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It seems to me that in this day and age everyone is health conscious, and if you own a mobile device there are numerous apps available for counting the calories so that those that wish can gain a more healthier lifestyle and keep an eye on their calorie intake.

Thus what we have for your consideration today are a few calorie counter apps that are available for the iOS device users out there. Of course there are many available, so we’ll keep this one short by giving you the choice of three iOS calorie counter apps.

So, let’s kick off with the Food Diary calorie counter app for iOS devices, an app that is a journal so you can keep track on just what you eat and what exercises you do a day, with the app counting up you calories for the day and taking into account what the user’s basal metabolic rate will show whether you are on target for your daily calorie intake.

The Food Diary calorie counter app features calorie counting, BMR calculation, BMI calculation, weight tracking, foods and exercise, photo attachment, built in presets with the ability to create your own presets, and chart your progress over several days. The Food Dairy calorie counter app can be purchased for $0.99 by hitting up iTunes.

Next up is an app simply called Calorie Counter for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and is a leading calorie counting service with 3 million members and offline functionality, local database, barcode scanner for packaging, and logging-by-voice, so you speak ‘one bagel, one table spoon of cream cheese,’ and so on.

The Calorie Counter app also offers auto-completion of search phrases as you type, easy retrieval of commonly eaten foods such as meals, recents, custom, favourites, 2-way sync with the Caloriecount.com website, detailed nutrition analysis, and more. The Calorie Counter app can be downloaded to your chosen iOS device for free from iTunes.

Last of the selection we have the Calorie Counter Free app for iOS devices that offers a diet tracker from the number one health website Everyday Health, and enabling the user to log their weight, important nutrients, and count calories whilst staying up-to-date with a live feed on weight loss.

The Calorie Counter Free app also features a barcode scanner, access to over a thousand recipes and healthy meal ideas, live Twitter tips, a nutrition tracker so you can keep an eye on cholesterol, carbs, daily fat, protein and sodium, and also works offline. The Calorie Counter Free app as the name suggests is a free download from iTunes.

So there you go, three calorie counter apps for the iOS faithful, of course you might have your own favourite calorie counter app, and if so feel free to let us know what app that is by posting to our comments area below.

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