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Google Drive seems to be hitting the right spot and just shortly after its arrival appears to have impressed many. The new cloud storage service, which offers up to 5GB of cloud storage free with options to purchase more, already looks set to become a credible rival to other options such as Dropbox and iCloud and we want to know how you’re getting along with this new initiative from the giant search engine.

We’ve already given readers details on how to get started and the app and also a comparison between Google Drive and some of the other major cloud players on the market so check those out for more on those aspects. The Google Drive Android app is available now, with an iOS app in the pipeline. You can download it now at Google Play here and it’s a free app allowing users to share, store and access content to and from the cloud to their Android devices.

A look at user ratings so far gives this app an impressive 4.1 rating from 5 stars and we wondered how people are finding the new service and the Google Drive app. From taking a look at the many comments it appears that most people have very positive things to say about the Google Drive app while negative comments are few and far between. The majority of user reviews so far have rated it a 5-star app and there are comments such as one saying they have already dropped their Dropbox in favor of Google Drive. Google Docs is now integrated within Google Drive and another comment praises the update, saying it’s much more user friendly.

Others hail it as great so far but with room for improvement but there are also some negatives mentioned. Another user feels Dropbox for Android is better as it offers the option of automatically uploading content while another user feels it’s more of an upgraded Docs rather than a full cloud service and says they will be disappointed if there are not large upgrades soon. Others point to a lack of features, limited editing facilities and the lack of a Linux client while others object to Google’s terms and conditions.

Overall though it seems that Google is on the right tracks but there is progress to be made. We’d like to hear your experiences with the Google Drive app and how you’re getting on with it? Does it offer you everything you’d hoped for or maybe you feel let down? What improvements do you think could be made?

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