LG D1L with built-in wireless charging to rival Samsung

As I am sure most of the Android faithful are aware, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is expected to surface in May, but rival Android phone maker LG is also gearing up to deliver a new Android handset that could be a real rival to the Samsung flagship handset, and that device is codenamed the LG D1L.

According to the guys over at Unwired View, by way of Korean site DDaily, the aforementioned LG D1L is expected to come with a built-in wireless charging feature, something that if rumours are to be believed, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will also support.

Of course the LG D1L won’t be the first device that supports wireless charging as the LG Revolution on Verizon also has the ability to be charged wirelessly, but you need to purchase a backplate, which of course makes the device that much thicker, whereas with the LG D1L that thickness isn’t a problem as the device’s original case is said to support wireless charging by default.

Other specs for the LG D1L are rumoured to be a 4.7-inch HD touch screen along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich, LTE connectivity, and a Snapdragon 1.5Ghz dual core S4 processor, and now that wireless charging feature as well.

The word is, the LG D1L smartphone should become available at the end of next month in South Korea on the countries three major carriers, but no word on how much the device will set you back, and no word on when the LG D1L will become available in other markets across the globe, but as and when we hear more we will of course pass it along.


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