Some Apple fans not expecting much with iPhone 5 release

Back in 2007 Apple wowed the tech world with the launch of the original iPhone and they continued to be the company to beat in the smartphone market with further versions that were released, but it seems now though that some Apple fans are not expecting much with the iPhone 5 release.

When the company launched the iPhone 4 with its brand new Retina Display the device was the benchmark that all other devices were compared against, while that is arguably still the case now many Android handsets that are being released eclipse the iPhone 4S in terms of specifications. As Planet Insane is reporting the iPhone 4S left many iPhone fans disappointed.

The device was basically an upgraded iPhone 4 with a better processor and the Siri assistant feature, but many wanted a device that brought with it a totally new design with added features along with that all important larger screen. It seems that many Apple fans have this in mind when thoughts are now turning to the next iPhone model.

It can be compared to the iPad with many looking for a next generation iPad 3, but were met with a device that was beginning to be left behind by some other devices on the market. Probably due to past history many consumers get over excited about new Apple products but are maybe left a little discontented once the device has been revealed.

The iPhone 4S has proved to be a huge success with regards to sales though, but some of this could have been Apple fans needing to upgrade from an older model of the iPhone such as the 3GS. While the company continues to have a vast amount of loyal costumers many are hoping that the iPhone 5 will bring something new to the table.

Apple’s competitors have stepped up to the plate in recent times to offer consumers worthy alternatives to the iPhone, especially when looking to the Android platform. One such company Samsung has now overtaken Apple with sales of smartphones, and others such as Motorola and HTC are working hard to tempt consumers to part with their cash.

The latest version of the Android operating system is offering a lot of potential and the software is seemingly getting better with each release, even though it can take a while to reach certain handsets. This year’s WWDC event has already sold out and while we may not see the iPhone 5 there it is believed iOS 6 will make its first appearance.

This may give us a little insight to what Apple is planning next for the iPhone, which could be the most important version of the device yet for Apple. If the handset leaves some Apple fans disappointed again they may jump ship and take the plunge with one of the many Android handsets that will be available by the time the iPhone 5 is released.

Do you think Apple needs something special with the next iPhone?


4 thoughts on “Some Apple fans not expecting much with iPhone 5 release”

  1. Tiffany says:

    I can’t wait to get the iphone5 3G S! By the way, you should put the iPhones In different colors like: forest green, sky blue, purple plum, black licorice, chocolate brown, bloody red, yellow sun, orange sun down, white cloud, silver, rainbow, Teddy bear tan, pink tulip, macroni&cheese, gray wolf, Minty green, red rose, austailian shepard blue, gold, and etc. I hope the iPhone 5 3G S is much more different from the iPhone 4 3G S.

  2. Vze2c558 says:

    I think apple needs to step up its game if the iPhone does not change then they suck the iPhone is to small they need a new look for their phones.

  3. Dalilludallys says:

    It is time for Apple to wow again with the I Phone 5, if they want to stay relevant!

  4. Robert says:

    apple needs to step their game up BIG TIME. they still have the s****y 3.5 inch display, still have that doodoo vga front facing camera. still have the same 800-900? mHz processor, ios is getting extremely boring while samsung is coming up with tons of new software enhancements. the iphone 5 has to keep up with the Galaxy S3, and from the rumors ive been reading, its falling behind. APPLE: we want a 2 or high MP front facing camera, bigger screen, faster processor, and a revamped ios. at least thats what i want. keep up, clowns