iPhone 5 SIM tray predicts no possible design change

It has been widely believed that Apple will launch an all new iPhone this year sporting a new form factor with added functionality and features, but a reported iPhone 5 SIM tray predicts that there may be no design change with the next version of the handset.

Recently there were some leaks of some alleged home buttons for the iPhone 5, and now MacRumors are reporting that component vendor SW-BOX.com has put up some information on what is being claimed to be the iPhone 5 SIM card tray, which has come straight from one of its component suppliers.

It seems the tray pictured below is basically identical to the SIM card tray that is currently found on the iPhone 4 and 4S, and if the component is genuine it suggests that Apple may again use a similar flat edged form factor on the next iPhone. Having such a design over a tapered or rounded edge design would probably require a curved outside surface for the tray, or at least a thinner tray form factor that was seen in earlier models such as the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

The company has been looking to have its own nano SIM standard but rival manufacturers have so far rejected this, and instead put up their own designs for a smaller next gen SIM card. As you would expect a smaller nano type SIM design would not be ready in time to feature in the next version of the iPhone.

Many believe that Apple will release the next iPhone later this year in the September to October timeframe, and many fans of the platform are hoping for a complete redesign this time round that could lead to some disappointment for some. Apple has a history with the iPhone that has seen it use a similar form factor for two models of the device between a design overhaul, but so far component leaks that would suggest a redesign have yet to emerge.

Do you think this SIM card tray is the real deal?

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