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Microsoft may allow Windows 7 apps to run on WP8

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By:James | March 14th, 2012

As you are no doubt aware, Microsoft’s latest OS is Windows 8, and apparently the latest word doing the rounds is that Microsoft may allow Windows 7 applications to play nice on Windows 8, and possibly all 70,000 WP7 apps along with all Windows 8 apps.

According to an article over on Extreme Tech the rumour originates from the I’m A WP7 application according to WMPoweruser, the I’m A WP7 app reports the version numbers that operate said app, and the first two entries in the image below show Windows Phone 7 apps whilst the lower entry shows Windows 8.0 Desktop v6.28283.0.

Apparently the present build of Windows 8 Consumer Preview is v6.2.8250.0, and as such it does appear that Microsoft is testing Windows Phone 7 applications on internal builds of Windows 8.

The guys say that it could be Windows Phone 7 apps simply running in a Windows 8 development environment however Jupiter is mentioned, and although not confirmed, Jupiter is a codename that is thought to be one of the core libraries that power the new Metro style Windows 8 applications.

If true, whilst it is quite easy to say Microsoft is taking a leaf out of the Google and Apple book, obviously it would be of advantage to both customers and developers if Windows 8 arrives sports as many apps as possible, and if Microsoft allows developers to write single apps that can go across the whole ecosystem then it could become quite a challenger to Android and iOS.

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