Instattoo iOS app lets you be a tattoo designer

If you are a person that likes inking their skin, and sometimes find it difficult to come up with a great tattoo design, well as long as you own an iOS device there is now an app available that might make that tattoo design decision a little easier, and that app is called Instattoo — Tattoo Design Generator.

The Instattoo — Tattoo Design Generator is being touted as the world’s first tattoo generator, and apparently it only takes a single tap to design great looking tats with no predefined pictures every design is randomly generated in real time using an advanced AI algorithm.

The Instattoo — Tattoo Design Generator app is for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad, and offers a simple swipe and see approach so no drawing skills are required, and there are twelve built-in tattoo styles that will define the look of the tattoo.

With the Instattoo — Tattoo Design Generator iOS app users can create a tattoo to their own taste, with in excess of 128,000 possibly designs a style, with five symmetry modes and five design sizes, which means one should be able to create billions of tattoo designs.

For those iOS faithful that would love to design tattoos, we have a short video of the Instattoo — Tattoo Design Generator in action for your viewing consideration below courtsey of YouTube user AmidioInc, and if you wish to download the app to your chosen iOS device you can purchse the app from iTunes at a cost of $4.99.


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      A_kamphaus says:

      This is stupid. You know a better tattoo design generator?… A quality tattoo artist. He’ll use paper and a pencil. Mind blowing, I know.

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