Galaxy S3 SmartStay, S Voice & buddy photo share

Information about the brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) is coming thick and fast from the London unveiling event and as promised we’ve been bringing our readers all the news as it happens. Now we want to give you further details on Galaxy S3 SmartStay, S Voice and also buddy photo share features.

If you’re after more details on any of the following aspects then just hit the links for a hands-on and video, a video about the software, or full official specs. Now though, it’s time to delve a little more into some of the additional features and a lot of the focus of the Samsung event was about the Galaxy S3 software.

First we’ll turn our attention to the SmartStay feature, a neat addition that utilizes the front-facing camera and works out if the user is looking at the screen and thereby keeps the display from timing out. Meanwhile S Voice covers voice integration and although Android users have seen voice services before, S Voice is likely to be Samsung’s response to Apple’s Siri that appeared on the iPhone 4S.

It’s an advanced natural language user interface that listens and responds. All sorts of extras are available with S Voice including the ability to initiate calls, wake the phone, send messages, emails, and request songs, alter the volume, use the calendar and much more. Fed up with that phone alarm? Then simply say ‘snooze’ to get some more rest. S Voice is starting off with support for 8 languages, some of them are American/British English, German, Korean and Spanish.

The last new feature we’re looking at is the buddy share photo feature, which will be particularly useful when taking group photos. Instead of having to email the image to everyone in the photo the buddy share feature uses facial recognition technology, which when it recognizes the people involved will send them the image automatically via email or text.

These are just three of the clever new innovations for the Galaxy S3 that was announced today and we’d like to know what you think of these new features. Which of these features do you think you would find most useful? Based on what you’ve learned about the Galaxy S3 Android smartphone so far, are you impressed? Send your comments to let us know.

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