Top baby names 2012 via apps

Smartphone applications offer users a huge variety of uses in many different categories covering practically everything you can think of, and today we are looking at the top baby names for 2012 via apps on the Android and iOS platforms.

For iOS users Baby Names 2012 is based on the best selling baby names book that features almost 300 category lists such as celebrity names, first ladies, names that command respect, and many more. Twitter integration allows users to share their favourites straight from the app, and it includes over 100,000 baby names for you to choose from. Baby Names 2012 is available from the App Store for only £0.69/$0.99.

Another iOS app that has featured on the ‘Staff Favourites’ in the iTunes store is the free Baby Names application. This features thousands of boy and girl names that include detailed information about each name. Users can search via popularity, gender or random, and names can be shared via email to family and friends. Hit the App Store to find out more and to download.

Again for iOS users is another application simply called Baby Names that is again free to download that allows users to search names by categories. There are 25,000 boy and girl names with users being able to create their own favourites list and share by email. To find out more head over to the App Store.

Baby Names! for Android users allows the easy browsing of thousands of names while watching popularity trends, and once you have found a name you like users can find out about the name meaning. Favourite names can be saved and all data comes from real names reported to the Social Security database, and the app can be found free at Google Play.

Next up for Android users is a different take on the idea with the free Shake Baby Names app that basically provides users with a random name with a quick shake of the device. Names can be filtered via the apps settings using categories such as gender and starting letter, and users can enter their own surname to see how the complete baby name would appear. Head over to Google Play to find out more and to download.

Lastly again for the Android platform we have the free 50,000 Baby Names application that also features the origin and meaning for the most popular baby names. There are a number of filter options with users being able to save and share them via email, and there is also a fun random button. Hit Google Play to find out more.

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