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Update for T-Mobile HTC One S Wi-Fi calling battery problems

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By:Debbie Turner | April 28th, 2012

You may have been one of the many customers eager to get their hands on the HTC One S when it was released on T-Mobile a short time ago. Despite the initial enthusiasm for this smartphone it has come to light that some users are having Wi-Fi calling battery problems. However we now have news that an update to resolve this issue is on the way.

Some users of the highly awaited HTC One S have found that when using the Wi-Fi calling feature the battery seems to lose juice more quickly. Thankfully it seems that HTC and T-Mobile are addressing this problem promptly, which you would expect for such a prominent device, and have issued some resolution steps. For now T-Mobile advises that users of the HTC One S should keep the device plugged into charge while using Wi-Fi calling. This should reduce the amount of battery drain. Duh!

T-Mobile also say that a software patch will be released and although no date is available for that yet we’d imagine that all efforts will be made for it to be issued pronto. The issue came to our attention from Ubergizmo sourced from Android Central and T-Mobile has now issued a support page about this problem, which you can see here. Hopefully the software update will be coming shortly but in the meantime we’d like to hear from readers who have noticed this issue on their T-Mobile HTC One S’s.

Have you noticed the battery drains more quickly when using Wi-Fi calling on your HTC One S? Maybe you think the problem is being exaggerated or perhaps you’re frustrated that your brand-new phone has been affected? Why not let us know with your comments.

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  • Isolonewolf

    Htc one s couple issues I’ve had. 1 static feed back on wi-fi calling plus a delay 2 Also google voice when I say send text to name it ends up in the msg section along with the msg. 3 not recognizing names in contacts. Among other issues on google voice .

    • John

      i get the same static feedback, and also random reboots once every couple days.

  • Dentonj24

    Absolutely awful delay on wifi calling – 4 to 5 seconds!  I love the phone, though, so I’m going to hold out hope for a fix.  My only way to call from home is via wifi, so I really really need this to work.

  • Guy

    My One S was sufferring from random rebooting, crashing whilst on calls then rebooting etc.
    All this was caused by a  wi-fi bug. To fix it just go to settings, wi-fi – menu – advanced, then select ‘best wi-fi performance’ to turn it on, then i was also told to select ‘always’ under the ‘keep wi-fi on during sleep’. Then reboot the phone.
    Bizzarly, this sorted my crashing problems. After rebooting, i turned the ‘keep wi-fi on during sleep’ back to ‘Only When  Plugged In’ and left the best wi-fi performance turned ON (with a tick)
    Has not crashed for just over 1 week and counting!

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