Google Play Galaxy Nexus sale URL not working

Well now, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been available for quite a while, however it appears that the Google guys want you to be able to purchase the Galaxy Nexus elsewhere than just the normal routes, and as such have decided the best place to get the Galaxy Nexus is from Google Play.

According to the Google Mobile Blog, they have now started offering the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from Google Plays new Devices section as an unlocked handset, and say that they wanted to give you a place to buy Nexus devices that work well with your digital entertainment.

All well and good; however when you click on the URL link that shoots you off to the Devices section of Google Play, it appears that the URL isn’t working, and shows “We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.”

So I thought’ I know, I’ll try going direct through Google Play, and nothing, no sign of a Devices section. Now of course as I am operating in the UK it could be that the Google guys haven’t yet got round to updating the UK version of the store.

So with this in mind we’d like to ask our readers over in the good ole US of A if you can actually access the Devices section on Google Play to purchase an unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus handset.

If so it would mean that for now it is country specific and only those in the US can take advantage, so feel free to shout out if you can access the Devices section of Google Play or not to our comments area below.


5 thoughts on “Google Play Galaxy Nexus sale URL not working”

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    Jim Laflin says:

    I guess that’s because they are currently only selling them through Google Play in the US… :-) 

    Their statement said they hope to open it up to other countries soon

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    Iram Khan says:

    Yeah, I tried to access it in the UK and no luck yet 🙁 Please release it for the UK as well asap!

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    Hornhead says:

    I’m in the US, and I uninstalled it…NOT at all happy with the way it works, and other people can access or delete your music!!!  It is wiped clean of my pc:O

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    Al Roy says:

    Can’t even open Google Play. Just crashes every time. Tried several different ICS ROMs. Finally gave up and went back to Gingerbread for now. Hope it will be resolved later.

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