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At Phones Review we often bring readers news on the best new mobile apps covering all sorts of interests. Gaming apps are hugely popular and we recently reported on the Logos Quiz Game iOS app, which really seems to be taking the world by storm. If you need answers or are stuck on the Logos Quiz Game then this is the place to come so read on.

Just in case you haven’t yet heard of the Logos Quiz Game it’s a free iOS app (here) for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and involves a guessing game about company logos. There are over 500 logos in the quiz and the app gives you clues to help you progress through the game. We could not possibly have foreseen just how much interest there would be in our earlier post, which told all about the app and to date we have received hundreds of comments from readers with an interest in the app, sharing opinions and questions.

The app has had massive success so far and interest seems to be building even more and so with that in mind we thought it would be helpful to set up a base for readers where you can come and ask questions. If you’re stuck for an answer then why not head here and ask for help and we’re sure that another of our many readers will have just the tip you’re looking for so that you can solve the logo. Basically we’d like this to be a discussion corner for everyone with an enthusiasm for the Logos Quiz Game.

You can ask questions, give answers and clues, share your thoughts about the game, your frustrations and successes and maybe even challenge other players with new logos. Simply use the comments box below to get things rolling and share your experiences of the Logos Quiz Game app with other keen gamers. We hope you’ll find this useful and all that’s left to say is ‘Happy Logoing!’


61 thoughts on “Need answers or stuck on Logos Quiz app”

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    Tamhyde says:

    Love this game my girlfriends & I help one another it’s quite interesting just how many we know thanks

    1. Reply
      No_1_mo says:

      hi my friends showed me this game and i love it just wondering if you can get it on android 

      thank you  

  2. Reply
    bpool says:

    I’ve made the pictures bigger somehow but can’t make them small again to get to different levels, any one know how??

    1. Reply
      Beccywright says:

      Use three fingers to tap your way over to the settings menu and go onto general,then accessibility then zoom and click off!:) hope this helps!:) xA

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    Fuadprins says:

    Level 2. The yellow crown. Thr red RV letters. The yellow man with the sun….. The small blue letters ‘in’

    1. Reply
      epalm87 says:

      yellow crown is corona and the yellow man w/ the sun is lucasarts…i don’t know the RV letters

  4. Reply
    krob says:

    level 2: i must be stupid… what are the two triangles made of lines, i tried cnbc for the cnbc logo but it didn’t take it.. have no idea what that red star above that box is with the green designs under it.. can’t figure out with the kid with the rainbow means.. the eagle with ga in the black lines, the mountain with the e at the bottom right, the red thing that looks like RV? that cursive C, the half cross half serpent, the blue box with the x??? circle with three lines inside it, the black M and on second line M, that yellow arrow?? the blue circle with the while lines, The green/black circle with N, the two back squares with the white part in the middle too much confusion!!!

    1. Reply
      RP says:

      Mountains with the e at the bottom- Dakine
      RV- Roncato
      Cursive C- Coca Cola
      Blue box with the X- AXA
      Blue Circle with white lines- Konica Minolta
      Black MM- Minute Maid
      Green circle with N- Netscape

      All answers for level 2:
      Page 1- Dakine, Nikita, Dodge, Panasonic, HTC, Ikea, Dunlop, Rover, Audi, Atari, Pepsi, Campbells, Playstation, SAP, Swatch, Prince, UNICEF, Whirlpool, Tommy Hilfiger, abc, Lotto, Youtube, In n out, Nintendo, Adobe, Konica Minolta, Sony, Toys R us, MSN, Interflora, Chevrolet, Nivea, Minute Maid, Mercedes, Windows, Olay, Dacia, Honda, Nokia, Dreamwrorks, Coca Cola, Verizon, IMDB, Roncato, UPS

      Page 2- Monster, Hello Kitty, Alfa Romeo, Armani, Linkedin, Aston Martin, Lucasarts, Skoda, NASA, Heineken, Kleenex, Wikipedia, AXA, Allianz, Ford, Facebook, Adidas, Yahoo, Suzuki, Ferrari, Cartoon Network, NBC, Cisco, Dell, Pantene, Sony Ericsson, Chanel, Toyota, Harley Davidson, Netscape, Corona Extra

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    Missmaire says:

    Love this game sooo addictive.. Ive done level 1-4 abit stuck on L5.. Any answers for me..??

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    BT says:

     what is the ie one in green on level 2. Also what is the black helmet looking thing on page 2 with the e at the end??

  7. Reply
    Ameliajade08 says:

    Sorry I think I’m going stupid…
    Can someone PLEASE tell me what the
    Answers are to…

    The blow up tyre man thing,
    The N thing with the line up top,
    cK, It’s all on lvl 1

  8. Reply
    Yolo4 says:

    1. Michelin man or just Michelin
    2. Loreal
    3. Flickr
    4. Nescafé
    5. Calvin Klein

    Hope this helps, Ellie x

  9. Reply
    Cyril Guanizo says:

    1. bmw
    3. mtv
    5. loreal
    8. flickr
    15. skype
    16. reebok
    17. michelin
    19.burger king

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    Tommyw 177 says:

    What is the red thing on level on that is the 6th one on the first page of the pictur on the top

  11. Reply
    Dmahfouz27 says:

    When I’ve finished a level the game doesn’t seem to do anything. I did find one that I missed and it gave me yeah u finished lvl 2 but has not moved onto lvl 3. I can’t seem to figure that simple thing out?

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