ifrogz Boost Near-Field speaker amps iPhone volume

If you have a smartphone and wish to amp up the volume of your mobile handset then the iFrogz Boost Near-Field speaker just might be the device you are looking for, because all you do is place your smartphone on top of the iFrogz Boost with the handset’s external speakers playing and the Boost will amplify the sound.

The iFrogz Boost Near-Field speaker doesn’t require any wires, Bluetooth or syncing, as the Boost uses a patent-pending NearFA tech, which syncs the audio signal inside your handset before pushing it out via the two 2W x 2RSMS speakers, although the device also features an auxiliary in-line jack for handset that don’t have an external speaker.

Apparently the iFrogz Boost works with most smartphones with an external speaker, including the iPhone, and can deliver up to 15-hours of play time when being powered via 3 AA batteries or can be powered by a USB cable, which isn’t supplied, and if on battery power can stay on standby for up to 6-months.

And just so you can check out the iFrogz Boost Near-Field speaker unit, we have a promo video of the device in action using an iPhone for your viewing consideration below, so head on down and mash that play button to check it out.

So, for those that would like to easily amp up their sound when listening to their smartphone, you can purchase the iFrogz Boost Near-Field speaker from the iFrogz website commanding a price tag of $39.99, and of course if you do purchase the device feel free to let us know how it performs by dropping us a lie to our comments area below.

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