HTC Titan 2 charming but fuzzy review

If you happen to be one of the Windows Phone faithful that is in the market for a new smartphone and contemplating picking up the HTC Titan 2, which is now available to purchase on a two-year contract from AT&T for 199-bucks, but simply can’t make up your mind whether the Titan 2 is the device for you, perhaps a review of the handset might go some way to helping you come to a decision.

So that’s what we have for your consideration, a review of the HTC Titan 2 that has been done by the guys over at PC World, who say that the HTC Titan 2 does live up to its moniker by dwarfing all other smartphones on AT&T with the exception of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The HTC Titan 2 packs a 4.7-inch Super LCD touch screen, along with a minimalistic design that allows for comfortable holding for extended periods, and features the standard set of Windows Phone navigation buttons along with a 16 megapixel rear facing camera with dual LED flash and a 1.3 megapixel front facing camera.

Performance wise the guys say the HTC Titan 2 runs smoothly due to packing a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor, and basic tasks such as email,and navigating the menus when smoothly until they played Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, which resulted in the frame rate dropping at times and did actually freeze for a few seconds.

The guys tested the HTC Titan 2 in their San Francisco office and say that the call quality was very good, and the handset filters background noise quite well, although they did hear a faint hint of static, and using the device for approximately six hours of browsing the web over LTE, taking photos and videos, drained the battery down to 60 percent.

Apparently the HTC Titan 2 runs Windows Phone 7.5 and comes pre-installed with HTC and AT&T apps but the user can uninstall those apps if they wish.

The guys have a few HTC Titan 2 pros and cons, the pros being LTE data speeds make downloading fast, has a roomy display, and great image taking capabilities, the cons are Windows Phone 7 lacks crucial applications and the screen resolution could be better. Thus their bottom line is as the device has a excellent camera the HTC Titan 2 is ideal for those that enjoy taking pictures, as long as your hands are big enough to hold the device comfortably.

So there you go, what are your thougts on the HTC Titan 2, does the device capture your interest enough to want to own it?

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