Good and bad in Dance legend Android music game

Users of the Android platform have a growing number of games to choose from with more and more owners getting hooked onto mobile gaming. Today we have news of an Android music game called Dance Legend.

The platform has its fair share of racing games and first person shooters but now the there is Dance Legend with its collection of music tracks, and easy controls coupled with great graphics. Users that download the game will find it easy to just pick up and start playing with the 24.68MB download only taking a couple of minutes to download and install via Wi-Fi.

Hardcore and causal gamers will both like this game and it is a simple concept as you try to complete a number of dance moves to gain credibility. If you have played the likes of the Just Dance franchise you have a rough idea what you have to do, but instead of giving your whole body a workout, with Dance Legend it’s just your fingers.

There are a number of classic tracks available with the application including artists such as Lady Gaga or even classics from the likes of MC Hammer. Players continue to try and gain street credibility and build momentum to pull moves at a faster pace in front of a watching crowd. When you first start playing the game you are offered a tutorial giving you tips on how to perform the moves, and getting you to pay attention to the top right hand side corner of the screen to view what moves are coming up.

The game may sound simple but it can be quite challenging as the moves get more complex and faster, and performing the moves in the right way you will see the indicators glow green or red if you make a mistake. Dance Legend has some great graphics and sound and the HTC Desire HD we downloaded the game to seemed to cope well with everything that was asked of it.

With the free download you get two free songs and additional songs and costumes for the character are purchased as extras. Only having two free songs may mean you quickly get bored of the game unless more are purchased, but at least you can give the game a good workout before parting with any money.

Check out the demo video below and head over to Google Play to find out more and to download.

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