Hands-on & commercial videos of Samsung Galaxy S3

Earlier today Samsung held their Unpacked event in London that saw a big crowd at the show at Earls Court to reveal the new Galaxy S smartphone, with millions also watching around the world via the live stream the company provided, but for those that may have missed the event we have the hands-on and commercial videos of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung team decided to put together a hands-on video of their own to allow people that couldn’t watch the live stream or make it to the event get the full experience of the new Android smartphone. As Droid Life are reporting the video that can be seen below lasts for around four minutes, and talks about things such as the new UI, the different colours, hardware, speed of the handset, camera, S Beam, calling abilities, and much more.

Samsung has also made available the commercial that will be broadcast around the world showcasing its new flagship smartphone. The company obviously has big plans for the Galaxy S III as it continues to battle Apple for world domination in the smartphone market. The official commercial can also be seen below, and it now seems Apple has a really big fight on its hands now the Galaxy S3 has been revealed to the world.

Earlier today we told you about some possible new features about the iPhone 5, but while this is only speculation it comes nowhere near to what Samsung has just revealed with the Galaxy S3. You can now see why Samsung decided to take a leaf out of Apple’s book and showcase the Galaxy S3 at its own separate event, instead of last February’s MWC show in Barcelona, Spain.

The company has also revealed early plans for the handset becoming available in the US, and with a summer release timeframe Apple will have even more to worry about. What has impressed you the most with the Samsung Galaxy S3?

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