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Watching doctors and nurses walk around hospitals, and even in their offices, you have seen how many carry around a portable computer that often has to be plugged into the facility’s computer network. Computerized record keeping is nothing new and nearly all health care professionals rely on them to keep track of individual patient’s records, available in an instant.

It can however, be unnerving to the patient to have their physician turn their back on them as their eyes focus on the information on their computer screen, appearing to pay more attention to the computer than to them. Even the use of wireless networks often has the physician appear to have their eyes, and mind somewhere else.

In the recent past when a physician was out of the office and a question arose about one of their patients, they would have to have someone in the office search the paper records and relay the information to them. One of the newest applications compatible with the Smartphone that is helping change the addiction to laptops is the PatientKeeper as it can turn the phone into an electronic records keeper, accessible through a wireless network. When the network isn’t available it can work in the offline mode as well. If the network connection is unavailable records can be updated on the phone. When the wireless connection is restored, it updates the database at the local level.

Security is a big issue on Smartphones, especially when it concerns medical records and the privacy issues that restrict their access. All of the data in the phone app is encrypted and can only be accessed by the health care provider’s use of a user name and password. Health care providers can develop sign on information that is as difficult as they wish and if someone attempts to access the records, after three unsuccessful attempts to log in, the data on the phone is eliminated. If the authorized medical professional has inadvertently erased the record, once they re-establish their password and access is restored, they can reload the information from their local database.

Many healthcare providers carry their Smartphones with them at all times and this app will make keeping up with a patient’s records easier and more convenient. It was designed to be able to access health records by the physician regardless of their location. In instances when the provider is out of town for example, they can access a patient’s health records and make an informed decision concerning medication or diagnosis that will be accurate, based on the right information being available. The app will also work on most golf courses; at home or wherever wireless access is available.

Electronic health records are becoming more the standard practice with most hospitals, emergency clinics and physician offices. Being able to maintain patient records all in one place and have secure access will not only provide timely access to this information to the physician, but will also ensure the patient receives responsible care. The time it saves from having to have someone sort through paper records can prove invaluable.

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