Android OS on Nintendo Wii U, smartphone needed

News that made us prick up our ears today concerns a rumor concerning the forthcoming Nintendo Wii U gaming console. Now gaming consoles are not our usual field of interest but when we heard that the Android mobile operating system might be a feature of the Wii U, then we sat up and took notice.

Out of several expected new gaming consoles it looks as though the Nintendo Wii U will be the first out of the gate and news that it could possibly integrate the Android OS is intriguing stuff. The rumor came to our attention from Android Headlines and although there doesn’t seem to be any concrete source it’s certainly worth a minute or two of our time. If the rumor is accurate it means that users of the Nintendo Wii U with the Android OS would be able to access Google Play for plenty more gaming content.

Increasingly gaming is taking place on smartphone and tablet mobile devices and a Wii U and its tablet controller with Android would benefit twofold. Firstly there’s all that lovely Android content that would be available to Wii U users and also those who already use Android devices would gain a gaming system that’s compatible with the pre-existing software that they are already comfortable using. Not only would the scope be there for gaming app access with the Wii U but of course users would also have access to more varied content such as books, movies, productivity and social apps.

Droid Guy also looks into the Android Headlines report on the possibility of the Android OS being incorporated into the Nintendo Wii U and notes that Nintendo certainly needs to pull something out of the bag for the Wii U or risk a decline. They feel that a “console/mobile hybrid” could make a lot of sense and might be the way forward for the gaming console industry.

Of course this has got us thinking and begs the question of what could be another natural progression, a new smartphone. In much the same way as the arrival of last year’s PlayStation phone, the Sony Xperia Play, maybe Nintendo could think about the development of a Nintendo smartphone for gaming enthusiasts. Although the Xperia Play didn’t exactly take off, with newer cutting-edge mobile technology we can only imagine what might be possible for a Nintendo phone of this kind.

We’d like to hear your comments about this. Do you think a Nintendo Wii U with Android OS makes sense? What about the idea of a Nintendo gaming smartphone, would you be interested?


7 thoughts on “Android OS on Nintendo Wii U, smartphone needed”

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    Wetzel402 says:

    I proposed a “Ndroid” as I called it to Nintendo before the Xperia Play even was announced and Nintendo sent the typical “this is not the direction we want to take the company”.  Too bad because with Nintendo’s back log of games I think it would be a hot seller.  Now Sony beat them to it. 

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    spacefly says:

    Can’t see it happening. Nintendo like to have total control over what goes in and what comes out of their machines. Now a more interesting and viable option would be to incorporate Chrome OS, it would suit the Wii U perfectly and also give Chrome OS a boost and a better platform for it to work with. Chrome OS always seemed to me better suited to a tablet.

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    Geoff Hinchliff says:

    I think it would be a good idea for the tablet part of the Wii U (stupid name) to run on android and be able to interface with the main machine but I would definitely think that the Wii U itself will be proprietary otherwise people will hack it to death and Nintendo will lose money through pirate games.

    If the tablet part runs on android it will be like a great value added extra and would certainly interest me.  As long as you could run apps from Google Play and maybe stream certain content from the Wii U itself.  The whole idea seems genius and would also increase tablet uptake.

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      Teknogeek96 says:

      Very true if the Wii U had a built in Android OS it could save Nintendo from there debt and save Nintendo popularity and it is very possible that if it does include popular applications that casual and even hardcore gamers enjoy, we could regularly see this device on the competitive market like the iPad and other Android Tablets that probably don’t even have graphics like the Wii U. So Gamers and Casual players will enjoy the Wii U as a fan or a person that just wants something fun and extremely useful.

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    Victor says:

    If they are doing it: good job Nintendo! If they are not doing it: meh it wont hurt as much as some think.

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    Siegraze says:

    That’s quite decent idea. xD Let’s see what Sony or Microsoft can do to counter that init xD. However, the idea of a Nintendo Gaming Phone is kinda wrong…and slighty retarded. The Xperia Play makes sense in terms of the compatability of the controls with the phone. However, if you want something like a Nintendo Gaming Phone then you’ll be carrying some chunky brick that you call a phone around in your pocket…with its chunky analogs

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    Lennyharris8 says:

    Honestly the apps available on the Android market would essentially turn the tablet controller into a phone (of sorts) I think it would definitely allow Nintendo to push the $350 I been hearing. I also agree with what was said before “lets see what Sony and MS come up with for this”

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