Finally Temple Run for Android, you got it?

One of the most hotly anticipated Android gaming apps is finally released today, Temple Run. The long-running saga of this hugely popular game has been well documented but at last Android device owners will be able to get their hands on some Temple Run action and we have the only legitimate link for you.

We reported on Temple Run for Android several times as the game had been a smash hit on Apple’s iOS platform but there were several delays getting it to Android. Many were frustrated at the delays but just as many were determined to hold on and at last a few weeks ago we were able to give you the official release date of March 27, that’s today! During the delays though, many people were taken in by scams and fake Temple Run apps that purported to be the real thing, despite pleas from the developers Imangi Studios, not to download these fake apps but to wait for the real thing.

Today the free app is now available from the Google Play Store at this link. It requires Android 2.1 or later and so in just a few short minutes you could be escaping from the Evil Demon Monkeys and getting a taste of what has made this game so successful. The Temple Run Facebook page can be found here where the announcement of its availability has been made. For those of you unaware of Temple Run (where have you been!) the game basically is as it sounds, lots of running and lots of ancient temples in an attempt to get your hands on the treasure.

We think this will really take off again now it’s available for Androids as it was previously already being played by more than 45 million people worldwide. We’d be interested to hear from you if you are going to download the game to your Android device. When the game saw several delays Imangi Studios asked for patience and explained the issue by saying they wanted it to be exactly right when it was launched, which seemed understandable. So have they managed it?

Is Temple Run for Android running smoothly for you? Are you pleased that the long wait for this game to come to Android devices is finally over? Let us know by sending your comments.

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  • Aka-wass

    htc wildfire when i try to go dowload temple run from the android market it say your device isnt compatible with this item, how can i fix this problem?

    • Aka-wass

      htc wildfre s***

    • Sherlock

      Get a new phone. Phone isnt compatible with the game.

      • Karii H

        stfu is not that easy to get q new one

    • Abdi

      I have the same problem Help please :’

  • renz62

    damn… incompatible with Galaxy Y x|

  • guest

    Can’t get it on samsung galaxy ace :(

  • Deja Luckett

    Cant get it on samsung admire either, grrrrrrrr

  • DarkWizard

    Unable to get it with my TMobile Mytouch.

  • David Pye20

    Not compatible with galaxy ace. Rubbish!!!

  • Jackdan J2000

    Not compatible with monte carlo! :(

  • guest

    been waiting ages for this.. and it’s not even compatible with samsung galaxy ace. so annoyed.

  • Arjayyatco

    android users are getting more agitated… not compatible with galaxy ace… fix this guys please…

  • Sherlock

    To those complaining about compatibilty issues get a new phone. Your phone sucks.

  • Nicky Moco Coco Patel

    it also no compatible on the LG P500

    • DANG_DUANA15


  • dr feel good

    i got it :) samsung galaxy 2

    • Gmagu

      Same :) although it’s very glitchy… Still, better than nothing.

  • -_-

    Not compatible on DROID RAZR maxx >.< someone's getting punched in the throat.

  • Merk

    I have the Droid 3 and it works for a game or two then kicks me back out of the game.  It’s annoying as heck.  I know it works great on my iTouch and I have been waiting for this to realease on my Droid.  Any Clue on why it stops?  Is it my App Killer that hurting it?

  • Laydii Flocka

    Not compatible with galaxy predecent either

  • Legend

    This gae is not compatible with HTC Legend!! :( Whats wrong with Android phones!! If this game can run on iPhone 3GS, then why not on similarly specd Legend :/

  • John

    brand new game guys just wait a few days maybe a week and they’ll update and fix what needs fixing

  • Michael_braddy

    works on gs2 but super laggy this game is nothing like on apple

  • Marlie Mucienko

    not compatiable with my device ! so mad right now !

  • Leo Odono

    Not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Q :(

    • lana

      Ikr!! So anoying and I can’t” get a new phone” cus mine is nee

  • Damon

    Waiing 4 Months For Release On Android, And Not Even Compatible With M yLast 2 Phones! Orange Monte Carlo And Orange San Francisco! Annoyed!

  • Xkscott

    can’t find it

  • Anon

    I have samsung galaxy ace, not compatible, do angry and dissapointed. I’ve been waiting ages for this. And Sherlock, not everybody, like me, can afford brand new latest expensive phones. This needs to be sorted!

  • Kimberly;;

    so annoyed i have a monte carlo and i cant even play it :(

  • Flirtychiq_08

    Whats the use of free apps if it isn’t compatible to our phones? Err.

  • jai bailey

    its not on i carnt finde it

  • hpfan

    waiting ages and its not compatible with mine or any of my freinds devices!

  • Mahamad

    idiots you have to download the latest update.. then it will work!

    • Julioacosta

      were is the latest update were can i find it ?

  • D Wildboys

    I hav a my touch 3g slide n every time i try to download it from play google it says device not compatibale help pleaseI

  • Jmvillasencio


  • Briimackeroni

    It says my device isn’t compatible! :( please help! I’ve been waiting so long for this!

  • Bailey Ciciretti

    Mines not workingg. :( it downloaded but when i go into the app it wont go past the Imangi Studios screen. HELP!

  • Tyra

    it says it is not compatible with my phone urg help me:(

  • Jjaquan87

    does not work 4 android

  • Isaackuon99

    Not compatible with my Droid razor

  • Gcasolara

    I have the evo shift and I looked in the app store but says still isn’t out.
    Why is this? Is it cause of what phone I have?

  • Cristian_daniel Costache

    Not compatible!!! Urgh, waited so long and it is not working!!!

  • Shafz9

    Help its notw orking on htc wildfire will it become compatible?

  • Precilla510


  • Precilla510

    yall need to fix this so we can get it on HTC WILDFIRE

    • amy

      Too right!

  • Bobzy

    To all those crying well stop. Temple run is only on the super android phones like the galaxy sii and xperia arc s . they will release it for less powerfull fphones later.

  • Guesty

    Of course, its not compatible with the LG.  Nothing is compatible with LG

  • Nellaabdulah

    please work on making it compatible with lg !

  • Tnieves68

    I have an android 2.2 and it still doesn’t work been waiting since forever please fix this I love this game

  • Austinhmby

    i have android 2.3.4 and it still doesnt work on my phone

  • Holyl98

    i have an samsung galaxy ace and not working :(

  • guestttty

    i have a my touch 3g slide an it says that my phone is not compatible to download it  nd i have the android market 2.2

  • Asdfasddsfa

    Plz men i love this game i have 2.3.5 Samsung galaxy Ace Why isnt it coming to Ace 

  • Shkshitij

    i hav samsung galaxy ace 2.3.4 still it isnt working..y???

  • mary

    how come i cant download it for my samsung admire

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