Getting stylus with Ozaki iCoat Finger iPhone case

If you are one that likes using a stylus with your iPhone, obviously as the iOS smartphone doesn’t natively support a stylus you are left to keep your stylus separated from your handset. However if you happen to be in the market for a new case for your iPhone, then the Ozaki iCoat Finger case might be right up your street.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Ozaki iCoat Finger case for the iPhone not only offers protection for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S it also comes with a stylus with the ability to slot that stylus into the back of the case, so no more need to rummage through your handbag or pocket to find your stylus.

Of course with the Ozaki iCoat Finger case for iPhone, with that stylus housing it does mean there is a ridge across the back of the case and as such it means you won’t be able to lay your iOS smartphone flat on a surface when it is in the case, as the ridge lifts the handset up so you can use the stylus with ease.

And for those that might be considering picking up the Ozaki iCoat Finger case for the iPhone, we have a five minutes video of the iOS accessory in action for your viewing consideration below courtesy of ChrisVoss, so don’t forget to check out the footage.

So, if you do really need a stylus for your iPhone and a case that houses that stylus, the Ozaki iCoat Finger case is available in black/yellow, yellow/blade, white/grey, red/white and can be purchased in several courtries by checking out the Ozaki website, and of course from Amazon at a cost of $40.99.