Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE aka Skyrocket FCC approval

A couple of months ago during CES 2012, the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE, also known as the Skyrocket HD for AT&T was officially announced, and since then the mobile space hasn’t really heard much about the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE, probably due to all the fuss going on at MWC 2012 in Barcelona, that is however until now.

According to the guys over at Android Authority, by way of the FCC, the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE has now finally received clearance from the Federal Communication Commission.

Although the specifications for the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE were announced back in January, the FCC docs do confirm that the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE or Samsung Galaxy Skyrocket HD, whichever you prefer to call it, will support AT&T LTE 700/1700 bands.

Furthermore it appears that old Sammy has design two battery covers for the Android smartphone, one with an NFC antenna and one without, so the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE could come with NFC or AT&T just might bypass that function as they have done previously.

The FCC docs don’t offer anything really new on the device but does suggest the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE is getting closer to a release date, which usually follows not to long after a device clears the FCC so we could be looking at a release in a month or so.

So there you have it now that the Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE has cleared the FCC are any of our readers hoping to snap up the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone when it finally releases?


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 HD LTE aka Skyrocket FCC approval”

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      MGN says:

      as much as I was waiting for this one to hit AT&T…im now going to pass, as the HTC One X will launch with them also, it mid to late april…sports the s4 Snapdragon also..huge bump from the s3…foood for thought..

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        Rick Stewart says:

        HTC One X won’t hit US shores until Summer. Plus, tired of HTC Sense UI (had an EVO for 2 years). I much prefer TouchWiz. 

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    tired ... says:

    This wait is taking its toll … I’ve been eligible to ‘re-up’ for several weeks, but I’m waiting for the S2-HD.  Figure that its processor is plenty fast, and now - with the addition of HD & higher quality graphics – other super-phones aren’t really going to have much more to offer.  But come on, AT&T, hurry up with this thing, will you …

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