Android Comodo Mobile Security and Antivirus app available

As most of the Android faithful would admit, the Android platform is susceptible to malware and viruses and there are several antivirus, anti-malware and other anti bad gear apps available on the Android Market, but now you can download the Comodo Mobile Security Free AV app to protect your Android device from all that nastiness.

According to the guys over at Android Police, the Comodo Mobile Security Free AV app for android first and foremost as one would expect the Comodo Android app is an antivirus/anti-malware; however the application does offer a subset of useful tools.

This subset of tools included privacy protection that enables the user to keep certain information like SMS and a specific contacts list confidential, a process/task manager, and an SMS/call blocking tool, which can be used to filter out unwanted texts and calls by way of a simple black and white list.

With the Comodo Mobile Security Free AV app virus protection is ‘always on’ and there is also an ‘on demand’ scanner so you can scan and keep your smartphone or tablet free from unsafe applications and viruses.

On a personal note I use Comodo Internet Security on my PC and have no problem with it, so perhaps the Comodo Mobile Security Free AV app offers the same for your mobile device. So if you wish to take advantage of Comodo for Android you can download the app for free from the Android Market.

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  • Hobs0n

    Trying it, lets hope it doesnt affect performance too much :) Thanx for the news!

  • Mark

    Comodo mobile security and Antivirus App Available for Android ,its interesting and I have been using COMODO in my PC for many years and I am satisfied its efficiency and safety .Now I would  update my Android smartphone with COMODO .

  • Dante

     Comodo Mobile Security offers more than malware protection – in addition to core antivirus protection, Comodo Mobile Security includes SMS and Call Blocking,Software and Process Manager, and Private Space with Apps locking. this is really interesting.

  • Hansy

    yeah! i am an android user, i tried  comodo mobile security app,i easily installed and configured the app, it helps me to protect the device from malwares.
    thanks for the article,
    it really helped me a lot.

    hansy,(the comodo user).

  • Anonymous

    Comodo mobile security and Antivirus App Available for Android ,its
    interesting news and I have been using COMODO antivirus software in my PC for past two  years and it is really good to use it.Now i am going to buy the Comodo mobile security.
    johnantony,(the COMODO user)

  • sabrina D

     I Use this and am happy to use this.

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