Vivo Miles app rewards students

We always enjoy giving our readers information about mobile apps they might find useful or entertaining and today we have details of two apps, one for iOS devices and one for Android, concerning Vivo Miles. For those who haven’t heard of it yet, Vivo Miles is a UK-based company involved with a web-based rewards system for schools that rewards students.

The Vivo Miles rewards system is a useful initiative that acknowledges students’ good behavior and positive actions, thereby increasing motivation while urging students to do their best. The Vivos they earn can then be used for such items as sports equipment, mobile phone top-ups and more.

Firstly we’ll give you news on the Android app. Simply called Vivo Miles and developed by Vivo Rewards this is a free app and is compatible for Android devices running 1.5 or later. You can download it from Google Play here. This app allows the user to access their accounts and check through transactions and their Vivos balance. It also enables teachers to reward students directly through the app.

The iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running on iOS 3.1.3 or later and is also free. This one is titled Vivo miles and similarly to the Android version allows teachers to reward their students wherever they are by using the app. Students can use the app to check their Vivo points balance and see their latest rewards. Download the iOS app from this iTunes link.

Are you a student taking part in the Vivo Miles scheme? Maybe you already use one of these apps and could tell our readers your thoughts on it? If you download one of them now perhaps you could let us know what you think and whether the app is useful to you? Send your comments to let us know by using the box below.

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