Turn cat alarm clock video into phone app

Cats, they can be cute and at times they can be a right pest, but no matter what your cat does you always end up still loving them, although if you are trying to sleep and your cat decides that you are not going to, their pestering can grate on the nerves. What we have for your viewing pleasure today is a video of Boo the cat doing its best to keep its owner from going to sleep by acting as an alarm clock.

Yeah I know, it sounds somewhat strange, a cat acting as an alarm clock, but you’ll get the general idea by heading on down and hitting the play button on the footage below that comes our way courtesy of the guys over at the Huffington Post, and by way of YouTube user GarrulousCrap.

Obviously the video has nothing to do with mobile, but as I watched Boo pinging that doorstop over and over to wake its owner, I thought wouldn’t Boo make a great mobile alarm clock app for smartphones? Having the sound of a pinging doorstop emanating from your smartphone in the morning would certainly wake you up.

So head on down and mash that play button to check out the adorable Boo playing the alarm clock, and let us know, if you think an app developer should turn Boo into a mobile app, and if it was would you download and use Boo to wake you each morning…enjoy.

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