The breast hot Joey Bra iPhone holder

We provide our valued readers many different accessories for their mobile devices here on Phones Review, as there are many great products available to consumers and today we have something that maybe a little different to what you have seen before in the shape of the Joey Bra iPhone holder.

For me carrying my smartphone around is simple as I just put it into my pocket, but for women that maybe wearing clothes such as a party dress where pockets are non-existent and not carrying a purse, where to carry your phone can be a problem. This is when the Joey Bra comes in that offers women somewhere to place their handset, and even some cash or credit cards.

This innovative idea is on the Kickstarter website where people that have come up with new products in an attempt to gain backers to get the product made available to consumers. At the time of writing the project has gained 41 backers and was started by two University of Washington students, Kyle and Mariah who decided to come up with a way for women to go to a party without the worry of taking a purse with them.

A survey was taken of over 200 young women that found 95 percent of them had trouble finding a place to put their belongings when going to a party, and 73 percent of them had actually lost belongings due to a lack of a pocket. It was also found that 88 percent were interested in a way to discreetly store their belongings on their person.

The bra works with or without items and the patent pending design has concealed pockets so the wearer is the only one that knows items are stored there. The team behind the bra is looking to use Kickstarer funds to get their initial order made, and then to finish a sports bra version that will allow storage of a key, ID, iPod, and other small items. Check out the video below and click here to find out more.

What do you think of this idea?


2 thoughts on “The breast hot Joey Bra iPhone holder”

  1. Awesome intention, but major fail.  The armpit??  WHY? (for obvious reasons)
    Also – for larger women (which is most of us), this will cause additional bulge to an already problem area.  I wish this was better thought out.  🙁

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