New iPad comes out to play in 9 other countries today

Well now, Apple’s latest and greatest iOS slate is continuing to spread across the globe, and as of today the 27th of April, nine new countries will be gaining the new iPad so their populace can play with the iOS tablet and further swell the Apple coffers, and means that the new iPad is now available in 57 markets globally.

According to the guys over at iDownload Blog by way of The Next Web, the nine countries that will gain the new iPad today are, India, South Africa, Columbia, Thailand, Montenegro, Lithuania, Estonia, Israel and Latvia.

According to the guys this means that with the new iPad now in 30 countries in less than 60-days of hitting the market, it means that the roll-out of the new iPad is one of Apple’s fastest device roll-outs ever.

Noticeable, there is still no roll-out of the new iPad in China, and thus far there has been no confirmation as to just when China will likely see the new iPad.

As for Apple’s other iOS gear, apparently the companies financial reports have shown that Apple has shifted some 35 million iPhone units and almost 12 million Apple iPad units globally, with China playing quite a significant part in those figures.

So there you go, if you happen to be a