Dark Sky & Ourcast apps predicts weather forecasts

If you wish to be out and about, perhaps on a day out or picnic then you really need to know what the weather will be like, whether your day will be fine and sunny or whether it will be miserable and overcast, and if you own an iOS device there are two new apps available to let you know about the weather.

According to an article over on Reuters, the two new iOS apps are called Dark Sky and Ourcast, both deliver short-term weather forecasts and both delivering weather forecasts every ten minutes.

So lets take a look at both the weather apps, starting with the Ourcast app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, the app features easy tor ear ten minute weather updates covering the next two-hours anywhere in the continental US, a forecasting engine that uses a new statistical approach to weather analysis, with a map view that can scroll back and forth in time to track a storms progress.

The Ourcast iOS app enables the user to report their own weather conditions on the home screen so those in the Ourcast community can see their weather, see your reports appear in the Ourcast map, share your weather with from the Ourcast menu with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dark Sky app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad uses GPS to create weather predictions for your location, and focuses on the following hour and thus can deliver minute-to-minute weather predictions, and also has the world’s first perfectly smooth radar animations.

The Dark Sky app currently supports the continental US, with Alaska and Hawaii being added soon, and now adds the ability for using zip codes, and like Ourcast also forecasts the weather every ten minutes gathering info from the National Weather Center.

For those iOS faithful out there that would like to make use of what these weather apps have to offer, you can download the Ourcast app for free from iTunes, whilst the Dark Sky app can be purchased from iTunes at a cost of $5.99.


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