great phone, but the screen on it comes up short.

      • Anonymous

         blur?! sure the iPhone has the higher pixel count and is quite a bit clearer, but the Galaxy S2 still has a brilliant display – I haven’t personally noticed a single bit of blurring when scrolling through webpages on my S2.

    • Vishal Gupta901

      I have used iphone 4 before then shifted to samsung galaxy s2 i feel iphone 4 was better because it does not have too many problems with its apps s2 has many problems my phone keeps restarting by itself very frequently

      • Luca

        People do not understand one thing! The iPhone is not better because of its tech specs, it is the IOS which makes the iphone an iPhone. Everything is made properly, and it just WORKS. Apart from that the look is stunning! Comparing with the plastic shits of Samsung and the shitty Android.
        If you install IOS on Samsung then yes, Samsung is better, until then an iphone is IPHONE!

  • Android Geek

    Another Apple fanatic who thinks he can talk his way out of the Apple’s mess, i have the Galaxy S2 with ICS, my wife the Iphone4s , the S2 is far superior in any field and yes the 2mp front camera makes a huge difference specially if you use Skype. Once Samsung will release the S3 and Android 5 hits the market Apple’s Iphone and Ipad will only be a light wave on the vast smartphone/tablet ocean…and dissapear slowly…where it came from… 

  • Jamescy

    which one is better? iphone 4s or samung galaxys2 ive been told the galaxy is better and all the reviews i have watched say it is im getting a new phone and i want the samsung as i have for ages but my mom and dad have got an iphone and other people in my family, can anyone help me?x

    • Stevecnyco5

      Glaxy s2 skyrocket its great

  • Shauryadogra33

    APPLE the name is enough. GO FOR IPHONE GUYZ.

    • Jenith Kalind

      You should go hit your head on Apple iBrick and eat Apple iShit! I’m just saying! If APPLE’s name is all you’re after, you are missing a whole lot in your life!

  • Skinymikeofdoom

    I’m an android fanboi but I think both devices are awesome in their own way, Have no grudge with apple and I do believe their quality is amazing but I like the freedom android offers.

  • gandolf

    Objectively, here’s why the galaxy s2 is better.

    No direct hdmi input
    No gorilla glass – if drop iphone could shatter
    No flash video
    No 4G
    No expandable storage.

    I’m sure all the apple kool aid drinkers will provide work a around for it’s shortcomings , but hey that what you do when you don’t have the best. If it helps you sleep at night, I’m cool with that.

    • Marcelo Santos

      You’re mistaken. 
      iPhone have Gorilla Glass in front and in the back of the phone.
      With 64 GB of RAM there is no need to expandable storage. At least for me.

      Today I’m using an iPhone 4S. I brought an S2 to test… An I will pass my 4S to my wife. Just to test the Android platform.

  • Shah R Sourendre

    iPhone never bugs,I mean nearly never!android restarts at least once a day on its own!

  • gandolf

    Shah, are any of those no comments re iphone incorrect.

  • Eryanpyan

    In my office, 2 of them have iphone 4s, and they think s2 good but not popular when see mine. after a year both of them already change to samsung s2. The funny thing they say it very good. i suggest try before use it and you will not regret.

  • Jenith Kalind

    had an option, picked S2 over Siri because in America we respect freedom!

    • Bobo

      Oh really? Please, sir, GTFO and watch some news, “America” as in THE UNITED STATES, not AMERICA, AMERICA IS A CONTINENT. In United STATES, there’s to much BULLSHIT going on, so PLEASE, Go read some news on how the situation is in UNITED STATES. (Note the caps are because it’s important).. KKTHXBYE

  • Jenith Kalind

    Yup! You got it nailed right on the head!
    translation from Malaysian to English: This reviewer sucks a$$. galaxy S2 is popular all over the world!
    (Seriourly, I have no clue what doy said!! LOL)

  • Darren

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 sucks in comparision to an iPhone. If you’re techie and want to spend a lot of time figuring your phone out then perhaps not but I prefer things to be intuitive, pick up and go.

    • Apple is out ! Google is in !

      Not sure what you mean by “sucks” i am a techie and i can tell you that the hardware and software is superior to it, i have the Galaxy S2 with ICS Android 4.0 on it. I was using the latest Iphone and sold it recently, i have the direct comparrison and i can tell you that you got ripped off by apple. Android is made for everyone, intuitive, stable, fast , open.

      You should reconsider, people, stop beeing Apple minions !

      • Aws A

        Hi, how do you update to ICS 4.0? I have tried to use the software that Samsung provides but it’s useless for the most part. Any help?

        • Apple is out ! Google is in !

          whats the exat model you have ( provider/country) ?

          • Isaiah Thomas

            Evo 4g 3d us sprint. how do I upgrade to 4.0?

        • AIM2002

          Well id depends on where you live, and what network you are on. If you have an unlocked S2 as I have, and you live somewhere it’s available like the UK for instance, follow these steps: Install Samsung Kies on your PC or Mac. Kies is available from the Samsung website. Connect the phone to your PC via a USB cable. Open Kies and once it recognizes the deviceggo through the back-up procedure. Once this is done, press the firmware update button in one of the menus. To what it tells you on the screen and it should update. When the phone is back on and updates restore the back-up you made. Then turn off the phone, unplug the cable, pull out the battery sdcard and simcard. Leave the phone for five minutes, and then put it all back in and turn it on. There you go! You now have ICS!

    • A4castag

       you are so right.  if you are a complete idiot…the iphone wins, hands down.

    • Xfactor

      Yeah the iPhone is better suited to teenagers and simpletons. The S2 requires a higher degree of intelligence. Sorry you found out which demographic you fit into.

  • Violent Toilet Thing

    I had an iphone 4s for a few months and it sucked. So I drove over it back and forth, went back to AT&T, got me the S2. Sure it restarts every once in awhile, but that doesn’t bother me at all. It’s just the God of all Smartphones. I’m intrigued by Samsung’s features. I like Apple for its computers not for its phones. The iphones can suck my left nut for all I give a crap.

  • Your Mother


    • poppy

      This article was written some 6 months ago……

  • Sunny

    I am planning for having S 2 , Never used Smart phone , Will it be good choice to buy now or wait for new one to come

    • Xfactor

      The S2 won’t be much different than the upcoming S3.  You will pay a lot more for an S3 when it is released as it will be the latest version.  I would go ahead and buy the S2 and then wait a year or so for the price of the S3 to come down.  You will have a ton of options with the S2 so I don’t think you will be disappointed.

      • Phillip Park

        uh and you know this how? S3 is supposed to have bunch of new features.

  • Brian072577

    Is my galaxy s ii through sprint able to upgrade to the Android 4.0

    • Xfactor

      4.0 has been released in a few countries, but has not been released in the U.S. yet.  If you live in the U.S. you will have to wait for its release, but once released you will be able to upgrade your Android to 4.0. 

  • Xfactor

    For the last several years I have been using iPhones: 3GS, 4 and 4S. I also have been involved in unlocking iPhones to work with different carriers and continue to repair them as a hobby. I have been very impressed with iPhones, however recently I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S2. Hands down the Galaxy S2 is a much more robust phone. In layman’s terms… It phucking smokes the iPhone. The iPhone is a great phone for the not so technologically gifted person, the user interface is simple to use. For those with a knack for technology, the Galaxy S2 by far surpasses the iPhone and is not difficult to use. Each phone has it’s audience, but in terms of each phone’s full potential the Samsung Galaxy S2 is superior. Btw, I’m typing this from an iPhone 4S that is currently up for sale on eBay. Sitting this thing down now to fire up my better phone, the Galaxy S2.

    • A4castag

       kudos to you sir.  i had an iphone 4s for 4 months and sold it for 500, bought a sgs2 for 400.  i feel like i just ripped someone off considering i have a much better phone now.

  • Mookie Mookie

    Too many iPhone fanboys reacting, can you give us some technical explenations rather than defending it because of its name?

    Samsung users, Please consider the total number of smart phone users in the world, i think that needs to have a raincheck as well as the total number of cool apps on iOS.

    i’m not picking sides here, im just looking for some enlightenment & i have personally tried both devices.

    i like iOS apps but i personally go with galaxy s2’s physical and technical features and the idea of copy and paste files from my PC without using an app such as iTunes to do so.

    • kumar

      Mookie Dear,, your comment is just girlish.. Come up with more …

  • Fadillahfahmi

    i still love s2 better than 4s

  • Nappa

    Galaxy S2 has worst graphics than 4s bcz of the weaker graphic card.But its faster overall,faster core,bigger ram.Also s2 screen is bigger and with more lively colours.Less Dpi and resolution though.Camera and video quality are almost the same with 4s taking slight advantage.(s2 with ics gets some quality boost on camera rivaling the 4s even more) Both phones are great and it comes down to personal choice.4s is maybe better for games and shooting pics/videos(difference is microscopic especialy when s2 is on Ics though)4s build quality is better but with less endurance than gs2 plastics.S2 is better to watch videos or movies ,and also better for browsing(4s is better for reading though bcz of its better dpi).Id go with the s2 bcz of its screen size and technology,and its better conectivity.But iOs fans will propably prefer the 4SI also have a feeling that iphone5 will give s3 a hard time xD.

    • Ldrago160

      i play games with s2 and 4s but 4s is not good

  • Adith_flip

    Well… I think they have the plus and minuses by themselves. You can’t compare these accurately because they had their own function. Iphone is good because they develops technology for years that I think so much different from others, but… Samsung is a giant hi-tech in Asian that producing some Iphone materials. I have both and I think I’ll go with my S2 coz it’s more easy to use than to sync all the time with my computer just to add several files. You can just drag files into the windows media player and then sync with a short time. Then the android apps are more competitive with cheaper price. I think people choose an Iphone because of their Apple minded, try to open you mind, children.

    • Ridhigill007


  • AIM2002

    Actually my S2 is running ICS. That is the latest OS from android, so you may want to update this.

  • AIM2002

    Oh and one other thing. The 4s is STILL way more expensive then ny S2, and so what about siri!? I have vilingo which does exactly the same thing! And you can update it to be tour personal assistant. Also the Iphone doesn’t except SDcards . The S2 supports up to a 32Gb SDcard. Samsung rule I’m afraid.

  • Phillip Park

    Let’s be real. 
    Siri was a game changer. In the beginning it was erratic and not polished but with the updates it got much better. My gf depends on Siri daily. She talks(in french) to Siri more than she does to me sometimes, lol!

    I have an s2. I think it’s a great phone and I think it’s probably just a little better than the iphone 4s, phone wise. But sometimes I wish that us GS2 users had Siri too!

    • Onni321

      there is a “siri” app for GS2 just type in “siri” in the android marked.

      • Ldrago160

        type iris not siri . IrIS IS DAMN FUNNY AND AWSOMe.They created it in 8 hours

  • yoooo

    Theres also the new s2 skyrocket with a bigger screen and a 1.5 ghz processor that does run ics.

  • Y Queenie

    Well, thanks for your opinion. But, I guess I’ll also have mine soon enough. My mother has the iPhone 4s. But personally, me and my aunt would want a Samsung Galaxy S2. But then again… I haven’t tried the S2 yet. (You can’t try phones like the S2 here in SG ’cause they say tat phones here don’t have damage. I would like to believe that as well, but it ould be better if you could try it first-hand…) But my mother is a certified Apple Fanatic… And normally, she also said the iPhone 4s is quite better than the Galaxy S2… But, I’m neutral. YOU CANNOT REALLY COMPARE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 WITH APPLE iPHONE 4S.

  • SB

    for me s2 is the best than 4s its simple its simple to use easy put music on your phone whitout using itunes and better durabilty than 4s.

    for me s2 is the best

  • Afrghadfbh

    hallo from accc

  • Marcelo Santos

    I have an 4S. And my new S2 will be delivered for next 3 days. My co-worker had an S2 and insisted that the experience is much better than an iPhone. I am willing to discover that if this is true or not. But there is some things that we can ignore: the iPhone 4S have 64GB of storage. Just S3 has this storage capacity. The material that 4S is built is superior. The screen resolution is higher, and I found more games and apps in Apple Store than in Google Play, and the prices in Apple Store is always cheaper than Android Market (Google Play). In Android side, there is the great Google services integration, natively. I’m a big Google products user (Google Drive, Gmail, Agenda, Contacts, etc) and I believe in that scene the Android could be the best option than my 4S, and the option that I don’t need the iTunes to store and transfer music to device is also a great option. 

    • Kumar

       U  R confused Marcelo my friend !!! Why a phone is needed with 64 GB storage?

  • Jehovah

    i think you lack fibre in your diet ..stop eating apple’s ass.

    • Abdikadir Yakub

      thank you

  • Jan Bryan

    i think the 4s has not dethroned the S II yet. Apple should do something about it.

  • Jan Bryan

    i think the 4s has not dethroned the S II yet. Apple should do something about it.

  • Maskey Pravat

    I am using iPhone 4s, 4 , galaxy note and HTC incredible S , as I’m application developer. iOS is many times faster than Android. on Android, screen flickers, animation is not good but it gives more for customization. In compare to hardware, android phones are much more than iPhone 4s but in performance, it sucks infront of iOS. Don’t believe?  

    -Open any note application on both devices, type things fast, android is less responsive.
    -Switch application, I don’t know what is done in iOS ( may it is not truly multitasking), iOS is much fast.
    – touch response time,,, in iOS , it is fast. open photo gallery in both devices and slide, you will see difference .

    – but in android, I can customize more, but android should be fast in better hardware, so, what I found is, if I want to do more customization and functionality, android is best, for animation, user responsive, iOS is great. 

    • App Takis

      Lol, developer ??? heh, you my friend have no clue whats Android and what his capabilities, the Android OS surpassed IOS long time ago, not sure on what planet do you live but certainly not on this one.

      IOS sucks, its a closed up, supercontrolled and monitored system made for people who really dont care about privacy, security, reliability etc.

      In a few years Apple phones will have the same faith as the blackberry, once Android 5 comes out it will be all over for Apple

      • Kumar

         App Takis… UR comments are Gags !!! IAMO

  • dinesh pednekar

    one new tecknik use for new genration & that means dual sim so i think use this tecknik in this smart fones for get a new customer & new genration.

  • Cmaria246

     i think the samsung galaxy s2 is way better and the iPhone is sort of siting down

    • Cmaria246

      there both great phones and i want both!!!!!!

      • Ma79

        Learn to write properly, don’t kill the English( British). “They are both great telephones, NOT – “there both great phones”, and “I” is always capital letter. Examples: ” There is a telephone(somewhere), and “They are great telephones”.

        • Mitsuman95

          Wow. You need more corrections than the poster you quoted.

          • A&MCollegeKid

            Ma79: I suggest you SHUT IT and don’t pick on people about their grammar… this is a free site discussing PHONES not stupid grammar… So mature a bit -______-

        • Captain Obvious

           Grammar Nazi is at it again!

        • Niknikb77

          MA79 -WHO CARES!!!!

  • Marcelo Santos

    I’m using iOS devices since 2008, and from 1 week ago I switched to an Android device: my choice was Samsung Galaxy SII. My first impressions is that the screen is fantastic (vivid colors, big screen!) but the phone experience as a whole is frustrating: I brought in Google Play Plants vs. Zombies. Installed it in the device memory. The app refuses to load: get stuck in PopCap logo. I tried to move to sd, move back to main memory, delete, reinstall, nothing. Well, forget that damm game! Installed Adobe Reader… It’s frozen 3 times, and I removed it. About interface: even in Android 4.0 it sucks: I cannot take a picture and send via email… I need to take the picture, quit camera app, switch to Gmail app, create a new email and attach the photo… In iOS I can do that with no max than 3 clicks. I installed Kies. The software detected the new Firmware version, so I started the upgrade process. The progress bar was frozen at 0%. Disconnected the device after 1 hour and half and the device still frozen in 0%… Searching on Internet I discovered the key sequence that put the device in recovery mode… And finally the upgrade process was completed. Every app has his interface, and there is no standard to follow. In iOS field almost every app have an similar look, with exception in games area.  And, at least: the quality of materials disappoint me: the price of SII is almost the same than an iPhone 4, and the iPhone is rock solid compared to SII in construct area. Let’s continue next week with Android experience… At least, the device is fast and have a nice screen.

    Just to remember: since my days with my iPhone it’s a rare occasion that an app freeze, or refuses to load, or I have problem in upgrade process. Now, the issues that I had in the past, more specific in Nokia N95 days are back.

    • Marcelo Santos

      Let me correct about one thing: in Photos I can SEND to email or other services just clicking in the photo itself. If I click in options button, the option to send by messing or email doesn’t appear. In that point I’ve done a mistake. 

    • Marcelo Santos

      Another annoying thing: What’s App don’t receive push notifications, only if it is running. To correct this I needed to remove and install app again. After doing this, came the question: If I’m in a place without Internet connection and some other app won’t run, or crash, or something like that? How reliable could be an platform like this, when my first 2 apps had problems to run in a fresh device? Sorry, Android could be the OS for the future in mobile devices, but it’s never happened to me when using iOS. If Apple launches a new device with a big screen like SII I’m willing to go back to iPhone.

    • Bob

      was there any need to write an damn essay?

  • Shah R Sourendre

    iOS is just the best and very stable!on android your phone may restart 10times a day and on ios you may have almost not remember how your iPhone restarts!
    Anyone using ios and going for android will just be deceived and return to ios as soon as possible,some people never have used iPhone so doesn’t know what is a stable smartphone,they are just the one who wanted a smartphOne but cheap one!

    • App Takis

      Lies  do not listen to that guy, he has no clue about technology, maybe paid by Apple to spread lies about Android because Apple lost its throne to it.

      Inform yourself about the great operating system called Google Android that actually gives you freedom to do what you want with your phone/device, it is the future and people like Shah are living in the past still celebrating a sunken dynasty.

      Iphone was great at its time, but due to restrictions it just lost the ball and will never again be #1  

      I feel very sorry for you Shah, you are misguided by Apple but the day will come when you also will wakeup from the deep sleep you are in right now….

    • Guest

      i havent restarted my android evo 3D in like months and its running fine. haahhaha youre retarded!

    • nn

       Ive always owned Iphones since first introduced, switched to android a month ago and now will never go back to IOS i didnt know what i was missing, Android is far far far superior than IOS, switched from the iphone 4s to samsung galaxy s2. Will never go back to IOS again.

    • Krider

       I love Android I’ve never had my phone restart on me. I’m Android all the way, I hear alot my friends who have iphones complain about them all the time.

  • JJgem

    Could this article be any more biased towards Apple…How does Siri really help Apple?  What does Apple’s “newer” OS have anything to do with being better?  Android is far superior to iOS.
    Android is meant to be customizable, and there are plenty of FREE apps to assist you

  • kemy Dahiya

    when i use iphone 4 then i feel happiness only when i buy it but after sometime i felt boaring with it bcoz there are limitations of everything like as can,t delete songs , videos in the device without itunes .. also not good battery backup in internet browsing .. everything is depend on pc & itunes .. but afterall i switched to android then i feel that s  real happy life there are everything is unlimited and selfdepend … so i don,t like apple now…. i think apple is just better for eat …not for use hehehhehhe…..

    • Gerardnarvaez

      you can delete songs by simply sliding the song you want then the delete button will appear same as the deletion with videos

  • Ruelled39silva

    actually S2 is the best VALUE FOR MONEY

    • GadgetZ

      Yuppppppppp and Android Market is awesome…isnt it?? Not as much restrictions compared to the appstore

    • A&MCollegeKid

      Uhhh no. I am buying an iPhone 4s in august for $399 whereas they’re asking $600 for the new S2. so to hell with that opinion.

  • Jawafar789

    iphone is the worst but the shape and the size is better than s2 but iphone does not have many options than s2,so the s2 is better than iphone and less money 

  • Kumar

    Too all those Pride Owner of Smart phone… S II and 4S, If you can afford 500 $ phone for communication, can you donate 5% of the value to any Charity Orgs and feel more proud of it…  Think Of It.  I am doing it and request all to do it.. Anything you buy for crazies donate 5% of the value as charity, U wont loose anything from this rather u gain more… Cheers to all !!! 

  • Gp1077

    Just like the macbook, if you buy an iPhone, you are paying for the name! The S2 can download anything of the web, just as you would with a computer.  The winner here would have to be the S2 solely on the reason that it supports flash! period….

  • Mr BIG

    i phone for me personally by far, My wife has the S2 and it has a great display but the apple has the advantage of being able to dock with the multitude of music docking stations on the market including the superb Bose & also the attachment in her car installed by the manufacturer as standard. I also found the i phone easy to pick up & was well into the features in no time at all ( less than a day ) so the functionality is great. My wife was having a slightly harder time with the Samsung and getting to grips with it. Ultimately they are both good phones both having there own advantages & it’s a matter of choice in what the individual wants, Samsung produce great quality stuff & I have had there TV’s now for a number of years but Apple have a fantastic line up of products too…. needles to say the next big thing will be on the horizon & it won’t be long before our mobiles grow legs & begin to do the house work at the rate they are improving….. the fact that they are called mobile phones is becoming a bit of a joke now as that aspect seems to be more of a minor roll for them. 

    • Mr Big

      How interesting, I just found out that some one has made a waterproof case for the i-phone that converts it into a dive computer… will have to take a look at that one but perhaps they can do another one of these things comparing it to the VR3 mixed gas dive computer…. dam fine idea though.



  • GadgetZ

    Hahaha Samsung is my choice. You see, Iphone takes so long to release iphone 4s while Samsung already came up with soooo many other phones. People have been saying Iphone 5 is already ready, but because of Samsung threatening Apple with S2, they have delayed Iphone 5 with Iphone 4s so they have more time to make better phones. Samsung SIII is out and we will see how Apple improves from SIII. Cheers to Samsung for having the courage to release SIII admidst news saying Iphone 5 is coming. :)) Imma Samsung supporter. I think im crazy but after watching the SIII advertisement, I felt touched by how SIII seem like a personal robot for you…and I felt as though its calling me its “Master” :) Smartphones will fall one day for other cooler gadgets to appear. Anyways, great job to Samsung and Apple.

    • GadgetZ

      Yea just wanna add that this is my personal view and i do not mean anything else except for voicing. Just make your own choice when you are buying a phone :) Your instinct is still the best. GOOD LUCK CHOOSING ♥

  • Hsmith42

    i think iphones because i have a iphone 3gs and its way better then my other phone that was a samsung and it kept brecking so get a iphone 4s or any iphone it the topist phone ever.

    • Applestore

      yes ur right hsmith42 i think it brill aswell and i think everyone sould get one and i pads are really good for schools and they are getting them aswell so very plesed.???xoxo

      • John Appleseed

        Why iPads? Laptops are still better and you can get one for around the same price. They can do far more and they’re generally easier to type with.

        • A&MCollegeKid

          iPads can equip a lot of data and do a lot more in my opinion. I have a Macbook and a iPad 2 and I prefer using the iPad more because of apps for school and lots of games and different apps. I use my iPad to take notes in class with the Evernote app and at the same time it records the professors voice so i can replay it just in case I miss something, whereas on a laptop you just type whatever you hear. PLUS iPads are light and easier to carry in a purse or backpack whereas for a laptop its bulky, heavy, hard to carry everywhere, doesn’t fit in any purse smaller then a huge tote… etc.

  • Iphone42

    hello iphone i have one its way better then anyother phone in the world i rhink and its the top vatist as well so think get iphone.

    • SamsungSIII

      So we have diff. views? 😛 Are you and @4d1c97952aed5da26e967a60c1c2e982:disqus the same person?? #Curious 😛

  • Scotty

    I’ve owned both and the Samsung galaxy S2 wins out hands down, Apple is just for simple people who don’t know anything about phones. 

    • Thommo88

      Agreed, nothing beats Samsung. iphones screens are samsung design and manufacture!

    • George

      Well said

    • Big guy 1000

      Ok I have an Apple & My wife has am S2….  both units are just fancy phones. Personally my life isn’t based around how my phone performs, they are primarily for making phone calls. I am far from stupid for owning an apple, it was the phone that was on offer at the time by my service provider & it didn’t cost me £300 or £400 to own just a contract with plenty of text & talk time for not much per month…. Easy to use isn’t a bad thing either, remember K.I.S.S. ‘ Keep it simple Stupid’ it works every time… 

  • Sfbloem

    Now lets get your comparison between the Samsung galaxy S3 and the Iphone 4s

    • meh

      4s don’t deserve this comparison, they are not in the same level. 

      • David Tsatiris

        Yes they are ? People is saying ” Uhh iphone is still the best” So why shouldn’t u or other people show the apple fags that :)

        • meh

          iphone fagboy can say what ever they want, but we all know a phone designed for human is never meant to compare with a phone designed for monkey. 

  • qusay

    trust me on this… iphone 4s or 4 is much better ….

    • David Tsatiris

      Trust me… You’re an idiot :)

      • George

        Trust me, you are right David. S2 in my opinion destroys the 4S and Siri is overrated and also underused.

        • Paul

          I agree with you George, Siri is underused. I have friends with Iphone 4s but I haven’t seen one using Siri. Its cool but…it is just cool.. 

  • Brushrop03

    The fact that this author is using Siri as a selling point for iOS lets you know this guy really doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Siri is pretty useless most of the time. Google’s voice commands are actually more accurate.

    I have both the 4S and the GS2. Android is not as “basic” as iOS so a little harder to learn, but it has a lot more features built into it that iOS is still trying to catch up on. iOS needs a fresh design overhaul. 

    Iphone is too small (for me at least). 4.3″ minimum 

    The 4S is a good phone, but I’ll give it to GS2. It’s just more of a complete phone.

  • 9GAG


  • Jbm40

    You lot are a bunch of sad fuckwits…IT’S A BLOODY PHONE… Glad that’s the only thing you have to worry about in this war torn world….

  • Js

    i have a s2” the wife has an i4’s we both have lots of sex and use our phones as phones
    get a life 

    • Bob

      at least one friggin person has sense … you twats are acting asif your phone is going to make you have a better life or get the oppisite sex attracted to you … mate its just a phone … i think you should all just get nokias and deal with it

  • bob

    i want to get a new phone but i cant decide which one i should get between iphone 4s or samsung galaxy s2? i want to know which one do you think i should get?

    • Bob

      erm … a life maybe?

    • col

      stick to a phone box mate’ you wont be confused then”or you could always have sex like js    

    • Ivntel67

      Get the S3

  • Reesey93

    Apple’s advantages:
    App Store (way more apps)
    Easier to Restore
    More accessories
    Tweaks(if jail broken)

    Andriod’s Advantages:
    Flash Player
    Battery Life
    SD Card slot

    Jailbroken iPhones cancel Andriods being more
    customizable and Installous let’s you download
    free apps, Apple isn’t just for simple-minded people
    just because you know how to control android
    doesn’t make you smart
    Do not chose a phone based off what others say, some people
    feel comfortable with their phone so try each phone
    to see what’s best for you, I have an iPhone which is really all I
    need, but I also have an Andriod tablet Motorola Xoom, it’s Amazing!
    although I have a strong liking for apple products, I can’t say which
    is better between them, I just know how to use my iPhone 4s to the
    best of its ability, which is why I’ll chose Apple

    • George

      Hey you can ‘jailbreak’ androids, its called ‘rooting’. I think that flash is desperately needed in smartphones like these… I dont know if the 4S has it but my S2 has. People will go for the iPhone everytime because its so famous unless you look deeply into its competitors. Thats also why there are so many more apps on the App store than Google Play. I agree with most of what you are saying but personally I like my phone 10x more than my friends 4S because mine is generally cooler and more useful and super flashy.

    • Joe

       Annnddd you’re wrong.

      Android – Open Source

      Mac – Closed source

      End of discussion.

  • Dom

    I love the iPhone there some thing that the android can’t do I’m a dentist and all my work runs of Mac and my iPhone and iPad people are just going to hate. It was beacuse the iphone the greater the smart phone and Siri is very helpful for lots of thing yea the screen is small but if I wanna watch tv ul jus use my 55inch at work or at home it’s like say a PC vs the Mac ul take the Mac which works just like my iPhone Plus it’s American designed in California and that’s why iPhone does. One out so fast

    • Joe

      The greater smart phone… Because your entire life is foolishly monopolized by Apple.

      Perhaps if you had alternative branded products, you’d see just how shitty Apple really does work alongside competition.

      Go ahead, pay more for the inferior phone, which had months to play catch-up.

      No mention of RAM on either of these phones, interesting – Probably because it’d give it to Samsung.

  • Thirdwr

    buhahahahahah keep your eyephone

  • Msn-hate

    When steve gobs died the universe went up and down …… Also i Had an iphone and now im having an andriod …. I realized that ios is The best !

  • Sempre FI

    I have been reading post for months about the iPhone ans the gs2. I have been keeping pace with xda (If you don’t know what that is, don’t call yourself a android guru) I have owned a HTC amaze 4g, galaxy attain, Nokia E7 (leave Symbian alone, best business phone ever!) blackberry 9780, and 9900. I just purchased a iPhone 4s, should be here tomorrow. Newly introduced to the world of geekdom. But I would like to say to all that you sound like children with you profanity, lewdness, and slandering. Judging a person by their phone, says even less about you. you call people idiots because they want (what you consider) a simpler phone. I am ex military, (USMC) college graduate, worked in corporate America, worked for Motorola, energy & product div., and other things. I am retired and getting another degree on-line in my spare time. NOT TOOTING MY OWN HORN, stating a fact. All the animosity and arguing you are doing, is making Samsung and Apple laugh at you and call you, me, us, all the way to there yachts. We shared the same laughs at Motorola. BTW, I was with Motorola when they were turning out the first gen mobile phones, remember the big grey flips with the charge ports exposed and they set in a big grey charger? 1995

  • Ivntel67

    You can put an Sd card in a galaxy

  • Big guy 1000

    Since I joined this debate & put a neutral view point on both phones I have to say how childish & hostile some of the comments are… You can read my comments below and I stand by what I said without being hostile to either hand sets but to say about processing power & that people are idiots if they can’t operate a particular system is quite frankly foolish. At the end of the day they are phones, the fact they all have wonderful toys on them is all very well & good fun if that’s what floats your boat. There are also other phones on the market to think of too…. If you are writing a comment on here then make it useful & practical for others out there, both phones have there advantages for the individual user…. I personally now buy a phone for ease of use & functionality + I couldn’t give a monkeys who makes it. If your phone provider offers you a great deal on any particular phone then the chances are you will take it what ever, it’s a very shallow individual who wants to spend time camped outside either an apple store or a phone shop selling the latest Samsung etc…. the market is fast moving & every manufacturer is looking for a good balance / price & performance etc & this will only carry on for the future…. In my view if you are putting comments on here then at least be constructive about your wording then at least prospective buyers can formulate there own opinion….. Just to make another point, I owned the first Motorola trans portable which needed a suitcase to carry it around & the battery lasted a day at best & calls were at 50p per minute, 1 ring tone & no apps, texts or any other gadgets either… if you own either of these hand sets then just think how lucky you are that you can benefit from technology’s that I could only dream of then… JUST THINK BEFORE YOU POST !!!!!

    • Redroxinc09

      More or less you’ll need to THINK before you BUY. Cause there is no turning back once you sign your name on that 2-yr contract. Then time goes by and you find yourself at a loss, Only to Envy your friends who made the logical decision to pick up that new iPhone 5 coming out lol.

  • Christian Auldridge

    Iphone 4s was best for a while then came s3 which is now he best and since iphone 5 is expected and it seems all the rumor sites have the same information from what i can tell iphone 5 will be the best. Plus its running ios 6 which is amazing

    • Joe Blow

       IOS 6 is amazing?  Really?  And how would you know?…

  • manbeer

    I had a few iphones for a while, was back to blackberry, then have been using android for the last year or so. Currently using the S2. I had the 4s that i got in a trade because it was worth more to sell for an extra s2. All in all its a good phone but boring. I can’t leave anything alone for too long and at least with the android platform its more flexible. When i had the two phones side by side i did a site loading comparison and honestly was shocked at how much faster the apple homepage loaded on the galaxy. It was much much faster. This was consistent throughout every site i visited

  • Keroppityy

    Hey There! Can anyone give me suggestions? Although I hv read this article and many others, i am still very confused. So I hv been using my S2 for around 6 months, and I found its not actually good when compared with my mother’s iphone. In this moment when iphone 5 is just a few months to release, should I get an iPhone 4s ..or wait for an iPhone 5, or remains my phone unchanged? Maybe you ‘ll think that S2 is already awesome, but I dun really like its brightness. Even when I adjusted it to minimum brightness, I found its so tired and feel bad to my eyes. Whilst my mum’s iPhone can adjust to really dark  which is probably much more comfortable. And I actually dun agree with sb who said that S2 has a longer battery life. Turning 3G on and surfing the net, it just takes about 5 hours or less to completely run out of battery, in which iPhone 4S can hv a 6-7 hrs 3G. Also, android phones seem to be a heater more than a phone. When charing or internet browsing, it just gets so hot and no wonder its battery runs off so fast. I admit that Samsung has improved a lot but still has a distance from Apple. So what Phone do you think  should I get? iPhone 4S/ iPhone 5/ Keep my S2? Thank you for your help.

    • Jenith Kalind

      get gs3

    • Big guy 1000

      I think you have already answered your own question.

  • Daitralb

    Galaxy s3 is better then iPhone4s so Move over iPhone 4s and the iPhone s5 not coming out for another two months Galaxy definitely got iPhone beat…

  • Bad Boy 204

    Trust me u r all idiots every phone has its advantages and disadvantages so you choose what you like, other peoples comments are just going to make you take something you don’t want

    • Serina

      Agreed, Choose and follow ur own judgements. Doesn’t mean people day this is good means u have to buy the same as theirs.

  • ananumous

    and in my opinion iPhones are much better than those shitty samsung fuckers

    • Hello

      All phones have advantages and disadvantages. You have shown no knowledge of Samsung phones. You are obviously a stupid and ignorant fanboy. 

    • JESUS


  • bob

    you are so right

  • Cleakos45

    galaxy 3 is 4g and loads in an instant came out last week. Wow its fast compared to galaxy s2 3g.

    • Apple hater

      S2 is 4G too , LOL …

  • smdcsb

    just got s2 because all apple got is a talking phone that is way overated

  • h.Russell

    With an iPhone can I view flash files?(over 75% of web content) With and iPhone can I Bluetooth any file to any device? With an iPhone can I use any file as any type of notification or ringtone. Are people aware apple aren’t renewing their google licence? This means all google services are being excluded from the iPhone, youtube is gone, maps is next, gmail and google are to be replaced by yahoo and bing. These services will be made available to iPhone users in the form of a paid app.

  • Hud Champ

    I’ve owned both and I think s2 is better because of 4g and the larger display but I like apple’s market better; and if you drop the iPhone its over your out atleast a couple hundred for a new screen.

  • FAQ

    sell out can we say exchange batteries and expandable storage lol never on an Iphone and i own one lol

  • Jaxon

    I have a samsung s2 and I gave my wife the iphone4s, I love seeing her get frustrated trying to use it,she constantly says how come your phone is easier to use

  • Vanessa

    We are a family with the iPhones,iPads and I have the Galaxy S 2 and I love it so much I had my husband send my iPhone 4 back. He loves his iPhone and I love my iPad . But there are NO comparison’s when it came to my Galaxy 2 and iPhone 4 ! You fail to mention all that this phone can do! I wouldn’t trade it for an iPhone 4 or 5 NOWAY!! And I talk to mine and give it commands all the time , it’s name just isn’t Siri! Oh well!!

    • Vanessa

      Oh and funny how my hubby is always grabbing my Galaxy to take the pictures and not his iPhone !! Lol

  • Coco

    Honestly, I find Samsung Galaxy 2 way better. The screen is just big enough for you to be able to actually touch the screen properly.

  • Mr Castle

    Absolutely right. The galaxy s2 is the best phone in the world. iPhone is just a name that people pay for and thus buy into because they are ignorant about other really good phones.

  • dman

    apple is overrated this phone is much better

  • a samsung owner

    I think the Samsung galaxy s ii is better

  • Bob


  • alex

    if each have to cameras and on camera is better (the front camera) then shouldnt the one with the better cameras win?? how does a draw apply wen the one is better and the other one is not??

  • alex

    and who ever did this is the biggest tool in the world

  • asfas

    iphone 4s interface and looks defiantly blows away the s2, it looks cooler to most people

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