Xray smartphones possible with CMOS and terahertz

We all know that mobile technology moves forward at a speedy rate, but what does the future hold for smartphone technology? Well apparently sometime in the future we could see smartphones acting like xray machines with the ability to see through objects such as walls, plastic, wood and the like.

According to an article over on Phys, researchers at UT Dallas have designed an imager chip that enables mobile phones to see through objects. Apparently the research team took in two scientific advances, one taps into an unused range in the electromagnetic spectrum, whilst the other is a new microchip tech.

The new tech uses the terahertz band of electromagnetic spectrum, one that hasn’t been accessed by most consumer devices, and one that is according to the professor of electrical engineering at UT Dallas and director of the Texas Analog Center of Excellence, Dr. Kenneth O, is full of unlimited potential which could benefit all.

Apparently using this approach, images are created with signals that operate in the terahertz band without the need to use several lenses inside a device. The new microchips manufactured using CMOS forms the basis of many consumer devices such as smartphones, computers and HD TV, and the Dr. O says the combination of CMOS and terahertz means the chip and receiver could be placed on the back of a cell phone turning it into a device that can see through objects.

Apparently consumer applications for the tech could possibly range from the authentication of important documents to locating studs in walls, whilst firms could use it to detect counterfeit money and manufacturing companies could apply the tech to process control.

Seems like the smartphone space is becoming a place of advanced superhero abilities doesn’t it, being able to look through objects with your smartphone, whatever next? One does wonder about certain privicy issues if you have a device that can see through things though, such as could the tech see through clothes for example.