Choice: Longer battery or thinner phone?

The world of mobile technology is changing even more rapidly than previously it seems and because of those changes, choices will have to be made. The newest smartphones with 4G LTE connectivity, powerful processors, apps, video playback and more, demand greater battery power but of course we all prefer a slim handset too. If it came to a choice though, would you opt for a battery that lasts longer or a thinner phone?

There seems to be virtually nothing we can’t do on our mobile devices these days and of course that has led to increased usage meaning the battery life is being used up more quickly. That extra use which will grow even further, plus the demands of juice-draining 4G LTE connectivity are just some of the reasons why some of the best phones of the moment struggle to give enough battery life and hence the step up in battery capacity from some major manufacturers, such as Motorola with its Droid Razr Maxx.

We recently spoke about the future use of kinetic energy for smartphones but until technology can catch up with these increased power needs it seems that in the near future we’re going to either see much chunkier looking smartphones to incorporate bigger and bigger batteries, or if we want to maintain the slimness of present handsets, we simply have to face the compromise that the battery won’t last as long as we’d like it to.

Until kinetic energy-powered smartphones or a way to pack more juice into increasingly slimline batteries arrives it seems that we’ll have to choose which is most important to us and of course some of that choice will have to do with our own requirements. If you use your phone infrequently then you’ll probably prefer the slimline option. However, for many of us who spend long periods of the time using our phones, it will surely have to be that we’ll have to get used to a bigger battery and hence increased heftiness.

That’s where we’d like to hear from you. Bearing in mind the power-consumption of modern smartphones and how much more we use them, would you rather compromise and use a bulkier handset and have plenty of battery life to get you through a full day’s use? Maybe you’d never go back to a much-thicker smartphone and would rather keep an ultraslim design with the inconvenience of frequent recharging? Let us know your views on this by sending your comments.

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