Rekindle the Nokia Aeon phone for 2013 release

Here at Phones Review we have been delving into the annals and reminded ourselves about the Nokia Aeon, a concept phone that was then made into a prototype. This was one classy phone, which we raved about at the time (and we’re talking right back in 2006) and to be frank it looks just as appealing today. It has set us to wondering if maybe Nokia should rekindle the Aeon for 2013.

Bearing in mind Nokia’s current woes, despite the initial popularity for the new Lumia range of smartphones, Nokia needs to come up with something to astound the market and we think if it was to make the Aeon a reality and give it absolutely top-notch specs then it could be the way forward.

Cast your minds back to 2006 when we first brought you news of the Nokia Aeon. We spotted this concept on the Nokia website on its research and development page and it was instant desire. The whole design and flavor of the phone was appealing to our eyes and we could not hide our enthusiasm or our wish to see Nokia develop the Aeon further.

We then move on to 2008, when at last we saw a further development regarding the Nokia Aeon. By then it had been made into a prototype fuel cell phone, still looking awesome and somehow still looking up-to-the-minute, as it still does right now. At the time it was reported that the concept had been made into a working model and so it seemed a step closer to becoming a reality. However time passed and nothing further was forthcoming.

Now in 2012 we want to start an appeal to Nokia to resurrect the Aeon phone and at last bring it to fruition. Obviously this could not be hastily done as we want the best of the latest cutting-edge technology to be used and so we could envisage Nokia bringing this out in 2013, (see, we’re not too demanding). We think this is one of the best looking phone designs to ever hit the Web and if it came to reality it would be a fantastic offering.

Design wars could be tested to the limit if the Nokia Aeon released in 2013 and we reckon this could give Androids and the iPhone a run for their money. Take a look at these images showing the original prototype Aeon and its beautiful design and tell us what you think. Are you as bowled over by the look of this phone as we were/are? If the design was matched with high-end specs might you be a potential customer? Send us all your comments to let us know your views on whether Nokia should rekindle the Aeon. Nokia… are you listening?


8 thoughts on “Rekindle the Nokia Aeon phone for 2013 release”

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    Larisaswan says:

    I have seen the concept back in 2007 and not before, nor since have i seen something like it! Any  phone i see seems boring, and just unappealing. I don’t know if nokia is aware of how much this phone is wanted but, if they manage to come out with it (of course it would need to posses the right technical qualities along with that eerie design), i know for sure it would sell. I would be more than willing to pay even $1,000 or whatever astronomical sum they would come up with. And i know that there are thousands, at least, out there that would do the same. it’s just painful that they showed us the concept and then paused. Sometimes i wish i had never seen it, then i wouldn’t be yearning for it like i do. Hope is the last to die! Go Nokia! Show them how it’s done! 

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    sarah says:

    i 99.9% agree with @1df06057479abeaf48cc54e10d7b4b7c:disqus but i don’t think i can afford to pay $1000 unless he is willing to buy me one too! haha, just kidding! 🙂

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      larisaswan says:

      larisaswan is a girl:))) haha:) can you believe it?! i just hit search in google…yet again! for the nokia aeon and what do i see? my comment that i have completely forgotten about…I still want this phone!!!!

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    Larisaswan says:

    yes! yes! yes! i would buy it! i wan to buy it! i am still desperately hoping it would come out! i don’t think anyone has waited for a phone for so many years! i beg you nokia, do it!

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    bob says:

    This was and still is a very beautiful phone and it should be brought on to the market place and with the right specs it will be and instant success, So Nokia bring it out for us mortals to buy

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