Funky ODOC iPhone dock with variable positioning

There are a number of docks available to owners of the iPhone and iPod Touch, but none of them are arguably more stylish than the ODOC iPhone dock that has variable positioning among its features.

The ODOC dock is another design that can be found over at the Kickstarter project, and its variable positioning uses a mechanism that has that reassuring audible click when moved. The timeless design allows users to achieve the perfect angle for when using and viewing the iPhone’s touchscreen display. The mechanism uses ball bearings that lock the cylinder into five different positions

It will hold handsets with or without cases, and the weight of the ODOC dock enables the user to remove the iPhone with only one hand. There are backrests of varying thicknesses for using with the iPhone with a case or without, and these store inside the cylinder when not in use. At each end of the cylinder a glass disk finishes the cylinder off.

The connection is maintained as there is no special 30-pin connector needed, and a shielded line level audio connector is provided for playing iTunes on your Hi-Fi. Cast aluminium alloy that is NC-machined to precision tolerances makes up the ODOC dock, which is also assembled with inlaid glass and stainless steel hardware.

There is an elastomeric foot that stops the dock from slipping, while the o-ring gives the perfect grip for when the users is adjusting the cylinder. It is available in iPhone white, clear over matte-aluminium, and matte black. With plenty of room underneath and around the iPhone the speaker and microphone are unobstructed.

ODOC’s generous iPhone pocket is a natural sound amplifier, so you can play your tunes at a higher volume, and the weight of the dock is perfect for surfing the Internet while charging the device. To find out more and to pledge money for the project head over to the Kickstarter website, and check the video below of the ODOC iPhone dock.


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