Baffling Verizon Samsung SCH-i200 aka Jasper high-end phone

So there appears to be a new Samsung smartphone destined to play nice on the Verizon network over in the US, and its not the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is rumoured to arrive in May, but rather the Samsung SCH-i200 also known as the Samsung Jasper and runs the latest Android operating system.

The guys over at Pocket Now come across the Samsung Jasper (very blurry image above)via Bluetooth Sig and then tracked down a GLBenchmark for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich device that reveals a bit about the smartphone.

Word is the Samsung SCH-i200 Jasper sports a 1.5 Ghz Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 processor, which is the same as that on the AT&T HTC One X, and sounds a fairly high-end Android handset. However this is where it gets a bit baffling, as apparently the Samsung Jasper will have a WVGA touch screen rather than any kind of high resolution 720p display.

The guys suggest that this piece of information is an unusual combination of high-end and low-end hardware, and as such it is somewhat difficult to figure out just what old Sammy is planning for the Jasper, could this handset be a budget device, or is the strange combination something to do with power saving?

When it comes to fitting into the Big Red’s lineup, the guys say that the Samsung Jasper could find itself delivering more modern hardware to the mid-tier range such as the Samsung Gem and Samsung Illusion, of course we’ll keep our readers posted as and when we hear more about the Samsung Jasper.


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