New money saving iHome Android accessories

Owners of iOS mobile devices have a vast range of accessories to choose from especially when it comes to docking stations, which is a sector that the Android platform is being left behind in. Now though there is company more famous for its iOS products set to offer some money saving Android accessories.

iHome is set to give Android devices some love with the launch of the iC3, iC16, and iC50 that may be of interest to many Android users out there. First up is the iC50 that according to Ubergizmo is being called the Space Saver FM Stereo Alarm Clock Radio for Android Smartphones by the company.

Android smartphone owners can connect their device to the dock via a sliding micro USB connector that takes into account the various positions that the micro USB port can be found on an Android device, and also the various sizes of them. While charging your handset the iC50 will double up as a stereo alarm clock with built-in FM tuner, and will also work with the iHome Sleep application and is priced at $59.99.

Next in the new range is the iC3 that is a stand and stereo speaker for your Android device and also features a sliding micro USB connector, but as it is larger the iC3 can also accommodate an Android tablet. This can be powered via four AA batteries or an AC adapter and priced at $39.99. The iC16 is said to be a more portable version of the iC50 but has the added bonus of a USB port allowing you to charge an additional device, and this is priced at $59.99.

Strangely when going to the iHome website the Android products are currently not shown but they can be found via Amazon for a seemingly lower price. Do you like the look of the Android iHome products?

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