Getting started with Google Drive and app

Regular readers will know we’ve been bringing news of developments regarding Google Drive, Google’s new cloud service. Only yesterday we told how it could actually be launched later that day and lo and behold Google Drive has now been introduced. Today we’re letting you know how to get started with Google Drive and about the Google Drive app.

Google Drive will enable users to store content such as documents, PDF’s, photos and videos to its cloud storage and access it from any Web-connected devices. This will allow people to collaborate on projects, share content and store it safely. Also a search facility will give users the option to search by keyword or filter by file type and more. Other Google services work seamlessly with Google Drive. For example users will be able to attach photos from Drive to Google+ posts and further developments in the pipeline will enable users to attach content from Drive to emails in Gmail and much more.

Drive can be installed on Windows PCs or Mac and an app is now also available for Android devices (further details later in this post). An iOS app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad will also become available, hopefully shortly. For those wanting to get started on Google Drive, storage of up to 5GB is free. If you want to purchase more storage then it costs $2.49 monthly for up to 25GB or $4.99 for up to 100GB. For exceptionally heavy users there’s also a $49.99 monthly option for 1TB of storage.

You can see plenty more of what Google Drive has to offer at the official Google Blog post here and to start using the new service simply head to drive.google.com/start here. Alternatively head to a video that we’ve embedded below this story showing a short introduction to Google Drive.

We also have information about the Google Drive Android app that is now available. This is a free app for devices running Android 2.2 or later and a description note points out that Google Docs is now part of Google Drive. New version additions include being able to quickly find files, upload and download all file types to or from Drive, faster folders navigation, being able to choose text alignment in the documents editor and more.

Key features of the app are that users can store, share and access content to their Android devices or upload files to Drive from the device. Files can also be made available offline for access even when the user has no Internet connection and there’s much more available so head to the Google Play link here if you want to check out the Google Drive app.

We have a feeling that Google Drive will soon take off and many of you will no doubt want to try it out right now. Let us know what you think of Google Drive? Will it be the cloud storage service that you choose? If you start using it, why not share your experience of it with our other readers by commenting below.


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