Skype app for Windows Phone is deal killer

The Windows Phone platform is busy playing catch up to fierce rivals Android and the iPhone, and it’s not just in the hardware stakes the platform needs to make up ground in. Windows Phone still has a long way to go with regards to available applications for users, but the platform now has the Skype app but it could be a deal killer.

Many fans of the Windows Phone platform have recently been treated to some new hardware to choose from in the form of the Nokia Lumia 900, and according to wpcentral Microsoft has finally got around to pushing out the official Skype app for the platform. The application has been available since the end of February in the form of the v0.2 private beta, and now the final v1.0 build has gone live in the marketplace.

The application allows Windows Phone users to search for and add new contacts, call landlines, and there have been some other improvements and fixes. In use the app has been found to be quite good allowing video and VOIP calls using 3 G, 4G, and Wi-Fi connections.

There is some disappointment with the app though as it has no background functionality, which would make the app just a bit of a novelty for the majority of users. Not having the chance to receive calls in the background will be a bit of a deal killer, especially when you consider rival offering Tango Video Call is available that does offer this functionality.

It also seems at the moment that the Skype app is not appearing for users outside of the US at the time of writing, but it should be available here. Are you disappointed that the Skype app doesn’t allow the option of receiving calls in the background?


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    B Smith says:

    No background calls on Windows Phone is an absolute farce.

    What a joke! That makes the app worse than “just a novelty.” It makes it completely useless.

    I’ll be avoiding Windows Phone for this reason, and also because they won’t allow upgrades to Windows Phone 8 later in the year.

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