Logos Quiz Game app and answers

If you are one of the iOS faithful that enjoys quiz games whereby you have to guess the names of things, there is an app called Logos Quiz Game for iOS that offers up hundreds of company logos that the user has to guess the name of, although you do get quite a few clues as to what the name of the company is.

Logos Quiz Game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features over 500 brands with hints, but if you get stuck on a particular logo you do have the ability to hit up your friends on Facebook and Twitter to see if they know what logo belongs to which company, and you can challenge friends to see who knows more.

With the Logos Quiz Game iOS app if you stumble with a certain logo you can look up the hint for that particular logo to help you out, you also get to see how many hints there are, how many close up questions, and how many misses for that logo, and you can keep an eye on your score which you can also share with friends.

The Logos Quiz Game app has recently received an update that fixes a problem with the app where the screen would freeze and stay frozen when the app starts and eventually crashes.

However, if you have been playing the Logos Quiz Game app, and are in desperate need of all the answers before you start pulling your hair out, you can actually look up all the answers that you need by heading on over to the Scooper website.

If you are into guessing games and haven’t yet tried out the Logos Quiz Game, you can download the application to your chosen iOS device as a free download from iTunes.


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          ashleyy:) says:

          microsoft……what is the one one on level 2 with a horse in a flag with i think a yellow background

    1. Reply
      Arilyn Paige says:

      A ‘hit’ is when you give the correct answer to a logo. The number under the locked level, that’s the number of logos you need to answer correctly before you can unlock that particular level

  1. Reply
    Gilles Cherrill says:

    Anyone know any in Level 7 : i have only got a few and i really want to get to level 8 😀
    I have fully completed level 1 & 2 and only have less than 5 on all the other levels so all i need is like another 20 in level 7 and then im through

      1. Reply
        Kirsteen Bryson says:

        on level 4 there is a black cube for a spanish clothing company a??c
        Any answer will help – I’m completely stuck!

    1. Reply
      ilovemycatspots says:

      Not everybody’s display is the same. Like, the top left 3rd page for me is ‘Pirelli’ but my friends was “Firefox” so you have to put a description… ):

    1. Reply
      handb321 says:

      look up logos quiz game on the market/play store and download the first on at the top (you’ll know what I’m talking about when u see it)

    1. Reply
      rednuts says:

      if you’re talking about the green M with a red W, Mountain Dew. Any I have solved are greyed out, so I could be overlooking it if it’s something else.

  2. Reply
    Kort12345 says:

    can some one send e a link to this app my friends paly it but i cant  find it in the app store. thank you

    1. Reply
      Cronnon_jacie says:

      the yellow deer with a green box arund it with a yellow line surrounding that

  3. Reply
    Sarahgilbert-78 says:

    having a problem…please help, the screen has like…zoomed in….and now i cant get it back out which means i cant get onto another level???

    1. Reply
      Ohyeah says:

      You probably need to tap the screen three times with three fingers, it’s a zooming technique you can disable in the accessibility option in settings.

      1. Reply
        Rachel Harreld says:

        What is the yellow arrow that points to the right and then under neath it says burger in red anyone know what it is?!?! It’s in lvl 2

  4. Reply
    dmachad2 says:

    What is the p on blue, the green i e and yellow person all in level 2?
    If you’re totally into this game in a crazy way, tweet me and we can share discoveries 😉 @dmachad2 I have a million more questions!

  5. Reply
    Cheer52099 says:

    I typed in my answer and next to it this yellow circle came up with two lines through it, what does that mean?

  6. Reply
    jenny says:

    fifth level, has the letters oms and underlined in yellow. the hint said its one word o_ _ _ _ _s

    1. Reply
      Anonymous says:

      The logos rearrange once you leave the level. so it is difficult to tell exactly which one you are trying to figure out so describe the logo. 

      1. Reply
        Anonymous says:

        I take it your a freak on this app.. LOL played it for the first time yesterday and was hooked on it straight away loll.. AWESOME APP! 

  7. Reply
    Sergioprior32 says:

    what is one in level 2 that starts with a w and continues like cith a strainge circle and then finishes with ol

  8. Reply
    Sergioprio32 says:

    i will like to know more ones from level 3 i dont now any one in page 1
    i would like to know them

    1. Reply
      Sophiesymons101 says:

      couple of orange squares is POST IT
      2 squares tilted is DOMINOS
       the yellow flower with red boarder is CHUPA CHUBS

  9. Reply
    Jezzi2010 says:

    What is N………..A on level 2 ( it doesn;t have the dots in the middle it’s just that the word begins with a N and the ends in a A )

  10. Reply
    Jezzi2010 says:

    Does anyone no the answer for the one with like a kite with the letter E under neath on level 2?????

    1. Reply
      Jezzi2010 says:

      who knows the one which has a W with a swirl above it then like a yellow circle in the middle then a ol at the end on level 2?

        1. Reply
          Jezzi2010 says:

          what is the one on level 2 with a red rectangle with the letter i at the end in fancy writing?

  11. Reply
    Jezzi2010 says:

    on level 2 what is the one with a like red tick  then a z under neath then it says foundation?

  12. Reply
    aze says:

    level 5-  logo pictured |R W    |
    hint- non stick cookware, toasters, irons ect.
    one word- R _ W _ _ _ A

    1. Reply
      Jezzi2010 says:

      no idea what is the one on level 2 with like a red rectangle with the letter i at the end in a fancy writing?

        1. Reply
          Jezzi2010 says:

          Thnx, on level 2 still what is the one that is a blue circle with 2 lines inside and the middle one has a splant little flick thing going 2 the left at the top??

  13. Reply
    Jezzi2010 says:

    on level 2 what is the one with the blue circle with 3 lines inside and the middle one has a like flick at the top going to the left?

  14. Reply
    Jezzi2010 says:

    on level 2 what is the one with the blue circle with 3 lines inside and the middle one has a like flick at the top going to the left?

    1. Reply
      Jezzi2010 says:

      on level 2 what is the one with the blue circle and with with three lines in the inside and the middle line has a little flick at the top??

        1. Reply
          Jezzi2010 says:

          on level 2 what is the logo that is a blue circle with three lines inside and the middle one has a little flick at the top?

      1. Reply
        Jezzi2010 says:

        do you no the one on level 2 which is like a blue circle with three lines inside and the middle one has a flick at the top?

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    LoV says:


  16. Reply
    Katielou1301 says:

    I’ve somehow managed to maximise it all on my iPhone 4s but can’t get it smaller again and won’t let me see the other levels now can anyone help!? Thank u

    1. Reply
      BMT216ANGEL says:

       the white star in a red circle is TEXACO
      and the 4 white stars in the green square is BNP PARIBAS

  17. Reply
    Carolann Oneill85 says:

    By double tapping the page my logos have increased in size and I can no longer go back to the home page, anyone know how to get it back to normal size? Double tapping doesn’t work.

  18. Reply
    Jinggay_05 says:

    level 2 letter P in red some shadow..2 black rectangles..a star on top with leaves below.. thanks!

  19. Reply
    Greedysmurf says:

    help me! my page is stuck increased in size! what do i do? i’ve tried turning it off then on again, i’ve tried double tapping with three fingers, does anyone have a technique!? if you do please help me! because its been like that for almost a day

  20. Reply
    Greedysmurf says:

    in level 3 whats the silver circle with sports written in the middle and whats the blue eagle!?

  21. Reply
    Guest says:

    LEVEL 4
    R    R
    ETS 1769 LION 

  22. Reply
    rosy says:

    My game has enlarged and is stuck! I have tried double tapping with 3 fingers and it does not work. There must be an easier way of not having to delete the app and starting again. Can anyone help other than suggesting the double tap with 3 fingers?? Thanks

  23. Reply
    Tinaoxo says:

    Blue circle like earth with 2 red wave with white almost circle inside blue circle? In level 2

  24. Reply
    Jim says:

    Level 2 – Cat face with red bow
                   Jigsaw globe with pieces missing
                   Black back to back letter C’s
                   Wings with green rectangle

  25. Reply
    kate says:

    my game says i have to have 16 cheats to move onto level 3, i have 18 and it wont unlock… what do i do??

  26. Reply
    Alextiek says:

    Level 3:
    NB ?
    The blue point with the 3 triangles around it?
    The green box with U C O B .?

    1. Reply
      Eru says:

      NB is New Balance
      T_____ is Telefonica
      3 triangles are Aol
      ZZ is Blizzard
      de is FedEx
      UCOB is Benetton

  27. Reply
    Eru says:

    Level 1: cup red with yellow line
    Level 2: animal red and white
    Level 3: cat blue
    F red
    eye black and green
    Coffee orange and pink


  28. Reply
    susan says:

    need help all level 3
    red shape with silver d
    black corcle with white circle inside
    in with blue triangle above it

    1. Reply
      Joella says:

      red shape silver d – Ducati
      in with blue triangle above it – garmin
      black circle white circle inside – hbo

  29. Reply
    susan says:

    level 3
    blue and yellow v
    blue eagle
    silver circle with blue and silver in the middle
    red circle with i in the middle
    blue and red arrows

    1. Reply
      Jen says:

      blue yellow v: visa
      blue eagle: american eagle
      silver circle w blue/silver in middle: not sure what you’re talking about… volvo?
      red circle w/ i: no idea
      blue & red arrows: Chevron

      1. Reply
        soccer212 says:

        and do you know the red thing with like a mountain on it? its on level 1!

  30. Reply
    Helentgerrard says:

    I have enlarged the screen on the logos quiz and can’t now reduce it. Tried double tapping and alsorta any ideas???

    1. Reply
      Chris66maloney says:

      I have the same problem. Re-installed the app and everything was alright for a while, but now zoomed in again and I am stuck. Not happy

    2. Reply
      Jen says:

      Also replying to Chris66maloney, the same thing happened to me, I just turned my ipod on and off and it was fine. Just a little bug.

  31. Reply
    guest says:

    yellow ticket thing on level 2, the n with the blue box around it on level 2, and the ship on level 2 please

  32. Reply
    Guest says:

    level 3
    t > above it
    guitar pic shape in red witha d and silver line inside
    black wonky rectangle white h and red line
    blue temple looking thing with the middle missing

  33. Reply
    Brittany Gaines says:

    And what is the thing in level 1 that has 2 red lookin animals facing eachother on what looks like the sun?

  34. Reply
    Darawoudstra says:

    whats the N logo with the stripe over in level 1. SOO STUCK. and  the mummy is the michelin man. 

  35. Reply
    Periag says:

    Level 5, Logo for Non-Stick Cookware, Toasters, Irons and steam generators, electric kettles…. R_ _ _ _ _ A

  36. Reply
    Brittany Gaines says:

    Go to logos-quiz-answers .com i had to separate it cause dey wont let me post the link nd dont type www. jus logos-quiz-answers nd d .com

  37. Reply
    Kikamac says:

    Love the app !!! But this is the thirt time that I reset it because my screen got bigger and I can not make it smaller … Or go to another level please doooooooooooo something

  38. Reply
    Justen Black says:

    what is the name for the black cube logo that is supposedly a clothing company headquartered in Pamplona Spain?