Samsung Galaxy S3 Quad Core & new screen approach

The Samsung Galaxy S3 name is ripping the web to pieces; rumours, speculations and release dates are getting covered all the time. However, this time round is very interesting indeed as new reports suggest that the SGS2 successor will come fitted with quad-core Exynos processors and 1080p HD displays.

The Verge is reporting that quad-core has been confirmed via a close source to Samsung, there are also talks that 4G LTE connectivity is a strong possibility as well, the main Samsung event kicks off May 3rd and only then will all be revealed. Thinking about all the rumours to date we have to sit back and take the above with a pinch of salt, but still very interesting to say the least if all comes true.

Looking more into the Galaxy S3, Phone Arena talks about the advantages of LCD displays and Samsung’s AMOLED screens and how much they consume the same amount of energy no matter what colours they display. When displaying white the AMOLEDs power consumption surges a lot, even though they are more efficient with dark or coloured images, LCD screens in smartphones have an advantage over AMOLED screens when it comes to browsing battery tests, basically down to white website backgrounds.

So a new positive forward direction is phosphorescent green for the pixels for its alleged Super AMOLED HD Plus screen, within the Samsung Galaxy S3. This means that the new LCD screens will be far superior to that of the iPhone 4/4S for displaying images and video. The SGS3 is expected to come with a 4.6-inch true 319ppi pixel density, so if the above is true this means a major save in battery life, most smartphones of today are power hungry and hopefully Samsung are moving in the right direction.

We are so hoping the above is true, but please sit back and take the news on the chin for now until the official announcement takes place on May 3, 2012. We are very much looking forward to reading your comments.


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