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There seem to be a lot of apps around for viewing TV at present and today we have details of another TV app called Optimum. This app is available for iOS and Android platforms and better still it’s free, so definitely one worth checking out and we have all the information you need below.

Just recently we’ve brought news of other TV apps such as Time Warner Cable, Crackle and Sprint TV so it seems there’s plenty of demand for apps such as these. The Optimum iOS app was developed by CSC Holdings and is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad running iOS 4.2 or later. It enables users to use their iOS device as an extra TV and Cablevision subscribers live TV access. On Demand rentals can also be played back on your iPhone or iPod touch and you can also use the device as a remote control and to manage your iO digital cable boxes.

Other features include using the in-app keypad to tune to the channel you want and there’s also the facility to search, browse and record TV to your DVR and it also supports DVR Plus. The Channel Guide enables the user to browse listings, mark favorite channels and filter TV listings by preference. The app is available at iTunes here.

If you have an Android device then head to Google Play here for the Android Optimum app. The app is suitable for devices running Android 2.0 or later and offers the same sort of features as the iOS app. This version also supports the latest mobile Android OS, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Access is only available to Optimum customers and iO DVR features are for iO Digital Cable subscribers with Optimum Online and iO DVR service.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Optimum app for TV viewing and recording. If you try one out now then let us know how you get on. Maybe you already use the iOS or Android Optimum app and can let our readers know what you think of it?


5 thoughts on “View Live TV with Optimum app and record”

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      Chandlerdear says:

      Its been a almost a year and the android version still lacks this crucial feature of being able to watch live tv. I am pissed!!! I would like some sort of information as to when this upgraded feature will hit android?
      Please somebody anybody with keen knowledge about any plans cablevision will make available.

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    Anonymous says:

    There really are a lot of different apps for viewing “TV” out there. That is kind of ambiguous though, what really constitutes “viewing TV”? Most apps offer a kind of video on demand or recorded play back. I can’t really call that TV. There are a few apps that allow for live TV streaming, but most of those have odd requirements like remaining on a home network. There is only one app that I know of that offers the best of all features. My Dish Remote Access app covers the basics like viewing the TV guide or setting DVR recordings, but it’s the live streaming that I really love. I like to go to the park with one of my Dish coworkers on the weekends. We shoot the breeze, play chess and I bring my tablet so we can watch the Rockies baseball games. I can only do that with Dish, they are the only ones that will let me stream outside my home.

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    Frsimoson says:

    Cable vison does no support andriod. You can can not watch tv and if you have tgeir high end dvr options andriod will not even control that… and they will lie about its ability to do so. Buyer beware.

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    DroidNick says:

    Optimum has made the Android app a crippled version, only permitting the ability to schedule recordings on your DVR and review tv listings (with no Offline feature in sight). 

    Optimum has the app for iOS and Windows that allows you to view channels but not for the Android (Ice Cream Sandwhich included)

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