5 UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories to choose

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Nexus here in the United Kingdom, you probably know that thus far Galaxy Nexus accessories have been somewhat lacking, in fact there haven’t been any Galaxy Nexus accessories available. However after 5-months of waiting, it appears the Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessories have started arriving in the UK.

According to the guys over at Android Central, UK online retailer Clove now has the first accessories for the UK Samsung Galaxy Nexus available to purchase if you are looking for that dock, adapter, battery or battery charger.

So here are the five accessories Clove has available for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus for you to choose from…

There is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus official HDMI Dock, a cradle that docks the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone in portrait position, and charges whilst playing back videos, music and other media, the official HDMI Dock commands a price tag of £42.

Then there is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus official Desktop Dock, a dock that allows the docking of the handset in both portrait and landscape positions whilst delivering the ideal viewing angle whilst charging the device, and sound is channelled to the docks rear speaker. The official Desktop Dock for the Galaxy nexus commands a price tag of £49.99.

Or how about the official MHL/HDMI Adaptor for the Galaxy Nexus, and adaptor that enables the user to connect their Galaxy Nexus to an HDTV via the handset’s microUSB port, and has a HDMI port so you can connect your HDMI cable. The official MHL/HDMI Adaptor for the Galaxy Nexus has a price tag of £24.99.

Next there is the official Standard Battery for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a battery that is identical to the original battery that comes with the Galaxy Nexus and is ideal for a replacement or spare battery when required. The official Standard Battery commands a price tag of £19.99, however it is currently out of stock but is expected to become available sometime mid-May.

Lastly there is the official Spare Battery Charger for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a device that lets you charge a battery separately from your handset so you always have a charged battery on hand to power your Galaxy Nexus, and commands a price tag of £14.99.

So there you have it, if you have been waiting to be able to pick up an accessory for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus you now have the choice of a few by heading over to Clove.

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