BlackBerry TK Victory BB10 phone is RIM saviour

The troubles that have affected BlackBerry maker RIM in recent years have been highly publicized, but the platform still has many fans that don’t want to ditch their treasured device. Ahead of the launch of BB10 there have been a few concept ideas for new BlackBerry handsets, and today we have news of the BlackBerry TK Victory that could be RIMs saviour.

This latest concept idea comes courtesy of DigitalHomeBoy, and as CrackBerry are reporting the TK Victory looks pretty special. The device would have 32GB of on board storage with the introduction of Lotus Glass from Corning, on a beautiful wrap around 3.5-inch screen. To some users it may be disappointing to see the trackpad and physical front keys have been replaced by software based keys, along with a smaller swipe bezel on all four sides.

The device would weigh only 130g and measure 8.5mm thick and powered by the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core processor. Camera wise the Victory concept has an eight megapixel front shooter with call to call and Skype options, while on the back a Carl Zeiss based twelve megapixel camera can be found with dual LED Xenon flash capable of 1080p HD video capture.

It would be packed with features such as the Apple designed nano SIM, 4G LTE along with both GSM and CDMA radios. Other features include Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, and DLNA Certified would allow users to stream, copy, share, and backup data without the need for wires.

Below the keyboard a visible microphone will support voice output and the re-positioned dual speakers will allow the device to be laid on its face or back no matter what the surface. A useful speakerphone mode would allow users to make conference calls or just simply listen to music or hear audio for video playback. The TK Victory would be powered by a 1950 mAh li-ion battery and along with a single lock/power key will help provide plenty of battery life.

What do you think of this concept idea? If it was to be actually made would it help draw users back to the BlackBerry platform?

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  • Zalm

    No. you need more space around the keyboard to hold the device

    • Andre

      Really?! How do you hold it???

      • Kayodebility

        Great !!!!

      • Cyber_tech51

        when you get it, you will find a way

  • Abecker


  • Anonymous

    RIM needs to make this and the concept for the Blackberry Blade as its first two BB10 phones and I think it would be safe to say they would regain A LOT of their lost market share.
    Long Live The RIMpire!!!

  • Mohib Ali

    make it blackberry make it please

  • Dr. Hippo

    When I finally buy this, I will shove the screen so far up some Apple turd’s behind, they will be speaking BBM for years!

  • BB FAN..

    yeahhhhhhh please make the bb tk victoria hahahaha no matter what and the price but, i’ll buy it… wow that’s the greatest concept from blackberry they came out… that’s a kind of cellphone everybody wants…

  • Ryanwalker00

    BB 4 Life
    Make that TK VICTORY I will sale my xbox to get it with which ever company has it

  • ron

    Amazing.  Ready for this phone.  Wow.  This would shift the sales but quick.

  • kay

    Damn!!!! TK victory it is…..!!

  • nana yaw

    cant wait to get this phone in my hands ,cool,nice.hope this phone will overcomer iphone 

  • nana yaw

    guy how true is the blackberry blade?

  • Squarey4u

    Omg….I can’t wait to have dis fone…#damn

  • Firedawg

    If it comes out looking anything like this I will be in that lineup to pick one up for sure!  I looks great and would get everyone talking about BB again.  Great job!

  • P_styles16

    it shoul still have the trackpad

  • Ronny

    i prefer the size of bold 9900, and remove the trackpad panel, small and beautiful 

  • Bbj4eve3r

    I can’t find the dialing key for the tk victory

  • Mg Garcon

    All you guys crying about the trackpad are morons… Why do you need one when the phone is touch?… I mean seriously!

  • Rudy F.

    Perfect, I’m in! The only thing I think is overdone is the 8mpix front-facing camera. 2mpix would be fine. If I could add another dream option: Sublicense the 38mpix or so cam on the upcoming Nokia lumia.

  • Anonymous

    If this BB ever hit the market. I would buy. Wow is that beautiful.

  • TurkkE

    i want victory. its perfect…

  • Rashid said

    when is this gonna be released,and how much will it be sold out?great phone

  • Dennis Errikson

    When is it coming out it is perfect

  • Olanrewaju Babatunde Knight

    Damn perfect, indeed it victory…Love it

  • Detohunmikky

    Awesome Men ! Can’t Wait ……………..Hope the wait won’t be too long….

  • junior

    i love the victory. when will it be released, and how much?

  • Spi 1986

    when tk victory will launch in India?

  • Aniakorobinnaedward

    When would this awesome phone be out

  • Onge

    The TK victory looks gorgeous and is just what RIM needs – a handset with a larger screen but still keeping the well known and loved BB qwerty keyboard

  • Cyber_tech51

    I need this one, great design

  • Scott

    I would buy it in a heartbeat. Don’t take away the one thing blackberry has done well….messaging.  The keyboard looks great – the concept looks slick – coupled with email encyption and ample storage….I like it.  A lot. 

  • Van

    RIM has to listen to its costumers.! Stop bringing out models and phones that arent just not helping you guys. This phone is AMAZING!! There is many people waiting for it to come out soon already! THIs will defenetly be the savior of your compagny! LISTEN to your costumers!!!!!!!! 


  • guess

    The front camera its just amazing! Many people love that! The fact that you are keeping touch screen and the physical keyboard its just awsome. perfect perfect perfect.! Exited alreadyy 

  • Ashleys 101

    I love how it’s screen is larger plus keeping the keyboard… I’M GONNA GET THAT TK VICTORY…. LOOKS SICK, I LOVE IT!

  • Seajazze

    I wish it had track pad,so one has option of touching screen or using the track pad

  • Hamsomekelvin

    Wow I love the TK so much

  • Tjioe Meyer

    absolutely the best smart phone ever. After 2 years on the Iphone I have enough of onscreen keyboards. At the moment I am on HTC Chacha, but not powerul enough. the Future for Business users is with hardware keyboards. So please BB build a phone like the victory. Money does not matter, I would spend 800-1000$ for a phone.

  • saSH

    love the look of the blackberry TK2 Victory <3

  • chacha

    I would break a bank to buy this phone!

  • skindo

    Can we just have this in the market……….am already in love with it.

  • Mamad Madd

    dont buy a RIM product, ITS A TRAP!!

  • Michael Pan

    If the phones comes out looking like this I am in too. I miss the keypad

  • TTOC45

    I would buy this in a hear beat no questions asked. big touch screen and physical keyboard its basically a better iphone

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