Nokia N9 MeeGo PR1.3 & Wazzap port

The only Meego smartphone made available by Nokia is of course the Nokia N9 smartphone, a device that has done rather well in the mobile space, and although the Nokia N9 is the single Meego packing handset, it appears that Nokia isn’t simply letting things slip just yet when it comes to updates.

According to the guys over at Phone Arena by way of Best Meego, apparently a Nokia rep has confirmed that the Nokia N9 will receive the PR1.3 update quite soon. The PR1.3 update for the Nokia N9 is apparently a small but valuable update to the handset.

The unnamed Nokia rep also seems to have confirmed that the PR1.3 update will hit the Nokia N9 by June, and along with some fixes will also deliver a few surprises, although they didn’t elaborate on what those surprises will be, but apparently the update is already being tested.

Sticking with the Nokia N9, it appears that a fan of the Meego device called Tarek Galal has been able to port Whatsapp to the Nokia N9 and has called the port Wazzap, which of course enables the user to instant message their friends on rival platforms such as Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone and iOS.

Apparently, according to the guys over at Ubergizmo, the Wazzap app is still in development so has a few kinks that need to be ironed out, but apparently the first Wazzap public beta is expected to release as of tomorrow the 1st of May.

And for those that own a Nokia N9 Meego handset we have a first look at the Wazzap for N9 video for your viewing pleasure below, so don’t forget to mash that play button and check out the footage, and for those that would like to try out the Wazzap beta tomorrow you can do so by hitting up the Wazzap website…enjoy.


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