What the Samsung Galaxy S3 could look like

The latest and greatest Android smartphone that is grabbing all the attenion in the mobile space is of course the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3, a smartphone that has received quite a few rumours in the past along with an expected release date of the 3rd of May, but thus far we don’t really know what the Galaxy S3 will look like.

Press invites have been sent out for the Samsung event that showed a few blue and white brushed elements, and now we have an image of what the Samsung Galaxy S3 could possibly look like due to Bob Freking taking inspiration from those blue and white elements and coming up with a Galaxy S3 concept, brought to us by the guys over at Concept Phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 concept shows that the Android Ice Cream Sandwich handset is longer than previous Galaxy handsets to accommodate its rumoured 4.7 or 4.8-inch touch screen, along with a wide home button, a 12 megapixel rear facing camera and a front facing camera.

Other rumours on the Samsung Galaxy S3 include a quad core Exynos processor, possibly 2GB RAM, a 1080p display and a ceramic case, although of course they are all rumours and haven’t been confirmed as yet, but as that May 3rd date isn’t too far off there isn’t that long to wait.

So, what do our readers think about this Samsung Galaxy S3 concept, do you think the Galaxy S3 could possibly look like this, and if it does would it capture your attention?


9 thoughts on “What the Samsung Galaxy S3 could look like”

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      Vbwake19 says:

      Almost all phones look alike. Get over it. It will be much bigger than the pos iPhone 4s not to mention the Samsung branding. Anyone that can’t distinguish an iPhone with any other phone is an idiot.

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    Olivier Zanchetta says:

    I though Apple had put a patent on a device with a screen and round edges used to make telephone calls? Where is the world coming to? Soon, everyone will be making cars with wheels and radios which broadcast sound! Really not happy with way things are going

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