Sony Hayabusa LT29i phone packing top notch goodies

Apparently Sony will have a new flagship smartphone coming to the mobile space at some point in the summer, a smartphone that sports quite impressive specifications, and will be an Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone , and currently has the codename of the Sony Hayabusa LT29i.

According to the guys over at Brief Mobile, and Cnet, word on the Sony Hayabusa LT29i (hopefully Sony will come up with a much better name by the time it arrives) comes from an unnamed Chinese source, and says the specs for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone include…

A 4.55-inch 720p HD Reality Display touch screen along on-screen buttons, with a 13 megapixel camera with high dynamic range video, a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with an upgraded graphics processor unit, and a large 2200mAh battery that sets it just above most Android devices available today.

Word is all those impressive specs on this Android smartphone will be crammed inside a housing that is just 7mm thick.

The image pictured above is apparently a prototype of the Sony Hayabusa LT29i, but the guys say that an actual handset could surface around June or July according to the rumours, and could possible end up being known as the Sony Xperia GX.

Obviously the specs for the Sony Hayabusa LT29i are currently rumour as Sony hasn’t confirmed them as yet, and of course no word on just what price the Android smartphone may command. Does the S