iSupport iPhone camera rig case mount

The Apple iPhone has arguably the largest range of accessories available to users to enhance their enjoyment of their smartphone even more, and today we have news of the iSupport iPhone camera rig case mount.

There are a number of add-ons for owners of the iPhone that help them when using separate cameras or the device bundled with the handset, and as an article on Cult of Mac is reporting the iSupport is a heavy duty case but light weighing only six ounces. The case covers the iPhone 4 and 4S and helps users take video with the device much easier.

The iSupport has tiny handles on each end and a tripod socket on the bottom for mounting on a tripod to get those perfect video shots without the camera shake or an even more impressive camera rig. It also features a 37mm thread for the addition of a telephoto or other lens adaptors, along with a pop out rubber lens hood that will shade the iPhone’s on-board digital camera from that stray light.

It makes you wonder when there will be a similar device for shooting images with the latest iPad, but what iPhone users will really like is the price, as the iSupport will only cost you $49 that even includes the all important shipping to your home. The iSupport also comes with two holders that either holds your iPhone while it’s in a case or a slimmer one for using with an iPhone without any case.

Below you can see a video of the iSupport and for more information and to order click here. What is your favourite iPhone accessory?

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