Spionage app to Espionage for iPhone

Now and then we get a little confused, and today we want to hit on the Spionage app. We have never come across this until today when we received an email asking us if we could supply some information covering this application.

What we have found out about the Spionage app is very interesting indeed, this is apparently, and we do say apparently because it is new to us, is a Cydia application that allows the user to monitor and gather data on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. To look further into this we came across a website called ‘iPhone Spy Apps’, they ask many questions such as “Do you suspect that your employees are stealing on your company?” Do you have high monthly phone bills?” and many more.

Employers give employees incentives, bonuses etc, but do employees give you the same value? They go on to say that to stop these business problems you should try using Spyerea spy software, which as said above is a Cydia Spionage app. The app is easy to install and offers user-friendly interface software, all information is stored in a PC, which can be accessed easily (Sources words not ours).

Main Features Include: Text messages logging that allows employers to read employees incoming and outgoing messages, exact location of your service / sales people, turn their phone into a bugging device and listen to the conversation in the background, also features URL logging, Phone book monitoring, Photo and Video logging, and much more. You can visit Spyera spy or Download Now!.

Personally we here at Phones Review do NOT know anything about the Spionage app, we do not know if this is legal or illegal, is the Cydia spionage application a must for every businessman?

You could opt for the app called “Espionage The Spy”; this application allows users to record voice or sound around your Apple smartphone or iPod Touch. The app automatically detects sound around and will then start recording, if the level of sound goes down the app will then pause automatically the current recording, basically records on and off when detected and not detected. Recordings will be saved, for more information about this app please visit the App Store.

We are calling out to our readers to shed some light on the Spionage app; we are not in the know about this and would love for you to head on down to the commenting area below and explain, thanks.

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